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Sunday, 18 February 2007

Hot...TOOOOO hot

The weather here is horridly hot! I so cant wait for the cold weather to strike! Will make knitting easier! I hate hot weather. Always have, always will.

Speaking of knitting! I have finished the back and am 3/4 of the way through side one of the front of Chloe's birthday cardigan. Looking forward to getting that done! But size 5-6 in pure wool is VERY warm to work with at the moment.

Happy joy next Saturday my motor sports start again!!! First World Superbikes of the season! 7:30pm on Fox (one of their 3 channels) will be watching and cheering my boys on.

I dyed the girls hair yesterday. Harley is now a lovely orangey/pinky colour and Rachelle has purply coloured hair. They love it when I dye it. Its only a rinse, and will only last a few months. But they love doing it all the same. Will have to take piccies to show you all later.

I have been making sock stitch markers at the moment too. With plans to sell them separately and later when I get a few patterns set up in sock kits (sock wool, stitch markers and pattern all done by me). Going to sell the stitch markers in packs of 2 (since you don't need more then two to make socks). If anyone is interested they can contact me to get a pair ahead of time. They won't be packaged on what they are on now, that's just my display one.

I am also thinking about doing up deal packs for my wool. I am already doing the buy at least 6 skeins and get postage free. Am thinking about doing some that include free stitch markers, and (for really big orders) a free skein. Still working on that. And a reminder if you are about to pre-order, I only take orders from AUSTRALIA at the moment. I will swap single skeins to overseas people in exchange for sock wool that's hard/impossible to get here.

Rose Quartz Heart Stitch Markers

Sky Quartz Ball Stitch Markers

Amethyst Heart Stitch Markers

And Thursday Harley went back to school. Friday Rachelle had her FIRST day of school (for a full day). And this is the piccie from Friday.

Can you tell how excited Rachelle was to be starting school? And she had a FANTASTIC time. Today I have to cover Harley's school books for her to take back tomorrow. Rachelle will have to wait til Wednesday to go back to school.
Okies folks. I am off now. Happy knitting and catch you later.


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  • At 2:48 pm, Blogger amanda j said…

    It is absolutely disgusting isn't it! Too hot to do anything - especially house work. Your stitch markers are gorgeous. How much are you going to sell them for?

  • At 4:25 pm, Blogger Penni said…

    we're sweltering down here in Hobart too. I just started a pair of socks, but my hands are so swollen from the heat it's hard to hold those tiny needles, I'm thinking I'll need to start something else, or find something else to do.

    Cute stitch markers.

    Roll on cooler weather!

  • At 5:34 pm, Blogger Shoshana said…

    It's so cold out here. I am constantly wearing sock, sweatpants and sweater. I don't like to go out.

    We did manage to walk 6 miles at the mall today. That ought to count for something as all I ever wanted to do is hole up in my bed with a good book, pretzel and tea.

  • At 8:47 pm, Blogger Kate said…

    I'm in airconditioning but I certainly aint cool enough to handle wool - not even 4ply! The girls look very happy with the whole school prospect, bless 'em. I hope it keeps up through high school!

    Just wanted to thank you for the autumn leaves yarn. Although it wasn't the latte look, it's quite beautiful in its own right! I unwrapped it with my mum present and we've both already planned at least three things for bubs. Of course this will need to be rationalised - there's only so much knitting time!

  • At 3:57 am, Blogger Karen said…

    Great stitch markers!! Sounds like you've got quite a blooming business with some good business plans! Keep up the good work.

  • At 6:51 am, Blogger Kylie said…

    Great stitch markers i just love the rose quartz hearts, your girls look so very sweet, i stll remember my first day of school it's a day you will never forget.

  • At 9:46 am, Anonymous 2paw said…

    Too hot to even turn on my computer....Look at those lovely happy girls, I'm so glad school went well!! Nice stitch markers, or as I like to use them: beaded embellishments!!!
    I think the sock packs are such a good idea!!

  • At 10:26 am, Blogger Susan Hird said…

    Thank goodness it is a bit cooler today, and in front of the fan it is almost COLD!! I think I could actually get quite a bit of knitting done today.........if I don't fall asleep as I've not slept too well during the hot nights. (http://qwarkus.typepad.com)

  • At 3:52 pm, Blogger Cathy said…

    The girls look really happy to be going to school especially Rachelle.

    In my tally I count all completed articles.

    It doesn't matter when I start them as some of my articles have been on the go for about 20 years and I pull them out ever now and then and do a few rows (or sections like my log cabin quilt).


  • At 6:26 am, Anonymous Joni said…

    I’m in the process of doing some massive ring maintenance for the FiberArts Bloggers ring and I am contacting you because there’s a problem you may have noticed with your code. I will go ahead and e-mail you the basic ring code now, but if you don’t get it please let me know.
    Please feel free to contact me with any questions/concerns. Once you have your code up, if you want to send me a note I’d appreciate it, so I can check it out. Thanks!

  • At 6:31 am, Blogger Procrastiknitter said…

    I'd give anything for a little bit of that heat, but not too much! LOL. The stitch markers are great, so cute! I'd love to buy some. Racing started for me last Friday with the Truck Series, Busch Series Saturday and Nextel Cup NASCAR yesterday! I finally got my fix!

    (See www.nascar.com)

  • At 11:37 am, Blogger Dandy said…

    es@sasktel.netKate.. those stitch markers are adorable.... also that pattern came today!! WOO HOO!!

  • At 12:15 pm, Blogger Ragan said…

    Awww...to the girls and to the stitch markers. Both are lovely!

  • At 1:36 pm, Blogger Procrastiknitter said…

    Hey Katt. My favorite drivers are in this order:

    1. Dale Earnhardt Jr.
    2. Mark Martin
    3. Jeff Buron
    4. Dale Jarrett

    I also own a shirt that says, "8 reasons why I hate #24" As in Jeff Gordon. LOL. My best girlfriend's favorite driver is Jeff Gordon so it's a big joke that I wear it for all races! Kasey is a cutie, but I grew up on the guys above, except for Jr. and he's just a really really really exciting driver!

  • At 9:05 pm, Blogger Helen said…

    Your stitch markers look fantastic, I will have to get me some of those. I can't wait to knit with my prize you sent me but it's so hot and humid, I have only been managing to knit lace with cobweb weight at the moment. Rachelle looks as happy as my son did on his first day back at school.


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