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Tuesday, 28 November 2006

suffering from Title block

The soaring eagle project knitting is all collected and taken care of! I am SO glad this is over for many reasons! ONE...wow who would have thought organising would take so much (Rachel how are you COPING!!)? TWO...The kids are so much closer to having their knitwear THREE...One more thing removed from my long list of things to do this year!!!

Working my way slowly through other knitting too. Very slowly. Last week was almost a waste. My jaw started really hurting part way through the week. Got horrid by Friday night. Was close to going to the Drs this week about it. But relied on Dr Google and found some things to try..So heatpack is working well. Its still a little painful but I am living.

Knitting group was today. It was good, lots of laughs and loud talking. I really enjoy my knitting groups..Its great fun and time away from the home/family!!

Christmas knitting sits at this
  1. Secret Santa Knitting (need to be done in 2 weeks)
  2. Pair of plain socks for Adams pop
  3. little giftie for someone cant mention they may be reading
  4. little gifties to give out to knitting group at last meeting (in 2 weeks)
  5. pair of Thuja's for Adams step dad.

Secret Santa stuff would be SO much closer to finished (if not finished) if it wasnt for the freaken jaw that knocked me about for DAYS (with lack of sleep and all).

Okies pumpkins (and if you dont like pumpkins pick another veggie!!) I am off to knit..Knitting is my friend....wont be in about a month!! lol

Take care..Happy knitting


Wednesday, 22 November 2006


Got this from KnittingNatty thought I would do it. Trying to find one word is hard!!


1. Yourself: Tired

2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend (spouse): Loud
3. Your hair: Brown
4. Your mother: Strong
5. Your father: Skinny
6. Your favorite item: Yarn
7. Your dream last night: Forgotten
8. Your favorite drink: Coffee
9. Your dream car: Rav4
10. The room you are in: Loud
11. Your ex: Blonde
12. Your fear: Death
13. What you want to be in 10 years? Alive
14. Who you hung out with last night? Family
15. What You're Not? Skinny
16. Muffins: Please
17. One of your wish list items: STR
18. Time: Lacking
19. The last thing you did: Email
20. What you are wearing: Clothes
21. Your favorite weather: Winter
22. Your favorite book: Reilly
23. The last thing you ate: Burger
24. Your life: Busy
25. Your mood: Tired
26. Your best friend: Adam
27. What are you thinking about right now? Knitting
28. Your car: Ford
29. What are you doing at the moment? Blogging
30. Your summer: Hot
31. Your relationship status: Happy
32. What is on your TV? Simpsons
33. What is the weather like? Windy
34. When is the last time you laughed? Today

If you want it, consider yourself tagged!

Sunday, 19 November 2006

Time (and lack of it)

Just looked at the little counter down the bottom of my blog..there is EXACTLY 1 month until Harley turns 7!!! Where did the time go? And on that note..Here is something none of you want to hear..If there is 1 month until Harleys birthday then there is 1 month and 6 days until Chrissie!! YIKES!!

Happy Birthday Bugsy!!! Hope you have a great day..Hugs and Kisses from us to you.

I have had to give up the whole getting my knitting for Kerry finished before Christmas idea. A new "problem" has been thrown my way and I just wont have time to get Kerry's things, Chrissie knitting, charity things for Rachel and Cathy and the problem taken care of before Chrissie. SIGH..Was planning on using the money from Kerry FOR pressies and stuff..There goes that whole idea. Oh well cant be helped.

Weather is all cloudy today. Which I love. I just wish it would rain already!! I adore rain.

I am in two swaps at the moment. One with Ragan and another with Vicki! I am looking forward to getting both my parcels and have to pay for most of the stuff for Ragan and get it here so I can get it in the mail to her. Will have to gather everything for Vicki and get hers in the mail this week if I can (its all about the KACHING at the moment..and the lack there of it). I am also looking forward to SENDING both my parcels and hope that they like what they get at the other end. Vicki knows what she will be getting (she picked it), but Ragan will be a surprise..

I am also watching my P.O. Box like a hawk for my incoming parcel from Karen! I am all excited like at kid at Christmas over getting this parcel.

Okies folks there is your update..Maybe there will be piccies next time!! Will have to find something to take piccies of. Take care and happy knitting


Wednesday, 15 November 2006

A Cry for Help

I ask you lovely caring knitters out there. Is there anyone who has time to help a poor woman in dire need at this time of year? Cathy over at Tightly Wound ~ Loosely Knit is giving a HUGE call out to knitters to help her dear friend. Her friend has had it REALLY bad at the moment (loss of her 2 children and husband in a car accient and now has lost the baby she was carrying). Cathy wants to make a Comfort Blanket for her friend. I think this is a WONDERFUL idea. Truely caring for a woman alone so close to Christmas (I couldnt imagine losing everything so quickly). I dont have the time with all my commintments to help with this blanket (and I feel really bad about it). So I thought I would do a post asking if anyone could help (if even 3 people can make a square cos I got them onto it all)! Just a woollen square is needed. 8inches square. Please head over to Cathy's blog, read...see if you can help..


Sunday, 12 November 2006

Few Piccies and Ramblings

Thought I would drop in with a few mixed piccies for you all...

First a question for you all..When does everyone put up their Chrissie decorations/tree? I am a little less stressed about Chrissie now. Last weed we did a mad amount of shopping with limited money (and a LOT of organising for most of the rest)...there are only a few trouble people (the BIL for one) that I have to work out what to get..

Am I the only one that finds it shocking one early shops are getting Christmas things in to sell!?!? October they started down here!! WHAT is with that!! I mean honestly! November (mid to lat Nov) is soon enough I think! 2months early is just getting eager to a point that needs help! lol Easter is just as bad though isnt it? Or am I just getting old here?

6 weeks and 1 day until Chrissie People!!

Two weeks ago I got new glasses...Or was it more then 2 weeks (help me out knitting gals! I got them the day I saw you guys at the knitting group..was that the last meeting? Or the one before?)? I so cant remember!! And here is a piccie of what my new lovely glasses look like (YES..That is a BIT of me you can see there! lol). I do like them. Though if I look down while wearing them at the tv (or over them) everything is fuzzy.

Last week Rachelle started her pre-kindy preperations for next year. She gets to go to school ALONE for 1hr 15mins once a fortnight. So Friday we packed her up ready and took her to school. She wanted to wear her uniform so he could be JUST like Harley. And she looked SO GORGEOUS!!! My last little baby is growing up so fast!! And yes the summer uniform for girls is PINK!!! Which makes both my girls happy (mind you the cardigan is a home one not a school one).

Its raining today! Which was great fun for the V8's that were on down at Symmons Plains!! Was fun watching it on tv.

Have been slowly working on knitting things. Finished the front and back of a jumper for Kerry. Just got the sleeves and collar to go then I have done 6 baby jumpers for her. I am hoping to get through the last 4 things for her before Chrissie. I want to get it all back to her (the cardigan I am working on now is taking forever cos there is 199sts to it!! Working the front and back all in one) am hoping to have a nice amount of payment from her for Chrissie if needed.

I have also been working on other knitting...That I cant talk about...

Okies folks! Catch ya later! Happy knitting


Wednesday, 8 November 2006

Thanks all!!

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments on my wool! I am rather proud of them.

Okies to reply some comments I got on them.

Leeanne asked what is on my label. It says "Kitty Knits" (knitwear and wool label).

Shazzy asked about a Kool Aid 101 course..Hun..NONE of its Kool Aid!!! lol..Maybe one day I will get a course up (I have no time at the moment).

BlackCrow mentioned being on a bus if I DID do a course..LOL...Hun you missed it..My knitting group got together and did a "DYE IN" (as we called it) several months ago..But will let you know if we ever do another one.

And for all of you that BOUGHT some of that yarn...I really hope to see it knitted up real soon!! I am dying (not DYEING!!) to see how it looks and know what you all do with it.

1. Rachelle's chunky wool jacket (this probably would be quick if I got my butt moving since it IS chunky wool and she IS a small child!)
2. Rachelle's shaped cardigan (back done. Started one front. WILL get back to it soon..I swear).
3. Rachelle's jumper (just got the sleeves to go).
4. Rachelle's socks (half way on the first one). Finished!!
5. Harley's jumper (only just begun).
6. Kerry's socks (4 2 odd and 1 on needles). Gotten Further Through It!! DONE!! FINISHED!!! Don't want to see them AGAIN!!!!!
7. Kerry's baby jumper (back done started front). Finished!!
8. Kerry's baby jumper (only just started this one). Finished!!
9. Toy aeroplane (yeah..don't ask). Ripped back
10. Chenille baby jumper (front and back done onto sleeves).
11. Red ribbed jumper (onto sleeves). Ripped back..Why you ask? Well I haven't been happy with it. Hence why I haven't finished it. Body isn't long enough
12. Green ribbed jumper (back done).
13. Red baby cardigan (haven't done much). (ripped back)
14. Dublin bay socks (only got half a sock then I am done). Finished!!
15. Stocking stitch socks (Uuum dunno how far I am through these).
16. Baby socks (started second one).
17. My Irish Hiking Scarf (yeah about 1/3 of the way through).
18. Pink Cable and Rib child's jumper (done front..maybe back can't be bothered looking! lol).
19. Secret Santa project (cannot say more)

Okies lets clean this up and look at it again

1. Rachelle's chunky wool jacket (this probably would be quick if I got my butt moving since it IS chunky wool and she IS a small child!)
2. Rachelle's shaped cardigan (back done. Started one front. WILL get back to it soon..I swear).
3. Rachelle's jumper (just got the sleeves to go).
4. Harley's jumper (only just begun).
5. Chenille baby jumper (front and back done onto sleeves).
6. Green ribbed jumper (back done).
7. Stocking stitch socks (Uuum dunno how far I am through these).
8. Baby socks (started second one).
9. My Irish Hiking Scarf (yeah about 1/3 of the way through).
10. Pink Cable and Rib child's jumper (done front..maybe back can't be bothered looking! lol).
11. Secret Santa project (cannot say more)
12. NEW baby cardigan for Kerry (only just started)
13. NEW baby jumper for Kerry (almost finished back)
14. Harley's Little Dublin socks (only started today) HAPPY BUGSY!! lol

So even with the 3 new things (ok so I should just reserve two spots for Kerry all the time) And Harley's socks that I cast on today..I am only up at 14 now (I should always keep a spot for family member socks too I guess). Not bad really!! I have ripped back a few..Cast on only 3 (two I NEEDED to..Can't avoid Kerry's stuff so shouldn't really count them).

And please spare a thought for Cathy. Who lost her fur baby this week. Seems its a hard time in Tassie. In the past 2 months I lost my Zander, my mother lost her Fur Baby Jimmy (a wallaby) and now Cathy lost Patches. Bad things come in 3s they say...Please go send her some love.


Friday, 3 November 2006

Sit down for a Yarn....

Slowly making process through my long list of things. Finished another sock for Kerry..and got another one on needles..So 1 and a bit to go. Not far off starting another top for her too.

Today went and put Chrissie pressies for the girls on lay-by as well as Harley's birthday pressies...Not far over 7 weeks PEOPLE!!! Scare you all now? Now all kids are taken care of..Adults to go!

At my recent knitting group I took along some things that I thought they would like to buy...Funnily enough I came home with a LOT less then what I went with!!! I wonder why? And yes dyed all these myself.

From Left to Right: 100g watermelon coloured sock wool, 100g boysion coloured 8ply (will self stripe if making socks like the Thuja sock), 75g rainbow coloured 8ply and 100g Green Gable coloured sock wool.

Top then Bottom: 50g Blue skies coloured 8ply then 50g Boysion coloured 8ply.

Left then Right: 100g Watermelon coloured 8ply then 50g girl denim coloured sock wool.

And these below are the ones I bought home (sorry about the bad piccie. Took it at night). If anyone is interested in making a swap email me.

Top to bottom (then side): 100g Kid Candy coloured 8ply, 100g Latte coloured 8ply, 100g Boy Blue coloured 8ply, (side) 50g orchid coloured 8ply.

Okies folks! That's all I think! Catch ya all later!!! Oooh I also got my Dishcloth swap dishcloths yesterday!! Will post piccies of them later when its daylight and I can get a good piccie!!



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