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Saturday, 30 September 2006

Sad Day

Its a sad day here. Friday night at about 7:30pm some fucking arsehole killed my cat. My beautiful boy. My gorgeous ginger baby man.

They hit him with their car and left him dead. I heard it and thought nothing of it until my neighbour came knocking. He had brought Zander up from the street. He was so nice about it.

My darling Zander I am sorry I didnt call you in. I miss you baby


Monday, 25 September 2006

Must Work!

Saturday was Adam's birthday. I made him a lovely meal of roasted chicken, baked potato and carrots, steamed cauliflower and broccoli and peas and corn. It was followed up by LOVELY Cadbury Velvet birthday cake. I do spoil him! lol.

I finished the front of a jumper I am knitting Rachelle Saturday night. Just have the sleeves and collar to go (and sewing it up). I havent done much more of the one I started Harley (ok I will be honest. I havent done ANY more).

Saturday night I was feeling a little off. I had a sore throat and a headache. So after a bad nights sleep (sore neck joined the club) I had to take some panadol at 6am and had like 2hrs sleep after that. I still have a bit of a sore throat, but I am not so sure I am getting a cold anymore.

I have been working a little on things for Kerry. I am hoping to get a back of a jumper finished today and the front of another one finished too. I really gotta get a lot of work done on her stuff. I have fallen so behind.

We have the sheep back in the backyard again. In took the landlord a MONTH to get the fence fixed that they said they would do 3 weeks ago (he did it yesterday)!

Did I mention last monday was Adam's and my anniversary? 8years! WOW.

Later tonight I plan on working on some of my secret santa pressie for my knitting group.

Okies. I am off now. I have to get back to knitting for Kerry. Catch ya all later. Happy knitting. Have fun knitting. I have 3 weeks of no moto now for awhile (at least I have superbikes next week for comfort).


Thursday, 21 September 2006

Still alive!

Been awhile hasn't it? lol. I am still alive. Just been busy.

Last week we headed down to Adam's grandmothers place (for one night but still was in the middle of the week). Last weekend was a full on Moto weekend with it being in Melbourne it was played most of the day both weekend days. Tuesday was out knitting group. It was fun with almost all of the group there. Cindy made me lovely little army print bags for my knitting accessories (you can see them on her blog). Suzi came loaded with little ginger cakes with pirates on top (aaaw cute). We also did a birthday pressies lucky dip from our birthday last month. I won one!! I got a ball of Opal sock wool (I didn't fail my not buying more sock wool!! I won it!!) I think the lovely Sharon put it in (and she was missed too)...

I made a secret promise to myself that I wouldn't start any new projects until I had finished a HEAP of the ones I have on the go (except ones for Kerry). And then the day after...I broke it!!! Sigh...I cast on a cardigan for Harley. But ya know..It's knitting for my own child..Is that justified enough? lol

For awhile I had lost BOTH my S'n'B books...I found them both yesterday..PHEW..Now I cant find two of my Jean Greenhowe books! And I really want to find one.

It is getting closer to the Chrissie Swap at my knitting group. I am organised. I know what I plan on doing (with a little help from some fellow knitters yesterday)! I just have to get started. I know. Slacker..Though in my defence..I am a busy girl! I will be ready by the date needed..I can assure all involved that.

STUPID blogger isn't letting me post comments on peoples blogs that have their comment section set as a pop up. It pops up..But stays blank!

So in saying that about blogger...HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to Vicki! I haven't been online for DAYS that's why I am so delayed!

To everyone else I HAVE been reading your blog! I just haven't been able to comment :(

Okies folks! I am off now! I haven't forgotten that I haven't posted piccies from last months Project Spectrum..I will get to it! And other piccies to perhaps for you. Take care! Happy knitting.


Monday, 11 September 2006

Those Piccies

Ok gonna try and post those piccies I couldnt post the other day.

Project Spectrum piccies for last month to come at a later date. And more piccies from the weekend (got a few gorgeous ones of the girls and the only female rider there this weekend).

As for my BIG weekend at Symmons Plains. Well. It was great! I cant get over how LOUD those bikes are! EXCELLENT!!

Down side of weekend....Fave rider went down in first qualifying with only 5 minutes to go and wasnt seen for the rest of the weekend. He did a DAMN good number on himself too! If you get squirmish easily skip this next sentence of his injuries! Here is what he did to himself (he went fyling over his handlebars and snapped left collarbone, broken right middle finger, dislocated hip with multiple fractures (also broke another bit off it), broken rib, and tore away all of the tendons and ligaments away from his right knee!!! Sounds like he had fun hey? F#*!ING OUCH if you ask me. His season is over... Piccie below of Krusty not long before he got broke.

Above is a piccie of Harley's super bright socks! What do you all think? She adores them (even caught her wearing them over STOCKINGS so she can still wear them)....

Piccies above are the baby cardigans (sorry not the best piccies, rushed to take a piccie of them so I could take em next door for her to look at) I did for the neighbour to pick from. She picked the second one (didnt think the first one would fit long enough.

Speaking of said neighbout. As we were heading out Sunday morning to the racing Mr Neighbour popped his head over the fence and told us that bub was born via C-Section Thursday weighing 8lbs 2oz. Thats all the details we got cos we had to go cos we were late already. So for those who have been popping in wondering the baby is born. Dunno when they will all be home (they dont seem to be yet). Will have to visit with card and pressie later in the week. Also gotta give their youngest son his birthday pressie since its his 3rd birthday today.

Anyway folks I am off. Girls are driving me nuts and the school holidays have only begun. Cant toss em next door for a break either! SOB..

Take care. Have a great week and happy knitting!


Friday, 8 September 2006

Crap Week

Been a right crap week for us Aussies!

First we lost a great Aussie Icon, A HUGE friend to Animal Rights in Steve Irwin.

And Today we have lost Peter Brock. Another Aussie Icon. One of the biggest names in motor sports for Australia. One of the leading advocates for Road Safety. Sadly in a death in Western Australia in a Targa race.

I am so glad this week is over! Lets hope next week is a LOT better for us Aussies!!! I am just worried with all the motor racing thats on this weekend with a lot of Aussies in it that they are all safe (that ALL racers are safe not just Aussies).


Wednesday, 6 September 2006

This that and maybe more

First off the bat isn't it sad news about Steve Irwin? I so feel for his family and friends. Its also a great loss to Animal Rights. The man was a nutter, he amused me, though had me worried about what the rest of the world thinks of the rest of us Aussies.

Neighbour is STILL pregnant! Poor thing! I hope bub comes soon.

Yesterday was our knitting coven day. I had great fun (though I ran out of yarn before I could finish a freaken sleeve of a jumper!!! And I didn't have anymore with me!). The darling Cindy had gifties for all of us (being as last month was our knitting groups 2 year anniversary)!! So (being as I am feeling lazy today, and its a boogelly day) I have pinched the piccie of my lovely pressie from Cindy's website (hope you don't mind my dear..)..Wait..I WOULD pinch the piccie but when I click on it to make it bigger it takes me to one-skein book thingy instead :( Just go look on her site for it! (click on the second click-able Cindy will take you right to the post).

Over the weekend I knitted Harley a pair of socks. I started them at a party that she went to a macca's Saturday evening (started at 4pm). I got the whole leg done and one row of the heel during the whole party. I have to say I DO NOT like the wool. Its shockingly BRIGHT..It was given to me. But my girls adore it! I got 2 balls (one for each of them). I have used Harley's ball..Rachelle has to wait until my eyes have recovered enough before she gets a pair out of them. I am working on a pair of socks in a much more tame colour for Shell. Cindy saw Harley's socks in real life yesterday so she can agree with how BRIGHT they are. I would post a piccie of it but BLOGGER wont let me! The heel is the same colour pink at the toes. I LOVE how that little feature worked out! Totally unplanned! Look excellent though.

I am excited about this upcoming weekend! Its a Symmons Plains weekend!!!! Aussie Superbikes is on this weekend and we have a 2 day pass (Adam requested the WHOLE weekend off..we are just gonna have to wait for the backlash of that. His work always punishes him when he requests days off). I am worried about the girls being there. I can see they will drive us BATTY!! Have to be there before 9am (that's when they hit the track) and who knows when it ends! Two full days!! I can see the batteries for the leapsters will have to be charged, colouring books and pencils the ready..and I am tempted to look into if we can get the bloody portable dvd player to work on its battery (it hasn't yet)...

Okies my dears! I will be offski! Will look into getting some piccies on here soon if blogger lets me! Take care and happy knitting!!!!


Friday, 1 September 2006

Feeling Guilty

Maybe I do have the Harlots magic power over the tiny souls of the world (or just in my neighbours house)!!

Next door is STILL pregnant! Its been two weeks since she first went into hospital in labour. I spoke to her yesterday over the fence (before she popped over to see our new heater). She has been 3cm DILATED since then!! OH MY!!! She was told when she went in 2 weeks ago that she would have the baby within the hr..two weeks later (and lots of hospital visits, one case of fainting which got her back to hospital and constant babysitting now cos they are worried she will faint again) the baby is still there. And I haven't finished the second cardigan! Mind you in my defence..i am up to the collar of it! Just have to finish that, sew in the sleeves and go get buttons for BOTH of them and I will be finished! Will be able to do that today.

As for the new heater/hot water/oven....we have two of them...and both are working. BUT...we have an electric cord running through our toilet window to the bathroom power-point so we get hot water!! The electrician is coming next week to hard wire the hot water and heater in (the heater is just plugged into a power-point)..The oven you ask? well..SUPPOSIDLY....next month..I am not holding my breath.

Project spectrum piccies will come soon I promise..Just gotta finish one of the things up (needed to get my father's Father's day pressie finished yesterday to give to him yesterday and get neighbours baby things done).

Okies folks. Back to the baby cardie. Catch ya later. Have a great weekend if you don't hear from me before then!


edited to say I have finished the Cardigans. Buttons and all. Neighbour has picked the one she wants. Paid me for it. So she can go anytime she wants! lol I am hoping soon for her sakes (Leeanne..She isnt overdue. She is due in 2weeks hence why they wont induced her for less then $600!!)...

Also on the electrical cord note. the join is in the house not outside and I am not impressed with it either. its needed though. If there was no power connected to the hotwater cylinder or the heater NEITHER would run..I know!!! And I thought with gas we would be set if the power went off!!!

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