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Wednesday, 30 August 2006

Good Causes

Diabetes is something that touch a lot of peoples lives. I know of a few.

A blogger friend of mine is reaching out to people to help the cause.

If you have a few dollars you can donate (or maybe a prize you can send for her to use for those who are donating? Dont know if that is something she is looking for but I am thinking about offering up something). Please go look HERE..


P.S. on a side note. I am having to put up with builders in my house today! We are FINALLY getting gas set up. Landlord Jr told us that it will ALL be done on the one day (today) so we will be set to go..THEN he turned up today and guess what...We will NOT be ready to go! AARRGGHH...Supposidly it will be put in but the electrican wont be coming today so WHO KNOWS when we will freaken get to use the heater!! NOT BLOODY HAPPY!!!

My knitting group had both (dont ask..it should have been only ONE) birthday parties yesterday. I went to both. I enjoyed both. Both were totally different then the other but I am very glad I went to both. Food was excellent (I was so freaken FULL last night), company was brilliant. I am now broke.

Sunday, 27 August 2006

Glad to be of service

I am happy that I have helped save the hides of many stashaholics around the world! lol. Just hope I don't start getting hate mail from husbands! yikes.

Well..What have I been up to? the girls have been sick. And now I seem to have it.

I found out today that Rachelle colour codes farts (yes you did read that right). Due to her having a mild case of diarrhea. So I have been annoying her all day making sure she goes to the toilet.

So after I annoyed her one too many times she said to me

"No mummy I did a WHITE fart"

"Shelly...What's a WHITE fart?"
"A WHITE fart is a fart you cant see. A BROWN fart is one you CAN see"

Then a little later I found out a RED fart is one that hurts when you do it...Good fun for the whole family...

Knitting? (yes lets get onto a more pleasant topic shall we)...Done little..But not much.

Thanks to the wonderful Cathy I have finished ONE of the cardies for next door (not that I have it back yet). Just the sleeves still to go on the other.

Kerry's stuff? well.. 2 pair of socks and 2 baby jumpers. 4 odd socks and one baby jumper cast on and about 2 rows done..

I have been working on a jumper that are in the Project Spectrum colours..I was only going to make it a vest. But after finishing the front and back and sewing them at the shoulders I thought what the hey! And cast on both the sleeves. Hoping to get that finished soon before August is finshed!

Okies folks! Will catch you later! Happy knitting. Have a great week.


Sunday, 20 August 2006

Breathing Easier

Well I can take it a little easier. Next door is home and she HASNT had the baby yet..Though as her hubby has told me it probably isnt that far off.

I have done all the knitting for the one that Cathy is kind enough to do the crocheting for..But she was away this weekend so will get it to her Tueday. Cant wait to get that finished.

Working on the back and right front (and getting them both finished I hope) today of the other baby cardigan. Probably wont get the sleeves done on them today though since the bottom has a lot of work that Iwill have to concentrate on (which wont be happening today with Moto on and all).

I have finished 2 of the 3 dishcloths I have to do for a swap! I will probably get the third one started within the next week.

To answer a few questions in my comments from the other day.

Kate asked about the lovely baby jumper with the lace pattern that I said was my mothers pattern. Its an old Patons Bluebell pattern from an old pattern book. REALLY old..As in from when I was a baby if not older.

Cindy asked if my helmet was a new replica. Well it was in a shop. Someone might have tried it on before I bought it. Dont know..and it doesnt really bother me. Unless they were sweating when they entered the store to try it on no one has sweated in it.

Suzi asked if I had my own bowling shoes. No..We use the ones from there. And they have new ones at the moment (that are bloody slippery)...and as for the sweaty smelly feet..thats what socks are for my dear ;)

Fitknit. We would pretend to not be at home but its hard when they can see us through their lounge room (or even bedroom) window when we walk from our loungeroom to any other part of the house and back. Tis ok though got time cos the baby hasnt been born yet :D

Ok here are the promised piccies from the other day that I couldnt post cos Blogger wasnt playing nicely.

Lookies! Piccie of my stash! The bottom two (one at front and one at back) has fabric in it. At the top back stack, there is TWO of those smallest tubs. So there you go..ALL my stash (apart from what I am working on now, have a few extra little balls here and there of those out) and whatever else might be in my bedroom for me to fondle and love still! lol

Latest Piccie of Tara. She looks a little feral there. Dunno what is with her fur there! YIKES. Bad fur day perhaps?

Back of my Casey Stoner Replica Helmet. Its an Aussie Roo on a motorbike with the #1 on it (when you are the Champion you get to carry the number 1...Its what all riders aim for).

My bowling ball is STILL in the car..And Adam has just left for poker taking my ball with him..So that one will have to be another day piccie.

Okies all. Best be off. Take care..Happy knitting and have a great week!


Friday, 18 August 2006

Oh Bugger!!

CLEARLY I dont have the supreme power over unborn folk of the world like the Yarn Harlot does!!!!

Next Doors house alarm was going off earlier. I thought it was just another case of Mr 5 having some "fun" but it kept going and going..So as a good neighbour I thought I best venture over there to make sure no one had broken in.

Got up to the side sliding door to find a man at it (on the inside) holding a phone to his ear..He got the alarm off..opened the door and told me he had to call Anna's sister to find out how to turn it off! lol ooopsie.

It seems..that Anna is now in HOSPITAL...probably having the baby! BUGGER IT!!! They thought it was a false alarm..But it might not be..so now I am sitting here thinking..I HAVE TO KNIT A LOT tonight!

So much for me making little cardies for her to pick through for "coming home" (which is what she asked me to do it for). Will have to get them done this weekend..Hope that bub is kept in for several days due to being 4 weeks early, and try getting them done...

Read post below to make more sense of this one! lol

Cathy my dear...you might get an sms tonight from me if I get the sleeves done seeing if I can drop the rest of that Cardie over to you tomorrow? Is that ok? Do you have a few free hours over this weekend?


A few assorted piccies to explain my last few days.

Well the last few days has been busy for me.

Found out my next door neighbour has like 4 weeks left of her pregnacy! So have pulled my thumb out and have been working on the baby cardigans for her to pick through. Got the sleeves to go on one of them (the one I am then handing over the the darling
Cathy who is so kind to do the crochet parts for me! She's an angel isnt she?!?).

Tonight I plan on sitting down and getting into some more things for Kerry and maybe if I have the time I might try and get those sleeve finished on the baby cardigan.

Moto has started again after their little summer holiday..THREE weeks I have had to wait for the MOTO boys (4 or 5 weeks for the 250 and 125 boys).

With my tax return this year I thought I would spoil myself. So I did. We went into a Motorcycle store and I got myself a replica of one of my FAVE riders helmets (actually..its not his recent one..its one he had like 2 years ago. But you cant get the recent one unless you get one of his ACTUAL helmets..And to get those he has to give you one or you have to get one in an auction that is done by his team or MotoGP).

I got my very first bowling ball too!! Its in the car which is at Adams work at the moment (which is where Adam is) so cant show it to you. Just know its got purple (hands up who is surprised about that?)!! I got the holes drilled in it today. Then had a bowl with it. LOVE it...And its mine..So I know its had no one elses fingers in it.

Also with the return from tax I thought it was time to move my yarn and fabric from the four HUGE cardboard boxes they were in (and starting to fall apart) into some big plastic tubs. So thats what I have been doing for the last two days! Forgot to take a BEFORE piccie but you can all enjoy the after one.

So...with 5 x 120L tubs, 2 x 90L tubs AND 2 x 30L tubs later..All my yarn and fabric is neatly packed into new homes (though standing taller its a lot neater). I have....
1 x 120L tub of pure wool/blends 8ply (enough in each little pack to do a childs jumper/cardigan)
1 x 120L tub of acrylic 8ply (enough in each little pack to do a childs jumper/cardigan)
1 x 120L tub of acrylic 8ply (in assort amounts to do random things like beanies, gloves, stripes)
2 x 120L tubs of fabric (enough to do clothes or small bits for toys/dolls clothes)
1 x 90L tub of baby wool (both pure and acrylic. as well as 5ply)
1 x 90L tub of assorted pure wool/cotton and all that NOT in 8ply(and if it is its not enough for clothes)
1 x 30L tub of sock wool. This is almost full too!!
1 x 30L tub of assorted mixed bits of yarn. This and that and all

Blogger is being a RIGHT cow..its let me post 2 of the piccies. But I have tried posting the other two SEVERAL times..its said they are done..But they vanish into Blogger land before reaching my post!! I think there is a lot of us out there getting jack of that happening yet Blogger hasnt fixed it.

Ok I will show you the AFTER piccie (and a piccie of Tara..as well as the BACK view of my helmet) another time when blogger ISNT being as @$$!!!!

Catch ya all later! Happy knitting!


Monday, 14 August 2006

July Project Spectrum In Pictures

Didnt think I was gonna get the Project Spectrum stuff to you did you?!?! Well here it is! HALF a month later! lol.
Had to finish up some of the stuff this month. All for Kerry (except the dyed wool and the wool I bought). There was also the little ruffle jumper with the purple heart but look through July if you wanna see that. This is stuff you haven't seen before.
Ended up with more then I thought for July! Which is a surprise. Have more of those baby socks to go and gonna count them in this month too cos its got that brown natural colour. Also got the SOCKS FROM HELL that I am doing this month which have that natural brown colour. Also working on a boys vest too in natural/white colour.
I have a sore jaw today. I dont know why. But I just do.
Did I tell you all we are getting our heating in for this place on 30th August!?!? Yep the SECOND LAST day of winter! Nice hey? Aaah well..at least we will have good heating for next year.
Anyway enough babble!! PICCIES!!!

Some cream Zarina that I dyed myself in pretty purples. I love how it turned out!!

Baby socks out of Zarina. I love this wool! They have PURPLE!! For Kerry.

Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino Jumper for Kerry. Pattern is Debbie Bliss.
Heart not in pattern i thought it would look pretty.

Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino GORGEOUS Jumper for Kerry. Pattern from my mother.
Sleeves arent odd! Just how they were place to take the piccie didn't notice til now.

Gorgeous lace pannel on the Jumper I made for Kerry LOVE this jumper.

Wool I bought last month to do something for the BIL's gallery if I am
feeling nice when I finally free up some time.
Thats all folks!! Have a great week....

Friday, 11 August 2006

Oh Good

I straight out asked Landlord Jr yesterday while he was here getting rent if we were going to be evicted...He said NO! If we like staying here then we are right. PHEW!! I have to say it was a HUGE relief! Chances of getting another place around here are rather impossible!! Especially for less then $200 per week.

Been keeping myself busy getting some of Kerry's work done. I am up to odd baby sock number 4, dont know if I will get a 5th out before they start matching up will have to wait and see. Done all but sew up one jumper for Kerry..and have to do the sleeves, sew up and collar of another one for her. I still have about 4 jumpers and a billion (ok I maybe not THAT many) baby socks to make for her!

Have to get my butt back into working on next doors baby cardigans. She has about a month to go before little Bonnie is due. I have done the back and am working on one of the front sides of both of them!!

Did a little shopping on the Wool Shack the other day. And my mail arrived Wednesday!! I got Knitting for the first time (I know I am NOT a beginner but I love the pattern on the cover). And the First Stitch'n'Bitch (now I have them both). Also picked up the last two balls of Zarina in a GORGEOUS fushia colour. Will go great with my multi colour ball I bought off Kerry.

I also did some Stash Stuffing. In the form of some Lovely ZEST (yes I know its acrylic but I am FINE with some acrylic as long as its soft).

Some 50/50 Wool/Mohair (100% Aussie) in a lovely Olive colour.

And some lovely 50/50 Wool/Acrylic. Thinking about using this this month cos it has NATURAL in it :D

I would show you the piccies...BUT Blogger seem to think I have done enough!! So might see if I can add the other two piccies later.

Catch ya all later! Happy knitting and happy weekend coming up


Tuesday, 8 August 2006

It went...

ok..Typical experience of having Landlord Sr in the house..He finds a way to blame ANYTHING on us..You know the mould is OUR fault in the place cos the FURNITURE is too close to the WALLS!?!?!?!? That man blames ANYTHING he think he can get away with on us...Never takes the blame for the fact he is a $H!T landlord...

Adam and I feel that they are gonna keep us in the place getting the rent out of us while they do all the work..THEN boot us out (that way they get money in while they are stuffing us around instead of getting no money while they work on an empty house).

As for knitting..Still havent got piccies yet (I will..I promise..Just had no time).

Our computer monitor is in being fixed at the moment. So they have given us another one to use while its taking the TEN days to be done..All well and good but this stupid thing is all FUZZY!!! It hurts the head after 5 minutes...I can see there wont be much net time had by me until we get the other one back.

The girls did well with Bowling today. Rachelle was 4 under average. Harley got about 15 over average and she got a first place for getting the highest over average for the week.

Okies folks..Eyes are dropping off and head is killing me..Catch ya later..Happy knitting


Saturday, 5 August 2006


Landlord Jr came down yesterday (after much running around like chooks and all for Adam and myself) and tells us he wants to change to date of the inspection to either Monday or Tuesday...Well Tuesday is out of us so Monday at 4 is it...He said not to worry about the yard at the moment..we can get to that later in the warmer weather..

I will be happy and not stressed if it was only Landlord Jr doing the inspection..But its been changed to Monday cos Landlord Sr isnt home over the weekend and Jr wants Sr there...BUGGER.

So yesterday I collapsed and did some knitting..Today I am doing a little more knitting...When Adam gets home from work we will do some more work (we dont have that much left since we dont HAVE to do the gardens just yet...since we did heaps thinking Today was D day)...

I am soooooo glad to get some knitting done..I so need it! But I want to start something new..I am stopping myself..Working on the socks i have on needles and things for Kerry...Which seems to be working.

I really gotta get piccies taken of July Project Spectrum stuff to show you all!


Wednesday, 2 August 2006

Some piccies for ya.


OK so thought I would put some random piccies down for you all to look at.

Piccie ONE...This is my sock stash. I know some of you will look at it and laugh saying "Thats it!?" There is enough wool there to make 23 pairs of socks. And I have two socks currently on needles (so 25 in total). This is why I have a self imposed sock yarn diet! This time last year I probably had only like 8 balls of sock wool. Its exploded over the year.

Piccie TWO and THREE....Last night while getting some groceries the girls decided they wanted to dye their hair. So we grabbed some colour (will wash out in about 12 washes i think it was) and I dyed their hair last night. Top piccie is Rachelle..She went for the purple colour..Piccie below that is Harley who went for the orange (and she would not budge to a different colour she wanted that Orange and NOTHING else)...I can see that colour will probably be one she revists a lot as a teen.

Piccie FOUR....This is my baby boy. Zander (6 1/2). Taken yesterday in the playroom (wool storage room) while I was taking piccies of my sock wool. He liked the sun so laid on the pillow on the futon..Isnt he goreous?

I have seen waaaay too much of my BIL of late! She was here Firday and I have seen her the past THREE mornings cos she has taken Harley to school while Adam has been at work. I am looking forward to her going away to Qld next week! And hope its for at least a week.

House cleaning going slowly. Sick of doing it! Looking forward to it being finished!! Looking forward to being able to relax (as long as we arent booted) and being able to do lots of knitting again!!


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