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Sunday, 30 July 2006

Not in the mood

I so havent been in a blogging mood of late. Though I HAVE been in a knitting mood..just havent had the time!!!

In about 2 weeks time this place is going to be SWAMPED with tradesmen!! We are getting the gas heater/hotwater/oven put in. So we are having to do a LOT of extra cleaning...As well as (while we are at it) de-crapping the house.

Add to that the stress of the landlord is doing a complete house and yard inspection (for the first time in like 6 1/2years)!!!

Now those who know me know that we have never gotten along too good with our landlord. He makes a LOT of promises he breaks (the carport that was promised before we moved in and the hose up the side of the house promised before we moved in so we can water the fruit trees for two..and just so you know..that was 6 1/2years ago)....And then there was the fact it took him a YEAR to replace a side fence....and the promise of painting the house throughout made 3 1/2years ago (that never happened)....I so would NOT put it past him to find the pathetic little things to boot us (he is that sort)....finding a new place in our area at a price that wont break us is almost IMPOSSIBLE at the moment....

So you can see why I havent been posting of late..too much to do around the house..and not time for knitting. I have a sore back..at least my wrist has stopped hurting (I was on hands and knees doing the kitchen floor Friday night...we have a mop..just thought I would do it this was so I could dry as I went..and make sure a good job was done).

Weather is wet out..we need a few straight days of dry out to get the garden done!!! I dont know if we are going to get that...

Okies all. Hope you all had a great weekend. Take care. Happy knitting. And if I survive..You will hear from me soon (the inspection is next Saturday am sure you will hear from me before then).. Also had BIL over Friday..enjoyed myself having ago at her...wont bore you with the details unless you want to hear em! lol


Thursday, 27 July 2006

Shells Party Piccies

Harley Rose.

The Birthday Party Girl.

Pin the Star on the Fairy.

All the party kids with the cake.

The Birthday Party Girl and her cake.

Fairy that hosted the party. With the cake after it was all cut.

See Told you I would post piccies soone or later! lol. So here are some party pics. And I would love to thank Greg and Cathy for taking these piccies! They were all wonderful!

Did I tell you all Adam and I got 3rd in the Bowling League we are in? Well we did. And we both got a scratch something trophy too.

Yesterday went and saw Pirates of the Carribean 2. Twas good. Not as good as the first..But Orlando Bloom is still hot!! lol

And if you have a moment can everyone pop over to Bugsy's blog and send your love to her in her sad time.

I have been knitting lots. Doing some stuff for Kerry and some stuff that I have kicking around here (cant say its for me..almost nothing I have here on needles are for ME...well..only ONE thing out of about 15 actually).

Okies folks. Catch ya all later. Happy knitting.


Monday, 24 July 2006


Ok so having looked closer at the wool I have from Kerry. I am probably gonna get closer to 6 to 7 jumpers out of it all..Instead of about 5 to 6. Still looking at a LOT of baby socks! lol

I have done the front, back and both sleeves of a baby jumper already. Just gotta do the shoulders, Do the button band and buttonhole band. Then the collar. Sew the rest up and one will be all done.

Next door neighbour has like 6 to 7 weeks until her baby is due!! Better get my rear movin on the cardis she might pick from before the baby is born!!

Also want to get some of the ME knitting I have kicking around cos I want to get the stuff sold. Sigh. Have a lot of knitting to do!

Okies back to the grind folks! Take care. Enjoy your week. Photos soon I promise!!!!


Thursday, 20 July 2006


Well its been awhile hasnt it? Whats new?

I TOTALLY enjoyed my time of ME knitting. I finished two backs to two jumpers that were on needles. I now have to do the fronts and the sleeves, sew em up and do the collars..I know I got a lot to do. And then there is all the OTHER UFOs!!!

I saw Kerry yesterday. I now have more work to do with her. I took the pattern book back that I was having pattern/wool ply problems. So what did she do. She kept the book (thank goodness I got copies of the patterns I already wanted!!) and told me to "just do some newborn jumpers/cardigans with the patterns you have at home." So I have been given free reign again!! YEAH!!! And I still have that ball of Sock wool from Hell to do baby socks with. And a whole ball of that cool wool the star in the baby jumper is in to do baby socks in....ALSO have another SIX balls of that wool to do baby jumpers/cardgans ALL in that colour..not sure how they will look.

You will all laugh! Out of the last lot of socks I gave her (3 in the sock wool of doom 3 lacy ones) she has sold ONE lace pair...and TWO freaken sock wool of doom pair!! You know I will be stuck with more of the freaken things now dont you?!?

Rachelle had a fantastic party. Will post some piccies later on for that. It was good. We were the LAST ones to arrive cos Adams father and step-mother turned up with FIFTEEN minutes to go before the party started wanting Shell to open her pressies..I still had to get the dressed for the bloody party!!

Right now we have men ripping up part of our front yarn laying down lines to the gas mains out to the sidewalk over the road. The landlord is getting us gas heat, gas hot water and maybe a gas oven..Though wont expect it all to be put on for at least another 3 weeks!! END OF WINTER and all!! sigh...

Okies. Got knitting to do..And some housework is calling me! Happy knitting and catch you all later!!

I have about 5 or 6 baby jumpers and at least 10 pair of baby socks to do for Kerry..And she hasnt given me a date to go back to see her!! Best get onto them and do at least half in about...uuum...3 to 4 weeks then call her again! lol


Saturday, 15 July 2006

going OUT for dinner


Thanks all that wished Shell a Happy Birthday. She had a lovely day and got totally spoilt! Forgot to take a lot of piccies didnt I (got some)!! Bad mummy..She got spoilt and is really looking forward to her birthday party this Sunday!

First piccie above is Rachelle after eating her birthday cake! Can you tell she enjoyed it?
Second piccie is her Fairy cupcakes that she gave out to some friends (she took one for each of the people that worked at Bowling and they loved them and then she took two, one each, for the little boys next door)....And yes that is EDIBLE FAIRY SPRINKLES on them!! Cool hey?

I had to laugh. She got to pick dinner last night. And didnt even THINK of asking to go out! But today she asked if we could go out for dinner. I said "well. No, you should have asked for that yesterday for your birthday dinner!" she says "But I want to today" where upon I told her no again then asked "But if we DID go out for your birthday where would you have wanted us to go? Her reply? "Outer Space"....I said "And WHAT would we eat in Outer Space?" she goes "Maccas!"

Glad she didnt ask to go out yesterday! lol


Wednesday, 12 July 2006

Alive still..Just..

Nah all is good at this end. Just been in a vegging mood of late.

FINALLY got in contact with Kerry Monday (tried Friday and Saturday finally got her Monday..Didnt feel right ringing on a Sunday). And am going to see her next Monday. And being as I have to wait for her to say if she wants more of the Star Jumper or the Heart Jumper (I have a piccie to post of that). And I have problems with BOTH the Anny Blatt patterns/wool..And I have to make sure the SOCKS she wants me to do are the right size...I cant do anything for her until I see her!!!

So BONUS I have until next Monday for MY OWN KNITTING!!! YAY YAY YAY!!!!! Though I dont see I will be getting much of my OVER TEN on the go things finished...But I am hoping to get a fair way through a lot of them.

Rachelle turns 4 tomorrow!! I cant believe my baby is 4 already! When did that happen? She is going to be totally spoilt tomorrow! She is taking little fairy cupcakes to bowling tomorrow (there is only her and the lady that looks after her).

Ok...Piccie of the Heart jumper. I am not happy that the carrying through the back wasnt as loose as I normally do. And look...Project Spectrum Purple!!!

Okies. I am off..Going to spend time knitting away happily...Waiting for Rockstar to start.


Thursday, 6 July 2006

Project Spectrum June (in pictures)


Ok this is going to be pathetic..Did hardly ANY blue last month..If it wasnt for the socks for Kerry and the blue in the star of the jumper there would be NONE!!! Sigh...purple lets hope will be better.

Ok from the top. Some 100% Tasmanian Wool (though dunno where the dye is from its dyed in Tassie too) I bought to make jumpers (I also got some plain lavender) for the BIL Gallery (IF i make anything for her)..I know I BOUGHT it not made it but dont care. Star jumper (has blue in the star). The sock wool from Hell has blue in it...And lastly the Lacy Baby socks (see there are all blue ones so I didnt TOTALLY fail).

New Knitty is up!! and there are some lovely sock patterns in there!

I have finished ANOTHER jumper for Kerry..Will take piccies of it and post another day. BTW there is SEVEN days until Rachelle's 4th birthday!!! Where did the time go!?


Monday, 3 July 2006

Star Jumper again (with Model this time)


Thought maybe the jumper would look BETTER with a model inside it..Good thing I had one on hand today. With the help of Baby Christopher (you guys remember him right? my DNLPF baby born early Feb? Hard to believe he is FIVE MONTHS OLD now).

First piccie has his brothers feet in it too! lol

Isnt little Christopher cute!?!? And he is back to liking me (guess he got use to me tormenting him). He LOVED the jumper too..Child is going to be a knitwear wearer when he is older me think.

Knitting progress is happening. Have finished front and back of the Heart Jumper. Must get it finished by Wed!!

Happy knitting!


Sunday, 2 July 2006

Star Jumper!!


Ok so here is the Star jumper! For you all to see. I TOTALLY love the star and the colours it in (the blue in it means it falls in Project Spectrum June too!!)...But I still dont know if I actually like the JUMPER pattern. It doesnt help that Kerry never gave me any buttons for it (she said she will do that part herself) so the total effect is lost without them...I used a bit of the sock wool from hell on the shoulders to keep them closed.

I angled the camera so the star would be straight in the second piccie (so you can see it all lovely). It is on an angle on the jumper.

And yes I folded the sleeves in (they look like puppy ears) so they would all fit into the piccie..

So what do you all think? Both piccies were taken with artifical lighting. I am sucky and couldnt be bothered waiting til tomorrow to get a good piccie! lol

In a few days I will do my Project Spectrum Blue piccies. There isnt many! lol

Take care! Happy Knitting


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