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Wednesday, 31 May 2006

Week Two


1 pair of DB Baby Cashermerino baby lace socks in purple.
1 pair of Zarina baby lace socks in blue.
1 Pair Jigsaw todder self striping stocking stitch sock (fit 1yo)
Front and Back and One Sleeve of the Zara size 1 Cable and Rib jumper.
1 1/2 socks for 2yo toddler self striping stocking stitch sock (I dont think I can finish it tonight Bugsy I am soooo tired!!!!!).
1 sock for 2yo toddler self striping stocking stitch sock

Yet to do.

1 Pair of DB Baby Cashmerino baby lace socks in a peachy colour.
2 pairs of Zarina baby lace socks in blue
1 1/2 2yo Jigsaw toddler self striping stocking stitch sock.
1 Sleeve, sew up and collar the Zara size 1 Cable and Rib jumper.

SO!! There you have it. Week two of new job complete (as of about 3pm today). My finished list is longer then my to do list..but only with words..I still have three full pair of lace socks and 1 1/2 ss stocking stitch ones to go.

Cold? getting through it. I have a soooooooooooore back and neck..Thinking they are both knitting and cold related. Thanks everyone for kind works in last few posts too! LUV YA LOTS!


Tuesday, 30 May 2006

Bouncing Back

The girls seem to be getting over the cold! Which has me totally jealous!! I had it first!! Though they are getting good night sleeps..I am not!

Hardly have gotten any knitting done of late with this cold! though hoping to start getting more! Tomorrow will be 2 weeks that I have had this job, and i have done less this week then I did in the first week!!! Sad..

Okies. Catch ya all round!


Monday, 29 May 2006

Patient Zero

Guess what....I gave it to the rest of the household! Harley was starting to be affected last night. The poor mite suffers from what I did as a child. She has allergy related asthma (where I have standard asthma), so when she gets a cold. She hacks her lungs up causing her throat to go raw, her stomach and head to hurt....

Adam and Rachelle it has affected this morning. Adam had to go to work anyway. Harley had the day off school (and didnt even think about it until about noon when she started to feel a little better). Tonight is going to be bad again. This house is horridly cold.

Thanks everyone for the well wished in the comments last post.

Sharon I am thinking about selling/swapping my dyed yarn. But I doubt it will go that well on the market. Do we really get that many knitters come over and look?


Sunday, 28 May 2006

Just some piccies.


Ok from the top with the pics. There is my 8ply Self Striping Boyson. 100g that has like 260m in it. Dunno if I want to keep this one not.

100g (200m) of my 8ply Opal Coloured pure wool (this is wool I have dyed not the opal brand sock wool). This already has a home and is on its way there now (wave bye bye to it everyone).

And the last piccie. Is the labels on them..Yes the lables are yellow. Excuse the fact the rest of the piccie is that colour..Artifical light and all.

I have a cold. I am going to try and motor through it and pretend like its not there! lol..Wish me Luck with that.


Thursday, 25 May 2006


Ok so since my last post yesterday I got up to the heel of the first 2yo sock..Not much work really. Slacker I am.

I am starting to look at everything I have to do and think..Do I want to rush this first lot of stuff for Kerry? Or do I want to make it last the whole month and work on other things I have on my plate as well?

There is a few things for MYSELF I would like to finish...

There is Rachelle's Cardigan I would like to finish....

There is like 2 more Project Spectrum things I wanted to finish this month...

There is the baby cardigan Anna asked me to make her for her to bring her baby home from the hospital in! I know the baby isnt due until Sept..But I wanted a few things done for her to pick from...

There is Harleys socks. She and I are the only ones in the household without a pair of handknitted socks...

A wise green woman once told me (ok so it was last night via an email) that I should spend 15 minutes on my socks every day. I think that is a great idea. And I plan on running with it. I plan on spreading myself thinly every night for about 30 minutes each on several things. To see if I can get more things done (ok..So I will spend more time on Kerry's things..Cos they are more important). Ok so just cos its the plan..Doesnt mean it will actually happen!

Happy knitting!


Wednesday, 24 May 2006

One Week

I have had my job for one week...I have one month to get all the knitting done in.....

What have I done in my one week?


1 pair of DB Baby Cashermerino baby lace socks in purple.
1 pair of Zarina baby lace socks in blue.
1 Jigsaw todder self striping stocking stitch sock (in the bloody wool that is going to drive me batty).
Front and Back of the Zara size 1 Cable and Rib jumper.
Started sock one of 2yo toddler self striping stocking stitch sock (to try and waste less of the bloody Jigsaw wool).

Yet to do
1 Pair of DB Baby Cashmerino baby lace socks in a peachy colour.
2 pairs of Zarina baby lace socks in blue
1 Jigsaw toddler self striping stocking stitch sock.
Sleeves, sew up and collar the Zara size 1 Cable and Rib jumper.
Finish the pair of 2yo toddler self striping stocking stitch sock

I think I am going to make it...Though they are usually Famous Last Words..So I am HOPING in the 3weeks I have left..I get it all done!!! Wish me luck


P.S. Dont ask me what has happened to my side bar..I dont have a CLUE why it has shot down the bottom where no one can see it unless they are looking for it..Maybe its gotten shy.

Monday, 22 May 2006

Mini Comp Winner


Above you can see what was in the parcel. It was Adam's Secret Socks that I made him! And he loves them.

Okies so I am a day later then I said I would be for the mini Guessing comp. I got some FANTASTIC answers! You guys are funny!!

And the winner of the guessing game is.....drum roll please!!!!!

BUGSY!!!!!!! And here is what she put

"Aha - I knew those xray glasses would come in handy one day!

hmm it's green. It took you a month. It's a little hard to tell because these glasses are not
in my prescription.

Is it a pony? It's a pony isn't it! But not just any pony - this pony can knit. A green knitting pony.

Wow I wish this pony was coming to my house. A pet that not only knits but fertilises the garden - priceless!"

Now my darlink we have to get together and organise your little pressies!!

On the job front. I have made two pair of baby lace socks. half a pair of self striping toddler socks (which are going to drive me NUTS!! I am going to have to waste almost a whole sock worth of wool to get the socks to match. So instead I have started a second sock with the same wool. Hoping to get less wastage as I finish the second one). I have started the little Cable and Rib jumper too. Finished the back last night while watching Moto. Cast on the front. The Zara wool is GORGEOUS!! Will have to look into buying some of that too (just not in cream).

Okies folks! Take care...Happy knitting!


Thursday, 18 May 2006

Flash and Splash!

Thanks everyone for the kind comments about getting the job! I have finished a pair fo baby socks already!

I dont know if I am allowed to show off things or not but I am going to...Hell its my sock pattern I am doing!! I found it online and I have knitted it a few times..So she cant say I am showing off a secret! Actually everything I am doing for her this time round are patterns that I am supplying!! Next time I go over (to return all the finished stuff and get more to do I hope) she wants me to bring my patterns along for her to go through. And we will probably go through hers aswell!

I did some dying today too. And guess what....I got dye on me! BADLY!! the bloody blue that I was using decided to take a dive everywhere!! Hoping to get the mild blue stain that is left on the CREAM cupboards out with more cleaning as I go...Its only light and should fade!

I have to say that I FULLY understand the COMPLETE rave over Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino!!! OMG!!!!!!! Its gorgeously soft! I am so going to have to get some myself..Dunno what for (99% sure for the girls!)! Its like a 5ply.

I have now started a blue pair of baby socks out of Zarina (which at the moment isnt impressing me anywhere near as much as the Cashmerino, which had me hooked from cast on). Hoping to get those done tonight (I have another about 2 pairs of those blue to make and another peachy/flesh pair of Cashmerino baby socks to go in the same lace pattern). Below is the pretty purple Cashmerino socks (if I get some its gonna be in THIS colour).

And to make Cindy happy! Showing of my dying stains! lol. Wasnt until I took the piccies and had them uploaded that I looked at my OTHER arm and saw that I looked like I had some weird freak blue spot disease!! When the wool dries more I will show you that in its Skeins. Its to swap for a sock bag.

Okies folks I am off now! More knitting to do! Take care! Catch ya on the flip side!


Wednesday, 17 May 2006

I got the job!!!!!!

It wasnt exactly a job interview in the end. It was more a "what can you do..Here you go now get started" sort of thing.

So now I best tell you what the "job" is. Its what EVERY knitter dreams of! And I know that Shell James is going to laugh cos we were just talking about this on msn the other day!

I am now working for a shop down Hobart selling knitting products!! The post below is what I have been given to get me started. I have 1 month to get baby socks in lace patterning that I do (in the Debbie Bliss and the Zarina), 1 cable and rib jumper (in the cream Zara) and toddler socks (in the Jigsaw). I am excited. The GORGEOUS wool gets supplied for me. And I get paid more then what I would at the CWA shop (which I do still plan on selling some things for).

The money is pay up front (hand the products over and get the money before its sells)..Well..I assume it still is!! My mother use to work for her so I found out from mum today! I am hoping its all still up front! lol

Okies. I will be off to cast on (I can see the stuff I am already knitting will be put to a bit of a backburner until I get through some of this order)!


Mmmmm I am a yarn whore!!


1 ball Jigsaw

5 balls Zara GORGEOUSLY soft

2 balls Zarina

1 ball of each Debbie Bliss in above colours

Need I say more?

Tuesday, 16 May 2006



Well I went into Hoong Fatt tonight to get dinner and to give Suzy the baby socks for bub (which now has a name).

She is the CUTEST tiny thing!!! And they names her Jasmine (to follow the "flower" theme with their children). And Suzy tells me she is almost TWO MONTHS!! I didnt think it was that long ago she was born!!!! Now I fear the socks wont fit her! But Suzy says she has small feet (which is in contrast to her chubby little cheeks!!).

She started crying while we were there and Adam wanted to pick her up. I think he would have been happy with taking her home instead of dinner! lol

Okies all! Catch ya later. I am heading off to a job interview tomorrow (11am Tassie time)..Wish me all luck you can muster! I REALLY hope I get it. Will tell you more about it tomorrow! First job interview in TEN YEARS!! I am afraid! lol


Sunday, 14 May 2006

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there!

Saturday, 13 May 2006

gonna guess?

Come on people anyone else gonna guess?!?!? Gotta have more then 3 of you!

You all have until next Sunday to guess so best get in now if you want to receive a little pressies for the most funniest!

And we are guessing at whats INSIDE the parcel below..Thats the wrapped parcel that was given out last night.

On the knitting front. I am working on the cute little green velvet jumper to try and finish it by the end of this weekend. I am cruising through the front. Then the sleeves to go (and the collar).

Mildly P!$$ED at the moto website at the moment!! it wont let me watch my live timing of the qualifying for tomorrows races!!! How frustrating.


What could THIS be.....


Whatever it is it took me exactly a month...Its green..and it was a total surprise/secret kept from the person who got it tonight!!

Most imaginative/funny will get a little surprise from me!! Those who know what it is can join in just make something funny up.

Friday, 12 May 2006

Lookie Lookie Chookies!!!

And I mean chookies in an endearing way!! Just ask Vicki! I use to call everyone chook or chicken! lol

Last night I finished them!! YAY!! So I am prepared for Mother's Day even if I dont see my mother until after (its the thought that counts!!).

Ooooh odd pants there...Ignore that! lol They dont match..I dont care..They look great anyway.

I really hope my mother likes them. They are very bright! And soft. Will have to dye more Patonyle I like the whole feel of it knowing I did that.


Thursday, 11 May 2006

Brilliant Bowling

YAY!!! I did really well with my bowling today! I got 79 over avgerage in the second game!

That would sound super impressive except I only got like 145 for the second game (mind you never made it that high before)! lol. First game I got a 98 which was 32 over average. So pretty sure I made bowler of the week this week! YAY

Had to have a little brag, I am that proud of the achievement.

Down to foot of mum's second sock. Might get it finished tonight if I put my mind to it.


Wednesday, 10 May 2006

Get your Greens here...

Rachelle's Cardigan (with body shaping. First for me). In colours she picked. In pattern she picked. I love it. I finished the back and you can see where I have started one side of the front.

Close up of the colours. The green is more true in this one the purple more so in the top one!

Rib childs jumper I am working on in 50/50 wool/acrylic. LOVE this colour! This is the wool I started the toddlers Rowan Denim green jacket in and then ripped it back cos it wasnt playing nice. See the contrast stripe near the bottom?

Close up of the rib. I know. Still hard to see. And you can just see the darker green trim above the bottom band. Will have to block the buggery out of that to get it to look good.

Green velvet toddler (sz 1-2) raglan sleeve top. Finished the back and as you can see the cast on of the front. Should get this one finished this month (cos its only small). LOVE the colour of this

My Irish Hiking scarf! This is gorgeous! My first pressie for myself knitted EVER (in like 17years shocking hey?). I am having a prob with the wool (50/50) vs needles! The very loosely spun yarn keeps catching on the bamboo needles!

Colour is MEANT to be Green Marl. Its gorgeous no matter what it is. I cant wait to get it finished so I can feel really warm in winter! lol

And lastly a Green Aeroplane (a Jean Greenhowe pattern). This is the body part only.

All of these were started some time this year. Not all started at once. Getting through them all hoping to have them finished some time real soon! lol

What else have I been doing? Well down to turning the heel of mum's second Mother's Day Sock. So cruising along really well.

Also been making soup. Monday night I made Baked Pumpkin Soup (thanks Cindy for the recipe!!). Yesterday I made Cauliflower soup (thanks to Shazzy for that recipe) and today I am making my mothers Veggie soup. My freezer will be well stocked with soup for myself and the girls I can tell you (Adam doesnt eat soup!!).

Okies. Happy knitting all! Take care.


Monday, 8 May 2006

Project Sprectrum April (in pictures)


This is the baby jumper I did in the Kool Aid dyed yarn. Gorgeous and soft. I love it. Almost makes me wish I had a baby to put it on! lol. ALMOST...Just have to free up some time to do a matching beanie and socks. Do have buttons for it (got some lovely light orange rubbery ones) but cant find where I put them (they were sitting with the jumper now have vanished).

Then there was the yarn that I dyed up for my mothers Mother's Day Socks. Which the pattern didnt go to plan. I started with the Lava Sock Pattern (which is why I dyed the yarn the colour I have).

The pattern wasnt playing fair at all. Wasn't putting any effort in that I was. It was lazy and only looked like stocking stitch..Which isnt a BAD thing but I was putting effort in for MORE and DAMMIT I wanted more for my mothers socks. So after doing a total of 9 rows pattern. I got sad with it and ripped it back to the rib and started another pattern. Which I liked (though wasnt to plan so made me a little sad) but I liked enough to finish the first sock last night while watching Superbikes!! I am now doing the rib of sock two!

This new sock has FOUR different syles of stitching in it (rib, eye of partridge, stocking sitch and whatever the main pattern for the socks is).

I also got some LOVELY Heirloom cotton from Nat (for my birthday) that I have started something with but havent finished yet (part of Project Spectrum April) once its finished I will show you all. No piccies of it.

I also have piccies of the 5 or so GREEN things I have on the go that I want to finish at least 3 of for this month. Will probably post them later this week for you all to enjoy.


Sunday, 7 May 2006

It strikes again!

Startitis that is!! Though this time I have only started something small to combat it.

I have started a pair of baby socks. My local Chinese restaurant owner popped out her second bub last month. I have yet to go back into the shop to see her or to find out the details (I knew it was going to be a girl before she was born. Second daughter). I went to high school with Suzi, she was a year behind me, her older brother a year ahead. I get along well with them. So I am making bub a gorgeous BRIGHT pair of baby socks (it is getting cold you know) out of bright patonyle sock yarn. And then I will make a cute little beanie for bub too. Will have to find something cute to make big sister. I am wondering if she is over her shocking eczema (is that spelt right?) enough to have a knitted beanie herself?

I am up to (or down to since its a top down) the heel of my mothers Mother's Day Socks too (well of sock one anyway). So cruising along well with them. Best get back to them tomorrow though. Must get them finished (even though I dont know when I will see my mother next. Depending on when they come into town next).

Adam has his first weekend day off in AGES tomorrow. And he is going to celebrate it by sleeping in (been awhile since he has been able to do that too).

Pictures..yes those dastardly piccies! I will get to those. Just gotta get organised and take them first to show you all. They are coming..I promise! Weather rather cloudy down here at the moment. Doesnt make for the best pics.

Small update on Sophie. It hasnt turned out as bad as they first thought. Thank goodness.

And Wednesday just been it was a year ago that my friend in Qld Kylie died of cancer.

Okies folks. I am offski! Catch ya round. Happy knitting


Friday, 5 May 2006

Sophie Delezio

I am not a religious person. Or one who prays (or asks others to do so). But I am a mother. I was saddened to read online about poor Sophie Delezio having more trauma in her little life. Please if you pray. Pray for Sophie and her family.

Wednesday, 3 May 2006

I am alive

Been awhile I know!

I have to take piccies of my April Project Spectrum stuff (as little as they are). To post for you all.

And now in May I have decided instead of starting new Green things I am going to finish some of the many Green things I have on the go (I have like....4 or 5 of them). So my May Project Spectrum plan is to finish at least 3 (if not all) of the green things I have on the go...

Add to this I have to make my mothers Mothers Day Socks (which I was casting on until blogger did load). Which of course is in last months colours! Though that will teach me for starting so many things last month in THIS months colours!

My S'n'B group have worked out our Secret Santa for this year. I have my person..I am working on what to make her (I think I have it worked out). Then I have to get all organised, get the things needed..And get it started! I have 7mths now to get it done in which is a lot better then last years where we had like 2 to 3 mths!!

Okies thats all for me for now. I want to go knit. I need to get dinner started..I have housework that needs doing...and Well....I have nothing much else to say.


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