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Saturday, 29 April 2006

Me Me Meeeeee

I have been meme'd by Karen!

Seven Things To Do Before I Die:

1. use up half my stash
2. learn to speak Italian
3. buy own home (family)
4. knit myself a jumper/cardigan
5. knit Adam a jumper/cardigan
6. knit a shawl
7. see my girls grow up and have children of their own

Seven Things I Cannot Do:
1. a cartwheel
2. swim
3. belly dance (would love to learn one day)
4. be patient
5. have a neat house (no matter how I try the kids follow me making more mess)
6. spend a lot of money on myself
7. stop worrying about EVERYTHING

Seven Things That Attract Me To My Man:
1. his GORGEOUS blue eyes
2. his GORGEOUS blue eyes (they are THAT gorgeous they are worth two)
3. all his gorgeous freckles
4. how cute he is
5. his sexy butt
6. how he makes me feel
7. well . . . EVERYTHING about him!!!

Seven Books I Love:
1. Nigella Lawson cook books..all the ones I have
2. Memoirs of a Geisha
3. Matthew Reilly books (that man can keep me reading until 3am!)
4. A summer to die (its a pre-teen book that made me cry as a teen, my mother cry and is a damn good book for adults too).
5. James Patterson Books
6. Rowan/Debblie Bliss pattern books
7. Patrica Cornwell

Seven Things I Say:
1. sit down and be quiet
2. eat your dinner (this is said SEVERAL times during dinner with my girls)
3. ooh I love this song
4. cool (i seem to say this often to people..it just comes out..I really am listening when I say it!)
5. I love you
6. I can do this with this yarn
7. I really need to finish some of my projects

Seven Movies I've Loved :
1. Pirates of the Caribbean
2. Without a Paddle
3. Hell Boy
4. Cronicles of Riddick
5. Torque
6. The Fast and the Furious 1 & 2
7. Faster (moto docco)

Seven lovely ladies I'm gonna tag: Okay, I never know who to tag for these things. If you don't like doing these (or have done it already and I've forgotten), don't feel obligated. But if you do - here's who I'm tagging: Sharon, Suzi, Cindy, Cathy, Leeanne, Vicki and A.J..

Forgot to mention

Fitknit and AJ your parcels have been mailed!! I hope you get them monday (AJ you should at least! lol).

I hope you like them.

Anyone else who loved them and wanted some in those colours or other colours (not many other colours are available) leave a comment and I will post a link to the ladies ebay listings.


Thursday, 27 April 2006

The Phoenix!


Ooooh the colours! Phoenix Bird Of Fire Colours.

Ok so I have dyed the yarn for mum's Mother's Day Socks! I know I am cutting it a tad late being as it is going to take about 2 days for the wool to fully dry! I dyed some Patonyle Sock Yarn and it dyed up a TREAT! No flecks through it from the 20% Nylon! And its going to be so soft and lovely! So now I know what to get to dye up for self dyed sock yarn! Though will still shop around for some other pure wool stuff (NOT happy with what I used for Rachelle's! They pilled up within 1hr of her wearing them!).

I LOVE the colours!! I am doing Lava Socks so the orange and the yellow is PERFECT Lava colour! I thought about putting some red in it but am glad I didnt. I am a bit nervous about this pattern. Hoping its easy! Don't want to do any major stuff ups! I want to impress!!! I know my mother wont be fussed about a little mistake here or there but I am a perfectionist when it comes to my work!

The colours are PERFECT for Project Spectrum too! So how is that for timing.

Adam has lost his phone AGAIN!!! Last week it hooked itself onto Pop's Wheelie Bin and wasnt found until Adam made a second trip down there a few days later! Having the damn thing on SILENT didnt help the bloody cause for finding it! Then he came home from picking Harl up from school and starts searching for it! I then get a phone call "have you lost a phone?" Why YES I have! Bloody male! He left it at Harley's School!! I swear he gives ME looks when I leave it at Suzi's house or lose it around OUR home!! At least I know its safe!!!!!

And with that little bit of a rant my dears I will be off! Happy knitting! Hoping you aren't in a knitting black hole like I am! WHY isnt the jumper I am working on at the moment getting any bigger!?!?


Tuesday, 25 April 2006

Lest We Forget

Its Anzac day today. I hope all Australians and New Zealanders remembered today.

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes! Made me feel spesh!

We went down to Adams grandmothers yesterday for an overnight stay. I love going down there and its just sad we cant do it more often (Harley has school weekdays Adam works weekends).

I started ANOTHER project last night too (dont ask how many that is now..You DONT want to know). Its from one of my new pattern books and I have been DYING to start something from them for days and I finally was weak! sigh. I MUST get some other things finished!!!!

I will have piccies soon of some finished products for you to look at (well...ONE..just the orange and cream baby jumper..slackI know).

Okies. Take care. Off to do some knitting and relaxing. I dont get much sleep down at Grandmas (bed to hard, which wouldnt be bad but the pillows are too soft!). Happy Knittin! Will get the prizes off to people real soon! AJ I think Lace socks will be a fantastic idea!!


Saturday, 22 April 2006

Prize Piccies!!!


Here are the sockies I gave my sister. The piccies arent great. I finished them 1am the day before giving them to her..and then when I gave them to her the only piccie of them on her feet wasnt the best. I have requested a better piccie when she has the time. Megan has long feet that are skinny. I was so worried I wouldnt be able to get them to fit her! I have size 6 1/2 to 7 shoe size feet! Megan is a size 10! They fit me..and they fit her so I was happy!!

And here are the piccies of the prizes that my darlinks have one! First A.J.s yarn 100g of Touch 4ply pure New Zealand fine wool they even have an website!

And now for Fitknits gorgeous yarn (need two piccies cos need a close up one!). Camera ran out as soon as the piccies were taken!! So had to recharge before I could download and post! Fitknit also got Touch 4ply pure New Zealand fine wool just in a different colour. BOTH yarns are divinely soft. GORGEOUS colours but I have to say Fitknits was a BUGGER to get a good correct colour of!! lol

The second one is more true colour. Its darl emerald green, lilac and darker purple. LOVELY.

Okies..Let me know what you all think.

Happy knitting!


And the winner/s is/are

Ok the correct answer to the competition was

B) For my younger sister!!

And she LOVES them. Is afraid to wear them with shoes for fear of wearing them out. I made them mainly for evenings/nights and around the house anyway. It gets rather cold out where they live so I thought they would come in handy when not wearing shoes. I will get a piccie of them up on the blog when I can.

Now that is done. The winner of the correct answer is:

A.J. Congrats girl!!! I have the yarn..And I want to keep it all!! its mine MIIIINE!! Just kidding. It lovely and the colours are GORGEOUS!! I know A.J.s little girl will probably want something out of the pretty pink and purple yarn she will be getting. Will get piccies up today of the yarn I hope (have to get Adam to get the digi camera stuff where I can find them.).

As for the second prize drawn from everyone (since we DID make it to 25). The winner of that one is Fitknits!! She will be getting a lovely skien of beautiful purple and green yarn, its divine and I bet will make GORGEOUS socks! I want to keep that one too! lol

Can both girls contact me at mummykatt AT bigpond DOT com (remove the spaces and change what is needed). With your addresses so I can mail your little parcels!

So there are our winners! I was starting to worry that everyone was going to guess me!! Mind you I did want to keep them when they were done! Demelza wants a pair now..So does my mother! When she sawn them she says to me "would you mind making me a pair?" (she is getting a pair made for mothers day). How is that for a compliment!?!? My mother has been knitting for MANY MANY years. She have even sold her knitting at jumper shops! And she asks ME to make her a pair! I felt so special (she could knit her own mind you I think its time to give back to my mother. She knitted jumpers for me all my life and knitted a few for my daughters too). And I want to make myself a pair!

I have finished the baby jumper made from Kool Aid. Its going to be my Project Spectrum project for this month (it has orange after all). Just have to get buttons for it. Plan on making matching beanie and socks for it out of the yarn I have left. Then selling the lot.

I have a billion and one projects on the go at the moment! I cant believe it! I have started more. I need to get some finished.

I bought two pattern books by 'Panda' childrens jumpers (sizes 2 to 8-10) out of a gift voucher to a great local yarn store. I want to start some of the jumpers from there. Harley has changed her mind on her school jumper and wants a cable and ribbed one from the new book (yay a NEW cable and ribbed pattern!!! I LOVE ribs and cables).

Okies folks! Thats all for today! Catch you all later! Take care and happy knitting. Tomorrow is my 28th birthday!


Friday, 21 April 2006

She's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

Just when you thought it was safe to venture onto the net!!!!

I am back!!! And with Windows XP thanks to the DARLING DARLING Cathy (and her hubby)!!!!

I have to now bloody hunt down my previous faves! Good luck with some of them I can tell you! I had such a HUGE list of saves free online patterns and stuff! I am not happy :(

I have been knitting a bit (and doing some autumn cleaning out of the house). I havent done enough knitting I can tell you

As Adam said yesterday the Comp is closed..And the winners are drawn! I will announce them to you all tomorrow (gotta hold you in suspense a little longer! lol).

Take care..Glad to be back..Got a LOT of blog reading to do tomorrow!!


Thursday, 20 April 2006

The comp is over

The sock comp has finished.
The winners have been drawn....But I can't tell you yet because the person who the socks are for hasn't had their birthday yet ;)

Still working on the computer..... might just have to reinstall windows :(
Katt isn't quite crazy (from lack of online) but i don't think i have long.


Sunday, 16 April 2006

Computer Problems

The computer is still not working.

Yes Katt is suffering from MAJOR Withdrawls.
So she has plenty of time for knitting and cleaning up the house.
The sock comp has reached 25 guesses so both prizes are up for grabs, so even if your guess is wrong you still have a chance of winning a prize.

Hopefully Katt will be back soon,


Monday, 10 April 2006

New Knitty...Comp and All

There is a new Knitty up!!!! Go looking..Been waiting for yonks for this

Dont forget the Sock Comp people!! Just 11 more people to enter and I toss the second prize in..

Can we have a few more guesses that ISNT me please!?!? LOL..I mean if it IS me then there is a lot to pick from..If it ISNT for me then there is like one for each other catagory so far..

Been doing a little knitting..and a lot of house work..YUCK


Sunday, 9 April 2006

Just a Thought

Ok as Adam posted..Every option in the comp is having a birthday this month.

a) me (23rd April)
b) my sister (22nd April)
c) DNLPF (26th April)
d) Neice..Ok I know its this week coming not 100% when! lol Bad auntie (alas I have seen her all of a handful of times she lives in Qld).

So if you guessed me cos you KNOW its my birthday this month and wasnt sure about the others then you are free to guess again (if you think they arent for me..not saying they arent..but I am not saying they are! lol) Just make sure you mention in your second guess that you only guessed me cos you thought I was the only birthday in April.

Keep the guessing going! If we reach 25 original guesses then I will toss the second prize in!!


Saturday, 8 April 2006

Sock Competition

Ok folks so here it is. My competition.

I am knitting a pair of socks for someone's birthday this month. You have to guess out of four options who, by leaving me a comment with your answer and name! If you post as an anonymous and there is no way for me to contact you please email me as well so I can get in contact if you win at mummykatt AT bigpond DOT com (changing caps to correct signs..and removing all spaces).

Here are your options

A) Me!! A girl has to spoil herself sometimes you know

B) My younger sister..Show her some wuv

C) DNLPF...Demelza might like some sockies..Christopher has a pair.

D) My neice. Adam's sister's little girl in Qld. Wee sockies.

So here is an example of how the message from you should look (and I am NOT using one of the real answers..Dont want to be seen as maybe tipping you lot off! lol).

Q) The Queen..It gets cold there in England

Ok. For a bonus..Tell EVERYONE you think might be interested. I have 1 prize for the winner (a name will be randomly drawn from the correct answers)..If I get enough entries I will pick a second name out and give another prize..so if you want a double chance get more people involved!

Piccie of prize will be supplied later once I get a good one. But believe me its a goodie! a skein of 4ply (sock weight) wool that would be perfect for a pair of socks or even something for a baby!

You all have until 20th of April to get your guess in!

Thursday, 6 April 2006

Where did they all come from!?!?!

How on earth did I get back up to like....SEVEN projects on the go!?!?! I mean..I was down to like 3..And now I am back up to 7!!! And I have many more I WANT to start!!

My question is...Is there a vaccination to Startitis? Or at least an antibiotic to cure it!?!?!?

I have a competition for my beloved readers in the works..Will have it up and ready for you all in the next few days!


P.S....Been knitting lots and lots in the cold weather! Loving it.

P.P.S....Thanks to AJ and Cindy for the links to patterns!

Saturday, 1 April 2006

Thank You Lynne!!!

I would love to thank the WONDERFUL Lynne over at Yarnivorous for the GORGEOUS competition winning gift (and the birthday pressie!! As it turned out I didn't think it would be for me since my birthday is at the end of this month!)...I LOVE this yarn!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lynne described this as buttery merino! That girl don't lie!!! Man this is sooooooo nice and soft!!! I am thinking a scarf for moi! Just have to find a pattern that inspires me (since y'all should know my dislike of knitting scarves! They bore me)...

Can everyone say Oooohlaaalaaaa!!!! The birthday pressie (above ball) is soooooo me!!! Lynne recommended I make a bag out of it..I might just do that..One to felt that is! A charming little baggins for me perhaps?

On the knitting front! This weekend is a motorheads dream filled with V8 and F1 racing!!! VRRMMMM VRMMMM!!!! I always get a lot of knitting done during races (be it F1, A1, V8, SBK or MOTO....)...And today is no different! My beautiful baby jumper is now up to the sewing up and collar knitting part! Since I started it last Sunday during Moto PLUS did a LOT of other knitting this week just been I think that's a good job..Its lovely to knit! And to steal Lynne's term sooooo buttery soft!! I should have enough to give it a matching pair of socks and a beanie!!

Latest Magknits is out too!!! Go lookie! Some gorgeous patterns!

Okies folks! I am offski! I am DYING to know how the market went today!! There is no posts on the Launceston S'n'B site!! Nor on Cindy's blog (since she was turning up today)...and I haven't had an email reply from Suzi yet!!! I neeeeeeeeeed to know!!!!

Take care all! Happy knitting!



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