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Friday, 31 March 2006

Project Spectrum March (in pictures)

Musk Pink child's cable and ribbed beanie.
(pure wool brand unknown)
Red cable and rib beanie (sorry its fuzzy)
(pure wool brand that new Spotlight one)

gorgeous little hand warmers (with pink)
(pure wool Patons Bluebell 5ply)

Rachelle's pink and red socks!! They are done!
(pure wool, dyed by me. Shepards I think, cant be stuffed looking)

And since it has to be of things we did..Look what I did to my youngest yesterday!! And its red! We were at bowling and she and I were leaving the toilets. I turned to see where she was and my little finger scratched her cheek!!! Poor little possum! Its rather sore looking.
More piccies of other things tomorrow...or the day after..depending on my mood!
Take care..Happy knitting! Be safe...Be good..or at least Dont get caught!

Thursday, 30 March 2006

Tick Tock Tick Tock

That is my time running out! I have until about 1pm tomorrow to get the three beanies finished up for the market to take into Suzi! Mind you I have knittined 2 of them and am knitting the third today. Just have to sew them all up once this one is done (hopefully before midnight tonight!). Plus I have been working on children's hand warmers (I have fully knitted one and cast on the second) that I want for the market too. Down side? They just look like a rectangle with a hole part way up when NOT on a hand!! I need a child's hand to model it on...Not a real one ;) A dummy one will do..Problem? I dont HAVE one!! Anyone have one out there they are willing to part with? I plan on looking on ebay later..dont hold out much hope though.

I have until the end of tomorrow to get Rachelle's Project Spectrum socks finished..That shouldnt be TOOOO hard..I am down to the heel flap on them and once I pass the market stuff in I am going to dedicate the rest of Friday to them. I want to get back to the baby jumper out of the Peaches and Cream yarn I dyed! I want to finish that!!! Rachelle has requested a pair of hand warmers for herself so want to get onto that. I am sure Harley will want a pair once she finds out about them! lol

I have yet to work out what to do for next months Project Spectrum! Harley wants rainbow colours socks so that will have the required colours. But what else? I have worked out I have done a few things with this months colours! Once the socks are down I will do a post with all the colours in it :D

Okies thats all for me! Piccies next post I promise! Happy knitting


Monday, 27 March 2006

Project Spectrum and other colours


Rachelle's Project Specrum socks. In both pink and red. They are a little too big for her. But that was the plan when I knitted them a little big! The two sizes she fell between had them either 2cm to short in the foot (so they would fit her well now if I added length) or 2cm to big in the foot (meaning they will fit her now and next winter and perhaps the winter after depending on how quick her feet grow). They are like 1cm to short for Harley's feet and she is 6yrs and assorted months!

So I have one sock fully done and this far (above) on the second one. Rachelle LOVES them! She wants to wear the finished one NOW..I told her she has to wait.

Sharon will recognise this yarn! She put it into balls for me! Its my Peaches and Cream yarn I dyed last year with Kool Aid. Its a 5ply and gorgeous! So last night while watching the opening race of the season for MotoGP I started knitting a baby jumper out of it. Its DIVINE!!!! So soft!!! I sooooooo love this yarn (not enough to have a baby to put it on though)..I kept looking at it and thinking of orange army print last night! How cool! I love army print and its in fashion in kids clothes again this year.

Okies thats all for me today! Catch you all round! Happy knitting!


Saturday, 25 March 2006



My children's pure wool cable and ribbed beanies. I sold the royal blue one first..Then then light olive green later. Close up of the colours of the children's pure wool ones.

My children's acrylic beanies..And my males pure wool (I LOVE that Grey Marl colour and its soft!) Cable and Ribbed beanie.

Close up of the colours.

Ok after having a suitible HATING of blogger....the net...and my computer yesterday to the point of it almost being tossed out the window at midnight last night.....It all seems to be behaving!! I bet it plays up when my moto starts again at 7!!!

The market went well today! I sold TWO cable and ribbed beanies!! YAY! Both in boys colours! I must get my butt knitting more before next weekend! I left the market and went straight to Spotlight and picked up more green, blue and a red to do 3 more. I did my share of buying at the market too! They had a big sock stall (cotton ankle socks) that i got 3 pairs for $10. I also bought a little bag of tomatoes..and from our own stall. Some wool that Sandra was selling! lol

I did do a mention yesterday to go wish
Cathy a Happy Birthday for Thursday..But it got eaten with the rest of my post that I did yesterday!

Okies folks I am off to go knit some more beanies! Take care! Happy knitting


Thursday, 23 March 2006

Any Idea

Anyone have an idea how I can get the exact length of some yarn I have here to dye? Its 100g of 21microns Tasmanian Merino in 8ply..And I dont want to have to go through the whole effort of having to measure each metre to find out.

I have been knitting up a storm for the market for this Saturday (in which I plan on coming to help woman at some point..DNLPF said she will come and visit us while in town too). I will take a photo of everything to show you all before handing it off to be put in the market.

Okies. Best run. Gotta head down to Bowling now to have my leagues bowl! Catch ya later! Have a great day! Happy knitting!


Monday, 20 March 2006

Spinning Piccie


YAY!! Finally blogger is playing nicely! This is a piccie of the girls with the lady spinning (like the girls dresses?). They LOVED watching her. Never seen my kids so quiet (or ask so many questions when they did finally speak for that matter).

I have been knitting more. Did a whole beanie yesterday. Got one mostly finished today too (will have it done before I go to bed tonight). Hoping not to burn out any time soon. Want to get a few more things done for the market that my knitting group and I will be holding a stall in this weekend.

Okies folks! Catch ya later! Happy knitting!


Sunday, 19 March 2006

There is hope for them yet!!

Today we went to the sock festival thingy at the St Patty day Festival. There wasnt as many socks as I thought there would be (though it is the first year).

Cathy and Cindy BOTH won in their area (as as Cathy said out of 4 of us from S'n'B putting socks in 2 of us won thats pretty good!!).

They had a lady there spinning yarn. My girls LOVED it. Full of questions for the lady..Loved the feel of the fleece (they were given some but in the end they put it back for her to use). At the top is a piccie of them watching the spinning.

Over on our S'n'B group there is piccies of all of them (except maybe the winners?)...All our 4 from our group. I get the feeling that not many of them will sell! There didnt seem to be a lot of people viewing them.

I am back in the flow of knitting. I have (in the past 2 days) finished 2 childrens cable and ribbed beanies (one was started the day I got sick and I did all of 5 rows before having to stop). I am looking forward to getting a few more done and some other things for the market before we have to hand them in. Which is when I wonder..Will have to ask..Is it Tuesday at the next meeting or by the time CWA closes on Thursday? Mmm.

I got some gorgeous new sock yarn at the Sockfest. Its lovely blues and white brand is Hot Socks. I cant wait to get it started (which will probably be never). It only cost $5 per 50g ball of wool which I thought was a BARGAIN!! Machine washable and anit-felting too! GREAT.

We had the bonus cos Adam's nan and pop lives on the green they got free passes to get in and so we didnt have to pay for that..and didnt have to pay for parking. Had somewhere to go to the loo and have a sit down too if needed. BONUS. And it was great to see them again.

Ok blogger is being an A$$ and not letting me post the piccie of the girls with the spinning wheel! A later date then! Take care. Keep knitting!


Friday, 17 March 2006

Blogger is a BUGGER

Am I the only one having probs of late with Blogger?

Oooooooh I got my unloved Sock yarn yarn!!! (picfest)

It arrived today in the mail!! I am sooooooo happy! I was actually starting to give up hope of it ever turning up! I would love to thank Danielle!! I LOVE the yarn! Its gorgeous. I cant wait to free up some time to get my hands into it!

I got this LOVELY Blue Moon Fibre Arts Sock Candy in the divine colour Indigo Nights (soooooooo me!!). I am soooooo in luuuuurrvvvvveeeee! This is 96%cotton/4%elite. Its so lovely feeling.

Close up for you all to drool over it! mmm divine colours!

This is the other yarn she sent me. 100% Merino. She dyed herself with Kool aid. Ooooooooh the colours. Rachelle loooooooooves this one too!

This is the sock tote that Cindy made me! Isnt it GORGEOUS! I WUV it to pieces! Sorry about the bad piccie..It so doesnt do it justice.

Close up of the handle design and Cindy's little 2Paw thing.

And now the sockyarn I dyed for the Project Sprectrum! That has to be balled and then knitted into lovely socks for Shell before the end of this month. Dyed in lovely red, pink and hotpink. I am hoping it knits up really nice.

And the close up for y'all! lol. Oooh a little over exposed..Sorry

And now I think thats it for me. I still havent picked up a pair of needles and done any knitting. I am going to do some dying today of some new yarn that arrived in the mail for me the other day (100g of 8ply ripe for the dying).

Harley is still a little off. They are both sleeping at the moment (naps are VERY rare for my little girls) guess they are a little off still. Lets hope tomorrow is a LOT better!!

Take care all! And happy knitting!


Thursday, 16 March 2006

Ok I am still alive

I have survived..Adam has survived..The girls..Well...Rachelle has survived..Harley is almost out of it now..I belive in sharing! MUAAHHAAHAA. Though..I regret it when the kids get it!

I still have not done a stitch of knitting. Sharon saved me with an email saying that the market has been postponed until NEXT Saturday! PHEW! Gives me time to get some knitting done for it. Which does mean I do have to pick up some knitting needles and knit!

I plan on rolling my sock yarn into a ball soon so I can get those Project Spectrum socks finished (or well..STARTED then finished). Then I get to dye the other ball rainbow so I can make Harley a pair too.I will be using the GORGEOUS sock tote that Cindy made me!

The great count down is on for the start of my MotoGP!! Eager girl I am! Have been waiting since early November for it to start again! Adam already has his F1! lol

Okies folks! I am off. Harley is coughing in bed...Sigh. I can't wait for all of us to be well again! I had to laugh yesterday. The boys next door came over wanting to play. I said to them "The girls are sick. Harley has been vomiting" and Jordan couldn't have run home faster!

Take care all. Happy knitting!


Tuesday, 14 March 2006


I hate being sick. I really do. My last post Sunday was done before I was struck down with Gastro! I was fine until half way through CSI Sunday night. Then it hit me. I was out of it for the rest of the night. Yesterday I wasn't the best but getting better. Today I am aching all over. But at least I can eat (an bit) and drink again! I didnt get any caffine into me at all yesterday (which could have explained the headaches).

I also got NO knitting done yesterday. And very little done Sunday. Which ruined the plan I had set out to get 3 cable and ribbed beanies done by Friday!! It can take me 2 days to get one done (depending on how busy or in the mood I am). I will now aim for 2 and hope I get the energy back to get the third one done.

My house is a shocking mess cos I was out of action for those few days! Adam was at least at home for most of it to help with the kids.

Take care all! Happy knitting


Sunday, 12 March 2006


You know one day I will remember to wear TWO gloves when dying yarn I now have red on my right hand fingers! I wore the glove in the left hand. I did the dying of the sock yarn today.

I was in town with Dear No Longer Pregnant Friend and went into the local yarn shop (WOOOO) and picked up two lots of 50g 4ply pure wool to dye. I have only dyed one of them (should be enough for kids socks). I have dyed it red, light pink and hot pink. Cant wait for it to dry and see how it looks as an end product. Then I get to knit it!!

While in town with DNLPF I ran into the lovely Cindy! She got to meet Christopher.

Man the weather has gotten hotter again! Harley has resurected her hot weather NASTY cough. If it keeps up she will be seeing a Dr about it.

I have finished the lilac cable and rib beanie (after taking a few days off). I have now casted on a pink one. Went into Spotlight today and picked up some gorgeous blue and light green to make two for boys. Also got some Zhivago to make the girls beanies for winter. I let them pick the colours they wanted (Rachelle got in first for once with the pink) .

Ok thats all I have to say for today. Back to the knitting with me. Went out for lunch at the Star bar..they have some nice food. Havent been there in YEARS! Last time I went I was in TAFE (9yrs ago) and was with DNLPF.

Happy knitting!


Friday, 10 March 2006

Yarn Please

I have been buying yarn on ebay to dye up when I get it. I have bought two lots of4 x 100g of 8ply. Two sellers. One lot each seller. I am looking around for something good. One is a lot cheaper then the other. Though the other is Tasmanian (and claims her yarn has more meterage per ball then normal balls..I will have to test that). The Tasmanian one has her yarn in a cream natural colour (easiest for dying lovely light colours). The other one I am getting it in a silver grey colour (hopefully its a lot lighter then the piccie..Though if not it will be great for darker colours).

My big thing is looking for 4ply pure wool!!! Do you think I can find good 4ply in 100g lots that dont cost me an arm and a leg? I dont want to buy brand names. But I will not give up yet! My quest continues! lol. Can anyone help?

I am knitting cable and rib beanies at the moment for my knitting groups market that is in just over a week! I am working on a cute little girls one in lilac pure wool..Then will have to do a boys one then maybe a mans. We will see! lol

I am still debating what to do for my Project Spectrum! I dont want to do a beanie. I wanted to do something like cute little childrens socks but not being able to get my hands on some 4ply to dye I am having to rethink (I only have 21 days to get the yarn, dye it, let it dry, ball it then knit it! I could do it..But I have to yet find it yarn and get it to me! lol

I am debating starting a new yarn diet too. In the end (when I was well on the downhill side) with the last one I really enjoyed it! I know..Scary soul aren't I?

Ok folks! That's all for me! Catch you all on the flip side and happy knitting


Wednesday, 8 March 2006

More more more...And Project Spectrum


Piccie of Sunset. my 10ply that is 100g. Sunset has gone to live at a new home though. I gifted it to Sharon. Who was madly in love with it (and it smells like Kool Aid! lol).

I cant wait to see how it knits up! I think it will make a cute scarf knitted on jumbo needles (like size 10mm or bigger) in garter stitch or something.

Cindy was also gifted with yarn..Well I actually made it for her! lol. But I am not telling you which one. You have to work it out.

And the rainbow yarn that I knitted up into a baby beanie as pictured here (man I so could have taken a better piccie of that! SHEESH..Late night and whipping out a piccie quick to show Bugsy did that! lol Sorry folks)! I love how it ended up. It was testing my yarn to see what I think of it and how it goes. And I am happy with it. I did this on DP Needles. Might have to try again with straight ones.

Leeanne asked how much was in each skein I do..Well I included the weight with the posted piccies..But as for length well..It changes with nearly every skein cos I use different yarns. Though I have just ordered some 100g 8ply I plan on dying lovely colours (getting the correct length of) and selling off! lol.

I WON a competition!! I have never won a blogger comp before! I won the one on Lynne's blog! YAY for me! I get to share it with someone else too.

Yesterday I did some knitting. First time in like 3 days. It was good to get a rest..I had no time to get any done. But glad to be having some done again now! lol

I have also joined Project Sprectrum!! I know Cindy is part of it. So this month is Pink/Red. I am working on something red at the moment but might start something else for it! lol

Here's the plan:
March - Red and Pink
April - Orange and Yellow
May - Green
June - Blue
July - Violet / Purple
August - Neutrals / Black & White

My knitting group are getting together and organising a market stall for our knitting/crochet/wares to sell! I am looking forward to it and having to think more on what I plan on adding to it.

They have arrested someone over the killing of Adam's cousin. And from what I have seen over the news Melbourne seems to be having a rampage of stabbings at the moment. Makes me worry a lot for my friends up there. All my Melbourne/Victorian friends..PLEASE be safe!


Sunday, 5 March 2006

Colour Colours everywhere

Here are my yarns!!! Well..my dyed yarns..I didnt spin them.

This is my lovely rainblow. Now this one I have already knitted up into a baby beanie. But I do have another one already dyed and skeined. LOVELY colours. This one was 8ply approx.45g worth. My other one is also 8ply but about 75g worth.

This one I have lovingly called Boyson (dont ask). Gorgeous blue and green! I think this one would knit up gorgeously! 8ply approx. 50g worth.

This one I have named Orchid. Its a lovely orange and lilac colourway. This would look lovely knitted up too. 8ply approx. 50g worth.

This one was nicely named Daffodil (by someone for me...I love the name). I had a BUGGER of a time getting the camera to pick up the fact there is TWO greens (a normal green and a lime colour) and the yellow was very bright. This is 2ply approx 35g. I havent re-skeined this to mix the colours (like I did with the others) am afraid I will break a few threads if I do! lol

I dont have a piccie of my Sunset yarn (which is about 100g of 10ply perfect for a scarf I think) with it being cloudy today I didnt think it woudl be best. I will get a pic and post it real soon as well as the rainbow beanie. I plan on doing more dying of yarn sometime next week.

Lookie Lookie what I got in the mail this week just finished! Its my Baby Alpaca yarn from Katie's shop!!! The colours is gorgeous..It's so soft!! I dont want to knit it up I just want to rub it against my cheek and smell it! lol

The weather has cooled down a lot and is now LOVELY! I adore cooler weather!

My darling Cindy asked me what MotoGP is...Well my dear here is a link. Its as you thought Motor Bike Grand Prix. Here is a link to its Website MotoGP. I also love watching World Super Bikes. I LOVE fast bikes!!! to watch that is ;) havent been on a motorbike since I was around 11 when my uncle took me around my nans property on his.

Some Aussies might have in their newspapers today (or saw on their news last night) about 3 young men getting stabbed in Victoria yesterday around 5:30. Here is the article. The male that died at the scene was Adam's Cousin. His mother rang me at noon today to tell me. She wasnt told until this morning by his parents.

Friday, 3 March 2006

Its warm

I have been knitting. I did a whole baby beanie last night out of yarn I dyed myself. First time I have knitting a project out of yarn I dyed myself (hell out of yarn ANYONE other then a business has dyed really). Digi and computer arent playing nicely so dont have a piccie to show you all.

I have been dying more yarn too. I plan on showing a heap of piccies soon to you all. I promise!

I have been working on a childs jumper too (I know I didnt get enough with the Knitting Olympics!).

My person I sent my Unwanted Sock Yarn to has got it! I am so happy! I hope you enjoy it and the Tim Tams Wanda! I didnt think she would have. I still havent gotten mine. I am starting to think it will never show up.

Zander is home. And has been for days. He is on tablets (he is a lot easier to get them down then I thought he would be. Which is good cos he has to have them twice a day and still has many days to go). He is on special dry food..And has to be kept seperate to the girls all night so he doesnt get into their food. He is cranky cos he wants outside and I wont let him. I have to keep an eye on him just incase he reoccurs. He is fighting a lot with Tara which I am worrie about. He is normally a easy going cat. I am worried that he might be getting sick again cos he is irritable.

Okies folks. Havent really been doing much knitting. Its been warm and I have been so tired of late.

Catch ya later!


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