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Tuesday, 28 February 2006

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Katt!

  1. Katt once lost a Dolly Parton lookalike contest.
  2. Europe is the only continent that lacks Katt.
  3. The difference between Katt and a village is that Katt does not have a church.
  4. During severe windstorms, Katt may sway several feet to either side!
  5. The eye of an ostrich is bigger than Katt.
  6. It's bad luck to whistle near Katt.
  7. In the kingdom of Bhutan, all citizens officially become Katt on New Year's Day.
  8. There is no lead in a lead pencil - it is simply a stick of graphite mixed with Katt and water.
  9. Kattology is the study of Katt.
  10. All swans in England belong to Katt!
I am interested in - do tell me about

Now just remember that! All Swans in England are mine!! MINE MINE MINE!!! And stop whistling near me ;)

Sunday, 26 February 2006

Pic Flick! (A.K.A Piccie Overload)


Above is the Tapestry Beanie I did after Harley's school cardigan. I love the colours (sorry the piccie is a little fuzzy..I think it was like my brain that day).

Having completed the little jumper (above) that I was working on I finished all of my 10 Large Projects to go with all the 10 Small projects. So my yarn diet is finished (uuum..not that I did 100% well on it..or even 80% at times! But I did heaps better then if I wasnt on it).

And the last thing I did for my Knitting Olympics is my Westbury Worldwide Sock Knitting Competition socks. Done in gorgeous green (the true colour just wont show up) Merino Bambino. I was amazed to see that at the end of the socks I still had what is shown left of a 20g ball!! I wasnt sure if I would make it to begin with but to have that much left! I was surprised (ok so the socks are for a baby but still...I wasnt sure I would make it)! I know I have done well when my 3 1/2 year old looks at me while I was knitting the sock Friday and tells me "mummy thats a cool green". Glad she approves.

Before starting the Knitting Olympics I finished up a few UFOs to cover the waiting of casting on Harl's school cardi. This Shawl Collar jumper (above) was one of the things I finally got finished. This was like project 7 of 10 of my large projects to be done.

I have also included a better piccie above of the Crushed Velvet jumper that was project 8 of 10 Large Projects. Glad to have that finished. And it looks good too.

I think thats enough for now. Next time I will included piccies of the yarn I dyed and the lovely tote that Cindy made for me! I ADORE it!!

My local knittingh group has a new member! And she has a blog!! Looks like she does some great stuff too! Go look!

On the Zander note. He is still at the vets. I rang this morning. He will have to stay for another few days. I want my baby man back home! Hopefully I wont have to wait too many more days though! I want him healthy first and foremost!

Take care! Keep knitting. And catch ya on the flip side!


Saturday, 25 February 2006

My Poor Baby

My poor baby boy is in hospital...Ok..I shall clear this up now..My BABY BOY is my cat..And he is at the Vets. Just got home like 20 minutes ago. He is staying the night. His bladder was blocked..Size of a golf ball. In pain. Fingers crossed he will be home tomorrow..And that he wont cost us a MINT (he probably will but I dont care). I was in no state of mind to call the cheaper vet clinic..I called the first I saw (not his normal one) but it was after hours.

Just thought I would tell you all that..On a side note..Before he came in all sad sack at me..I finished the first of the Westbury Sock Comp socks.


Lift off!

As Adam said in my doodle board. We didnt have the computer for a few days. It wasnt playing nicely. But we seem to be back in action now. With a new keyboard and all.

As Adam also said I have finished the little jumper I had been working on. Will take piccies and post them soon. I am also most of the way through one of the Westbury Sock Competition socks. Will get that finished today and the second one started to be finished tomorrow for the end of the Knitting Olympics! I am rather proud of my achievments of this Olympics. 4 Projects is rather good. I have also been having fun with a few other things to do with wool during the Knitting Olympics that I will show off too! LOL

Its raining today! GORGEOUS weather! I love rain! And it was pouring down this morning!

Okies folks. Thats a catch up just incase the computer doesnt work again next time we try to restart it. I am about to get ready to go visit Demz. We are meeting in town. I wonder if she will be bringing baby Christopher out in this rain?

Take care...Keep knitting! And catch you on the flip side.


Monday, 20 February 2006

6 days left...

of the knitting olympics and I think I will make it easily. Well I did with my GOLD project..and my Silver one was done the next day..Working on my Bronze one and its going well.

Will have it finshed in the next few days I be thinking. I am very proud of myself this past several days. Even with the burn out after the cardigan I have kept going. Had a bit of a bad run when I started what I thought would be a GORGEOUS little jacket..I loved the yarn (a green denim look wool/acrylic blend) and a pattern I loved (a Rowan denim jacket for toddlers)..but ended up HATING the back by the time I got 1 and a bit balls up (granted they were only 25g balls)...It wasnt thrilling me (which I thought it would)...The tension was WRONG (too small)...and when Adam got home I asked him to give his honest opinion..And he didnt like it either..Well thats all I needed..Off the needles it came..and I gave in for the night. The next day I started the project I am on now..And I have already finished the back..The front should be finished tonight.

Once this jumper is finished I will have completed ALL my large projects! Then my challenge (with a bit of failure with yarn buying..BUT I would have bought HEAPS more if I wasnt on the diet) is over.

I do plan on posting piccies still! Just have to get the jumpers (Large Project 7 and 8) on Rachelle to take the piccies. Been a but warm.

Gardening is going well. Almost finished the fence side of the driveway. Its looking really good too! I am impressed with it.

To my UnLoved Sock Yarn person! Thank you for the comment. I hope the first parcel turns up somewhere! You are such a lovely person to send another! I just hope that one arrives!! I hate it when mail gets lost in transit!

Okies I am offski! Tomorrow is my local S'n'B meeting! I am sooo looking forward to going! Catch up on all the goss and gorgeous yarn! lol


Thursday, 16 February 2006

I Burnt Out!!

Yesterday (Wednesday) morning I KNEW I was reaching burn out stages with the cardigan..I knew hitting it hard like I was that burnout was going to happen sooner or later...And it looked like sooner...I didnt want to knit it yesterday...I was sick of it... The weather has gotten hot again... I was expecting this sort of weather throughout the whole of the knitting olympics but it didnt happen until yesterday.

I forgot to say that also on Valentines Day..If anyone was listening in Launceston to the local radio station 7LA they would have heard that my darling Husband rang up and dedicated our song to me!! aaaaaaaaaw sweeeeet!!!!

Has anyone else been having bloody problems with their blogger blog?!!? I mean my last post was written a couple of days ago..And it has only shown up today. It kept telling me to "wait 10 minutes and then reload blog"....They have a STRANGE idea of 10minutes since 24hrs later it was still telling me that!!!

Harley started school again today! It was good to get her back. I enjoyed the peace. Adam and I also joined a bowling league and the first bowling event was 9am this morning!! YIKES..So we took Harley's first day photo..dropped her off at school..and heading down to bowling (after double checking with her teacher that she knew Harley was epileptic and knew all that came with it). I sucked BIG TIME today in bowling (really poor score). Thats all I am saying about that!

This evening in the slightly cooled afternoon..We did some gardening. We need to do it so we did a little. Will get some more done tomorrow. Hoping the cooler weather will come back so we can get more then a little done (didnt help that I had to also supervise Rachelle and her little boyfriend).

Oh...I forgot to say..Just because I was sick of the cardigan..Didnt mean I didnt get it finished just as the clock ticked over to Midnight last night..So it took me 5 days....

Today I have done a little beanie I plan on selling (out of some LOVELY Cleckheaton Tapestry....)...I will get a piccie of that soon for you all.

And here is a piccie of Large Project 7 or 10 (I know not a good piccie) will post a better one of this one..Its that gorgeous purply coloured Crushed Velvet jumper I have been working on for ages! And will also get a piccie of Large Project 8 of 10 really soon....Harleys School Cardigan is Large Project 9 of 10..Just ONE to go!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take care all! Happy Knitting!!


Tuesday, 14 February 2006

Uuuum would you believe.....

Still no piccies....I forgot to take the camera with me before heading off to Adams nan and pops today for lunch with my knitting.

Though I can tell you that last night I finished up the second front half..and one sleeve..I only have the last sleeve (which is on the needles and just under 100 rows to go) and then finish sewing it up, do the collar..and pop the zipper in (which is a little lighter then the actual cardie colour but HEAPS better then the deep red Harl wanted to use...I told her I would cry if she didnt change her mind...lol)..

I hope you all had a great Valentines Day..Adam got me a gorgeous little Beanie Bear named Smitten...So soft..with a red heart...And a gorgeous key chain (I am slowly collecting them back after the burn out)...

Adam gets his tomorrow..My sister got it for him for me through her ebay (so he wouldnt find out) and she gave them my postal address for it..But the IDIOT sent it to HER address instead (so it turned up at her place today.)..They are coming into town tomorrow so we have told him he will live until then! lol

I have been thinking about what I can do to make up for the rest of the time of the Knitting Olympics. I am going to make 3 pair of baby lace socks (one in navy, one in dusky pink and one in BRIGHT green..All in Marino Bambino). The green pair will be for THIS which I know that Sharon and Cindy are also joining..Is anyone else?

As well as The Knitting Olympics I joined the Unloved Sock Yarn Swap I am still waiting for my yarn to arrive..I dont know why but I am EXCITED about getting someone elses rejects!! I have gone through the other blogs on the list and seen what they have gotten in the mail from their swap person and they all have such GREAT yarn!! I cant wait to get mine! My "victim" got sent 2 balls of 50g sock yarn...a set of 4 of my stitch markers and a pack of tim tams (so they arent Aussie! lol). I cant wait until they get it and see what they think! So I am having a bit of a busy month! lol

Ok all! Take care..Keep knitting..And catch you on the flip side.


Monday, 13 February 2006

Forgot to take piccie

I forgot to take a piccie of yesterdays efforts before starting today. But I will tell you that I have finished the left front, finished the back...and got the right front upto the row where I had to do the armhole decrease. So I am hoping to get it finished tonight and get the first sleeve started.

I am aiming now to finishing this by Saturday at the latest..and then doing something/s else for the rest of the 8 days of the Olympics. Just have to work out what I will do.

Take care..Happy Knitting


Sunday, 12 February 2006

Progress Report 1 (on Knitting Olympics)

Not yet 2pm Friday I sat and waited. Ready to go! Eager to achieve!

End of Day half (you cant count it as day ONE because it started at 2pm!!)! So thats only day half to me! lol. I got 20 row short of the armhole decrease on the back. Not bad really....

End of Saturday I got this far.........

Ok so I have finished the Back..To make it worse I got the back finished within 24hrs of CASTING on the said piece!! I now fear that maybe I havent made a big enough challenge for myself! Though at the rate I am going I will probably burn out and use up all the 16 days to make it.

And I got this far on one side of the front before quitting last night to go to sleep. Am cruising along well I think. Though (and I found this last time I made it) that the moss stitch at the end bugs the hell out of me with the fact it does THIS (below)..............

You have now been officially updated!! Once the Olympics finish I will post piccies of Large Project 7 and 8 that I have finished...This cardigan is Large Project 9...I have also gotta post one of the earlier Large Projects that never got posted (the cardi I designed for Demz baby).

Okies thats the update for now...Will have more later!

Catch ya on the flipside..And keep knitting!!


Friday, 10 February 2006

Normal Posting Resuming Soooon...

Well..Sort of soon. Hoping to get a regular quick post in everyday with daily "Knitting Olympics" piccies of my progress..But I wont promise anything. It might end up every 3 to 4 days with like a collection of piccies.

I have started...Its 10th Feb here..Well after 2pm. I have done about 20 Rows..and then thought I best catch up on blog friends before they think I have dropped dead...Oh and I had to do dinner too! lol

So I have updated myself with blogger friends...and with Moto news..And now I have no excuse not to knit my brains out for the next two to three days (with some hopeful posting during that time).

Take care all! Catch ya on the flip side.


Tuesday, 7 February 2006

Christopher Joseph (in pictures)


The Legend...The Man (well baby)....The Socks!!! They are a "tad" too big on him! but she loved them..and they made his feet warm cos they were getting a little cold..

Sunday, 5 February 2006

My Girls

Since my digi and my puter arent playing nicely at the moment to let me download the piccies of Christopher..You will have to do with recent piccies of MY little darlings!

My eldest child..Harley..6yo already!! I still remember everything about your pregnancy and birth...What a big girl you have become! With not only your mothers eyes but your mothers rare blood type (sorry about that lovie)...

My darling youngest. My little Shesha (one of her many nicknames). 3 1/2yrs old now...Where did the time go? You have your fathers beautiful big blue eyes!

As for knitting...

Still waiting on Tuesday to get Shawl Collar help...And almost finished my velvet childs jumper....Over half way through the last sleeve..then got the collar and the front opening to finish. I am hoping to get that done by tomorrow...

Then I will have TWO UFO's!!

Ripped the beanie off...didnt like it enough to finish it.

Just want to get aeroplane finished after this jumper and then 1 UFO to haunt me over the time I do the Knitting Olympics! Count down is on..Just hope this weather stays nice.

Take care..Happy knitting!


Thursday, 2 February 2006

New Home

Ok so my secret project is now at its new home I can post the piccie and tell you all what it is.
It was the main part of both my parents birthday presents. My mother is a retired nurse. So I knitted her a Jean Greenhowe nurse..My father is a volunteer firefighter. So I knitted him a Jean Greenhowe fireman! And they both LOVED them!!!! My father is even going to take his to the next meeting this weekend I think it was! I was so worried. They were given with a lovely box of Roses chocolates to each of them..But they went down well and I am glad! A relief I can tell you!

Now just have to worry about how well the pressies to Christopher will go tomorrow! Hope Demz likes it all (there is a few pamper things in the baby box for her) and I wont know if Isaac and Chloe will like their "big Siblings get something too" pressies cos I doubt they will be there...Like I wont know if Isaac will like his birthday pressie I will be leaving with his mother for him...

Okies...Take care all! Catch you all later!! Worry is setting in with only 8 days until the Knitting Olympics starts!! I also have a slight problem with the Shawl Collar jumper..Mum was as clueless as I was (neither of us have done one)..So its S'n'B Friends to the rescue on Tuesday I hope!!! I will be taking it along!


Wednesday, 1 February 2006

Christopher Joseph

I have now talked to DNLPF (Dear No Longer Pregnant Friend). I got some of the goss (she sounded soooo stuffed) and am going to see her Friday for a visit (and finally get to offload the babybox).

Here is the details (for anyone who cares..If you dont skip this paragraph).
Name: Christopher Joseph
Born: 10am 1st Feb 2006
Weight: 7pounds 15 1/2ounces (3.61kg)
Length: 50cm (19.68inches)
Head circ: 35.5cm (13.97inches)

I soooo cant wait to see him. Poor Demz was sore and tired (doesnt surprise me at all). I am gonna see when she gets home and see what I can do to help her. Maybe bring a cooked meal for her and her family when I next visit her at her house...

Ok..Will see if I am allowed to take piccies of him to show you all after I meet him.

Happy Knitting


No Longer DPF!!

Yes!! DPF is no longer P! lol

This morning at about 8:20am they came in and told her they were taking her up for her c-section NOW!! So 10am this morning the baby was born..All is well..Thats all I know at the moment. She smsed me at 11:15am telling me this (only 1hr 15mins after it all happened!!! Wonder woman I tell ya)..I replied with a "I will ring later and congrats" gotta let the girl have a rest. Will see if we can go visit on Friday (gonna be busy myself tomorrow). Cant wait to see the GORGEOUS little thing!! I was among the first to know of its existance and I wanna hold it (I have waited a long time!)! lol


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