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Tuesday, 31 January 2006

Maybe Baby...

Well the baby is closer to being here. DPF sent me an sms this evening saying she was at the hospital cos she has high blood pressure...And if its not down by tomorrow she will be given a c-section.

1st of Feb is a good birthdate..Its my uncles birthday..and the day before my fathers...2 days after my mothers too!

Baby socks I finished the other day. I do love them! Planning on making a few more! These are for DPF...And at top of piccie..A beanie to match..Though I am thinking of ripping it..I dont like how it is working. Seriously thinking about ripping it back and doing a different one for the baby. I swear DPF is keeping her legs crossed as long as she can so I keep adding to the baby box I did for her! lol

I am up to knitting the shawl collar of the jumper I am trying to finish before the Knitting Olympics! So almost got that done. I want to finish the plane I have on needles too..And maybe another of the other 2 jumpers I have on needles! I cant believe that at the moment I only have 3 jumpers, 1 plane and 1 baby beanie on needles! FIVE things isnt much for me. And I have almost finished 1 of them. Considering Ripping back another.

I have been "TRAINING" for the olympics! It was so damn hot Saturday night...Well at 11pm it was actually only 21 Degrees C..BUT the humidity was between 88% and 95% (I kept checking the cable weather channel) And what was I doing? KNITTING!!! Working on the shawl collar jumper with the fan blowing over me..In training for the olympics! lol

The SECRET project is fully done..Fully pictured..and waiting for it to be handed over to its owners so I can post the pictures on here for all to see. Impressive if you ask me! I have done a HEAP of knitting this past week..With burnt shoulders and all..And yes..I have reached the peeling stage!!!

Okies all..Take care..Happy knitting..And catch ya on the flip side


Sunday, 29 January 2006

10 small Projects in Review

You know it dawned on me with ALL this knitting I have been doing my 10 small projects on my yarn diet have been complete (and then some).

So here is a list on them so we can check them all out.

1 Ordered Felted Bag
2 Pink Condom Beanie
3 Little Orange Teddy
4 Multi Blue Ribbed Baby Beanie
5 Green Zest Cable and Rib Beanie
6 Secret Santa Elephant
7 Aeroplane
8 Little Bunny
9 Hedgehog
10 Pair baby socks for DPF baby (they are so small I am worried that it will still be too hot for bub to wear them if they fit it at all!)

Hhmmm I haven't posted a piccie of the socks for the bub..so here they are for you to all gander at! They are made from left over Opal wool that Cindy at S'n'B gave me. I put it to good use! lol Pen in Piccie to give you an idea of how SMALL they are.

I have also got a blue teddy like the orange one (just needs a face) a little doggy toy (just needs its face). The secret projects that I am working on are almost finished (I can get them done today). Another pair of baby socks (I will get piccies on them on ASAP digi and puter not talking again).

I am slowly churning through the large projects too! I cant wait until its all done..Cos guess what..I will probably start again! lol

Saturday, 28 January 2006

I've Been Tagged

It has been a while since I have had one of these but thanks to Sharon I have been tagged with a meme:

Four Jobs You've Had in Your Life: Ahem....Ok..I have had one paid job in my life I had that between high school and going to TAFE..from TAFE I did college for half a year and fell pregnant with Harley..

1. House cleaner with my mother
2. Full Time Mum!!!

Four Movies You've Watched Over and Over:

1. Con Air
2. Pirates of the Caribbean
3. Gothika
4. Faster

Four Places You Have Lived:

1. I have only ever lived in Launceston Tasmania

Four Places You Have Been on Vacation: (Boring old me has never left Aussie shores, and only left Tassie shores ONCE!!):

1. Melbourne (I was only 18mths old though)
2. St Helens (costal Tassie)
3. Scotsdale (Tassie)

Four Websites You Visit Daily:

1. Crash.net
2. MotoGP
4. All my favourite blogs

Four of Your Favorite Foods:

1. Chinese
2. Italian
3. Chocolate (only Cadburys)
4. My mothers stew

Four Places You Would Rather Be Right Now:I actually am very happy right here in Launceston, Tasmania and can't imagine where on earth I would rather be but I would love to visit these places one day in the future:

1. Hawaii USA (always wanted to go there)
2. New Zealand (always wanted to go there)
3. Visit Vicki in Canada
4. Follow MotoGP around for a whole season (so lots of places but not for long! lol)

Four Bloggers You are Tagging:


Friday, 27 January 2006

Oh Tara (or Rubish Collector)


This is Tara in her typical sleeping place. Right up next to the monitor at the computer table.

Though today when Adam took this piccie she had found a lolly wrapper that either Harley or the boy next door dumped yesterday when Jordan was over. It got there while she slept and he took several piccies before I gave the poor thing back her dignity! lol

She has grown. Will get a proper piccie of her on here soon I promise!




Proof of the burning..And this is 24hrs later when its not as bright and Adam said I have already lost the "GLOW" to it!! I never had a "GLOW" when pregnant..But I get a "GLOW" with being burnt! SIGH

Thursday, 26 January 2006

it burns....it burns

How did I celebrate my Australia Day today? We headed up to the local public pool for a few hours (3 actually) so 2hrs in my sunscreen wears off..And bad me doesnt re-apply...I am freaken BURNT all down the arms, face and chest..I have NEVER been sunburnt before that I can remember! And it bloody hurts!

I was going to take a picture (since as Adam said Its a first for him) for record sakes..But Digi has flat batteries.

On the knitting front. I have finished the front and one sleeve of the jumper I have been working on. Just another sleeve and shawl collar to go and its done and can be sold to friends or in the shop Cathy and I sell in.

There is a huge smoke haze over Launceston at the moment.

Okies thats all for me for today. Hope all are well and kicking it back and doing some knitting.


Wednesday, 25 January 2006

Ok so I gave in

The cotton was going to be too much of a pain in the butt. Adding the heat of summer I couldnt be bothered with it all. So the same Cardigan is going to be knitting in the same yarn as her jumper that I plan on working on later when the weather gets cooler. This has a further bonus of at least the cardigan will be WARM in winter..I doubted the cotton would have done much help there.

Last two days I have been working on one of the 4 UFOs I have on the go. I have three jumpers and the secret thing that can not be mentioned yet. I have so been in a mood to work on a jumper (I know crazy really) so I pulled one out that I have had on the go for a bit I enjoyed the mindlessness of it.

DPF is well...Still pregnant. And her charming husband let slip today in front of me what the sex was (I get the feeling he got rather abused after I left for it). So now I have a sex!! She had done so well not telling me. On a bonus though I now can start knitting something apropriate to that sex! lol. I was really hoping it was going to be the other sex..But I dont get a say ;) She isnt far of having it either. She had a contraction or two while I was there today. She is past sick of it ;)

Okies folks! Catch ya later! Take care all and Happy Knitting


Monday, 23 January 2006


What was I thinking? I am starting to think I over estimated myself for the Knitters Olympics! I mean what was I thinking!?!? A cardigan to knit in SUMMER!?!?!? I am hoping that cotton will ease the hardship of it!

I blame the heat of summer that melted my brain and made me think that this heat and mission can be done!

I have worked it out that I have 3 days pre part (and 1 day left over for the sewing, collar and putting in the zipper). Can it be done? I have no doubt. Will I rant, rave, sweat and threaten to kill and bury my family under the walnut tree if they look me at the wrong way? I am pretty sure! Will I like the end product? That I am not sure of.

I did what I almost never do. I did a test swatch...And I dont like how it ended up. I am use to using 8ply with 3mm needled and 8ply (well I hope it is I will be taking a ball to the S'n'B meeting tomorrow) cotton and 4mm needles looks really gappy. The test swatch was a bit of a mess cos the yarn I used had a lot of breaks in it (a small ball that was included in the bag I got) so I want to do another test swatch without the breaks. Harley is very taken to the test swatch and has it in her bed for her little brat dollz.

Rachelle has changed her mind AGAIN for her cardigan. And I am not letting her change it again! We are now going with Zest mid purple and mint green stripes. The balls next to each other look really nice.

DPF still hasnt popped. Though when she was monitored today at the hospital she had 2 contractions. She said she has been having them on and off for a few days. So fingers crossed she doesnt have long. I am going to see her tomorrow morning. The heat is killing her. She told me if she snaps at me not to take it personally (I told her I would and that I will cry too lol).

Okies all. Take care. Stay cool.

Keep knitting...


Saturday, 21 January 2006

I am IN!!!

So I am in the Knitter's Olympics!! And I am not alone! I have friends!!Not only is Vicki part of it. But so is Lynne (who is considering doing a GORGEOUS pair of socks) and Leeanne (Leeanne is doing my baggins bag! You go girl!! If you need help you know where to go!).

Are any other blogs I read/read here part of it? Let me know..We can help each other along.

Smsed DPF today and she told me that her Dr has changed her due date to 24th Jan..Nice of the $h!t isnt it? That would really get on my nerves..Its not like they have to carry the baby in this heat!! Though I suppose the up side is that means she has longer to go naturally before they give her a c-section. Me on the other hand is rather impatient! I wanna give the baby box to her..But cant until there is a baby to give it to ;)

Knitting front. I want to be working on a jumper/cardigan of some sort for a child. But I cant. I have some deadline knitting that I cant talk about on blog for a few more weeks (top secret and all that..Someone who reads here might pass on info that they shouldnt! lol). Rachelle has picked her own cardigan this year for winter. And keeps changing the yarn I have here to use for it. We have gone from deep purple Zest (that I LOVE) to light blue acrylic! I am betting before I cast on she will have changed her mind again (if she does it will be her last change! lol). I would love to start Harleys jumper for school...But more I want to start the Cardigan! lol. Which I cant until Feb 10th. Mind you I plan on doing some "training" with swatches to make sure the cotton and rib works together.

Okies thats all for me for now! Take care. Catch ya all later! And happy knitting.


Friday, 20 January 2006

Still No Baby


Ok the Hedgehog is finished. The baby box I have put together is finished. I have told DPF she can uncross her legs..But it hasnt worked. She was due yesterday. Still no sign of baby. But her eldest child has a viral infection so might not be the best time for bub to come at the moment.

I am very proud of it. The bib was so plain and boring. The suggestion in the book is that you put the babies initial or if its for a 1yo you put a 1..well I dont know the babies initial (its either going to be a H or a C)..So I put a duckie. And of course the girls want one for themselves. I think I will make this the typical Katt pressie for friends who have babies! And I found out Wednesday that the nextdoor neighbour is 6wks pregnant with their third.

I have put myself forward to join Yarn Harlots Knitting Olympics. I have to knit and jumper and a cardigan for Harley for school so might as well make one of them the olympic challenge!! I have taken the Sport cardigan (that took me toooo long, due to doing too many things at once, for DPF eldest). I will have 16 days to get it done in. A challenge? For sure..Since I plan on doing it in cotton and I dont know how well it will work in that! lol.. I notice that Vicki is in it aswell so we can motivate each other..Mind you she is taking on a bigger challenge!!

Refresh your memories on the Rowan's Sport Cardigan I did for Chloe (modelled by the rather young looking Rachelle).

Okies. Catch ya all later! Have a great weekend!


Sunday, 15 January 2006

Something for DPF

Well at least her kids! She has under a week to go! I am hoping she doesnt go too far over for her sakes..She was told that since she had a C-section with the last one that if she goes over too far they will give her another one for this one instead of inducing her! CRAZY if you ask me.

Anyway here is what I have made her two already here kids and something for the yet to be one...I hope she doesnt come here and sees them before bub is born!! lol

This is what I have made her son. A cute blue areoplane..Rachelle wants one in green or blue..Harl wants a pink one.

A pink bunny for her daughter..Girls want one of these too!! lol..This is as tall as the plane is long.

And for the baby. A baby Hedgehog (which is about 25cm tall)..Just gotta do a bib for it and a dummy (pacifier) to put in its mouth. Mind you if there was a known sex the hedgehog would have been an appropriate colour...But they just found the sex last week (with only 2wks left) and have decided not to tell anyone!! How mean to make a knitter wait until its born to do something in the correct colour!?!?! lol

Okies I think I have over piccied you all for todays post! Catch ya all later!!

If you would like to see what SHARON won being my 500th post click on her name and it will take you there.


Thursday, 12 January 2006

Jumper Piccies

Ok so I promise some piccies of knitting. So here is the last jumper I have been working on..Mind you I havent done any since just before Christmas. This is for Rachelle, I am using the base pattern that I made three times before (onces for Harley with a hood and twice for the shop to sell).
Above is a pic of the true colour. Its a beautiful deep plum colour. And yes its crushed velvet (a machine washable one).
Above you can see I put in a lighter plum colour stripe. This wasnt my original plan. I had plans on doing a thin stripe of lighter colour, then a row of hearts (picced below) and then a thin stripe of the lighter colour again (between strip of lighter colour and hearts would be a dark plum colour)..Do you all understand what I mean? I was going to take a piccie of my little chart but thought you might know without help (if you need chart let me know).

As you can see though the heart is so light that (as Adam put it) it just looked like the pile went the other way for a small bit...Alas I discarded the plan..Sigh..It would have looked great! Pity it would only look good in the velvet and not normal wool (and that I only had velvet in those colours).

So there are some piccies for you. Later I will post more piccies of what I have done for DPF (who has only a WEEK until her due date and I am soooo not ready for her to have it..I told her to keep her legs crossed another week but she was mean and said no! lol).

Take care all and catch ya round!


Saturday, 7 January 2006


I now have 500 comments for my blog (thats after the spammers were deleted).

So I now have to get a little pressie together for the 500th person! And the winner is Sharon!!!!! Now my darlink what to get you!! I will think of something (and better do it quick since the next S'n'B meeting is Tuesday).


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