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Sunday, 12 November 2006

Few Piccies and Ramblings

Thought I would drop in with a few mixed piccies for you all...

First a question for you all..When does everyone put up their Chrissie decorations/tree? I am a little less stressed about Chrissie now. Last weed we did a mad amount of shopping with limited money (and a LOT of organising for most of the rest)...there are only a few trouble people (the BIL for one) that I have to work out what to get..

Am I the only one that finds it shocking one early shops are getting Christmas things in to sell!?!? October they started down here!! WHAT is with that!! I mean honestly! November (mid to lat Nov) is soon enough I think! 2months early is just getting eager to a point that needs help! lol Easter is just as bad though isnt it? Or am I just getting old here?

6 weeks and 1 day until Chrissie People!!

Two weeks ago I got new glasses...Or was it more then 2 weeks (help me out knitting gals! I got them the day I saw you guys at the knitting group..was that the last meeting? Or the one before?)? I so cant remember!! And here is a piccie of what my new lovely glasses look like (YES..That is a BIT of me you can see there! lol). I do like them. Though if I look down while wearing them at the tv (or over them) everything is fuzzy.

Last week Rachelle started her pre-kindy preperations for next year. She gets to go to school ALONE for 1hr 15mins once a fortnight. So Friday we packed her up ready and took her to school. She wanted to wear her uniform so he could be JUST like Harley. And she looked SO GORGEOUS!!! My last little baby is growing up so fast!! And yes the summer uniform for girls is PINK!!! Which makes both my girls happy (mind you the cardigan is a home one not a school one).

Its raining today! Which was great fun for the V8's that were on down at Symmons Plains!! Was fun watching it on tv.

Have been slowly working on knitting things. Finished the front and back of a jumper for Kerry. Just got the sleeves and collar to go then I have done 6 baby jumpers for her. I am hoping to get through the last 4 things for her before Chrissie. I want to get it all back to her (the cardigan I am working on now is taking forever cos there is 199sts to it!! Working the front and back all in one) am hoping to have a nice amount of payment from her for Chrissie if needed.

I have also been working on other knitting...That I cant talk about...

Okies folks! Catch ya later! Happy knitting



  • At 10:31 pm, Blogger Bugsy said…

    Whoo hoo - sexy glasses chicky babe.

    Rachelle looks a doll in her big school dress *sigh* she is getting to be so grown up. Where does the time go?

    Sounds like you are getting on top of both your knitting and your chrissy pressies. Wish I could say the same about either things. I have bought one pressie so far, and haven't picked up my knitting for over a week! Talk about slack.

  • At 10:37 pm, Anonymous 2paw said…

    Yes you are getting old!! But we all are!! It was last fortnight and your glasses are very cool. I think it helps with the getting old if you look fuzzy in the mirror!! Kind of air brushing!! Stop mentioning Christmas RIGHT NOW!!!! Rachelle looks so schooly and so cute. Where does the time go?? Happy knitting, see you Tuesday!!!

  • At 7:45 am, Anonymous Nora said…

    Rachelle is such a cutie (wish my school uniform was pink - how cool)!

    BTW: your glasses are very stylish. x

  • At 10:49 am, Blogger Sharon said…

    I put the Christmas tree and decorations up on December 1st, I get really pissed off with the shops putting them up in October!!!

    Now I am going to scare you, I have a similar photo of Janelle in her little school dress which seemed like it was only taken yesterday :(

  • At 11:36 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I put my decorations up the week before Christmas. Traditional in my family.

    I heard Christmas carols in the shops a couple of weeks ago. The worst however is Spotlight. They were unpacking Christmas stuff onto the shelves mid-AUGUST!

    I've done most of my shopping already. We give presents to all the children and then draw a name from a hat. That is for one adult present. Then we have a big family do on Boxing Day as it saves all teh in-law hassles.

    However, tis year it's on January 6th and I just realised I could probably have bought at post Christmas sales.

  • At 12:48 pm, Blogger Shelley said…

    Here from Shazza's blog. Your yarn is simply beautiful! I love the colours, and the name (I love cats so the name caught my eye too) you use for it!

  • At 2:07 pm, Blogger Shoshana said…

    YOu look fab in your new glasses. I'm due for a precription I think.

    Your daughter's lovely in her uniform.

    I can't believe it's summer where you are. I somehow thought we'd all have same weather everywhere.

    I don't do xmas, but I do Hanukkah. I have to think of 8 nights presents for my 5 kids and a nephew and two very close friend's kids. I can't do expensive because I would have to be Bill Gates to afford it every year!

  • At 9:49 pm, Blogger Suzi said…

    I first espied Christmas frippery in September in stores. Normally it's October, but clearly that was too late.

  • At 9:44 pm, Blogger Fifi said…

    Aw, I remember being all excited about starting school!! She looks really sweet.
    I have not even started christmas shopping. Even mentioning it before December freaks me out.
    BTW, I have a random dyeing question - do you know how to make a good bluey purple? Mine always comes out too pink. Grrr!

  • At 5:31 pm, Blogger melissa said…

    I hold of putting up the dec's until the 2nd week of dec ..my 7 yr old would put them up now if he could .
    I have also held out buying stuff . ( saving like crazy !!)I am feeling a little lack lustre regarding Chriams this year .. But mr 5 is excited to be going to be finally going to Kindy next year ..He's counting down until his birthday in Jan then school !


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