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Friday, 18 August 2006

A few assorted piccies to explain my last few days.

Well the last few days has been busy for me.

Found out my next door neighbour has like 4 weeks left of her pregnacy! So have pulled my thumb out and have been working on the baby cardigans for her to pick through. Got the sleeves to go on one of them (the one I am then handing over the the darling
Cathy who is so kind to do the crochet parts for me! She's an angel isnt she?!?).

Tonight I plan on sitting down and getting into some more things for Kerry and maybe if I have the time I might try and get those sleeve finished on the baby cardigan.

Moto has started again after their little summer holiday..THREE weeks I have had to wait for the MOTO boys (4 or 5 weeks for the 250 and 125 boys).

With my tax return this year I thought I would spoil myself. So I did. We went into a Motorcycle store and I got myself a replica of one of my FAVE riders helmets (actually..its not his recent one..its one he had like 2 years ago. But you cant get the recent one unless you get one of his ACTUAL helmets..And to get those he has to give you one or you have to get one in an auction that is done by his team or MotoGP).

I got my very first bowling ball too!! Its in the car which is at Adams work at the moment (which is where Adam is) so cant show it to you. Just know its got purple (hands up who is surprised about that?)!! I got the holes drilled in it today. Then had a bowl with it. LOVE it...And its mine..So I know its had no one elses fingers in it.

Also with the return from tax I thought it was time to move my yarn and fabric from the four HUGE cardboard boxes they were in (and starting to fall apart) into some big plastic tubs. So thats what I have been doing for the last two days! Forgot to take a BEFORE piccie but you can all enjoy the after one.

So...with 5 x 120L tubs, 2 x 90L tubs AND 2 x 30L tubs later..All my yarn and fabric is neatly packed into new homes (though standing taller its a lot neater). I have....
1 x 120L tub of pure wool/blends 8ply (enough in each little pack to do a childs jumper/cardigan)
1 x 120L tub of acrylic 8ply (enough in each little pack to do a childs jumper/cardigan)
1 x 120L tub of acrylic 8ply (in assort amounts to do random things like beanies, gloves, stripes)
2 x 120L tubs of fabric (enough to do clothes or small bits for toys/dolls clothes)
1 x 90L tub of baby wool (both pure and acrylic. as well as 5ply)
1 x 90L tub of assorted pure wool/cotton and all that NOT in 8ply(and if it is its not enough for clothes)
1 x 30L tub of sock wool. This is almost full too!!
1 x 30L tub of assorted mixed bits of yarn. This and that and all

Blogger is being a RIGHT cow..its let me post 2 of the piccies. But I have tried posting the other two SEVERAL times..its said they are done..But they vanish into Blogger land before reaching my post!! I think there is a lot of us out there getting jack of that happening yet Blogger hasnt fixed it.

Ok I will show you the AFTER piccie (and a piccie of Tara..as well as the BACK view of my helmet) another time when blogger ISNT being as @$$!!!!

Catch ya all later! Happy knitting!



  • At 6:06 pm, Anonymous 2paw said…

    Very cool present to yourself!!!! It is a new replica isn't it? Not one that has already been sweated in??? Great organisation - that should free you up to make a bazillion more things!!!!!

  • At 9:30 pm, Blogger Bugsy said…

    omg you need a couple of spare rooms for all those tubs!

    p.s. Can't wait to hear how walking around the house in that helmet goes for you. When Hubbs wears his inside I tell him he looks like a special kid that has to wear a protective helmet in the house hehe.

  • At 9:16 pm, Blogger Suzi said…

    Hmmm, but do you have your own shoes? Or do you have to rent the ones everyone esle wears? That they've put their sweaty, smelly feet with weird fungal growths in?



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