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Sunday, 30 July 2006

Not in the mood

I so havent been in a blogging mood of late. Though I HAVE been in a knitting mood..just havent had the time!!!

In about 2 weeks time this place is going to be SWAMPED with tradesmen!! We are getting the gas heater/hotwater/oven put in. So we are having to do a LOT of extra cleaning...As well as (while we are at it) de-crapping the house.

Add to that the stress of the landlord is doing a complete house and yard inspection (for the first time in like 6 1/2years)!!!

Now those who know me know that we have never gotten along too good with our landlord. He makes a LOT of promises he breaks (the carport that was promised before we moved in and the hose up the side of the house promised before we moved in so we can water the fruit trees for two..and just so you know..that was 6 1/2years ago)....And then there was the fact it took him a YEAR to replace a side fence....and the promise of painting the house throughout made 3 1/2years ago (that never happened)....I so would NOT put it past him to find the pathetic little things to boot us (he is that sort)....finding a new place in our area at a price that wont break us is almost IMPOSSIBLE at the moment....

So you can see why I havent been posting of late..too much to do around the house..and not time for knitting. I have a sore back..at least my wrist has stopped hurting (I was on hands and knees doing the kitchen floor Friday night...we have a mop..just thought I would do it this was so I could dry as I went..and make sure a good job was done).

Weather is wet out..we need a few straight days of dry out to get the garden done!!! I dont know if we are going to get that...

Okies all. Hope you all had a great weekend. Take care. Happy knitting. And if I survive..You will hear from me soon (the inspection is next Saturday am sure you will hear from me before then).. Also had BIL over Friday..enjoyed myself having ago at her...wont bore you with the details unless you want to hear em! lol



  • At 10:29 pm, Anonymous 2paw said…

    Hope you feel better you poor Cinderella!!! Hope your pumpkin turs into a coach!!!!

  • At 10:34 pm, Blogger Karen said…

    Yup, I know that "just can't blog" feeling - I've had it too. :( Wow, you are busy busy busy with all your cleaning. I'll be sending you lots of luck for the inspection by the icky landlord. I hope it all goes well.

  • At 3:30 pm, Blogger Katie said…

    Hope all goes well with the landlord.


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