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Friday, 16 June 2006

News From My High Horse

Well. I went and saw Kerry yesterday. And my fear of being told that I wasnt good enough and she would no longer need my services were put to rest when she told me "there are good knitter and there are great knitters.....I would say looking at these things that you are a GREAT knitter" ooooooooooooooooooooh YEAH!!!!! Head swell...Head swell!!!

Kate asked what size the Cable and Rib jumper was..I did say in the post (but blogger sometimes eats some of my typing)..Its a size 1..I have the pattern for size 1 to 3...

Dandy asked about the pattern..its a Debbie Bliss one I got from a book...I wish it was a free online one I could share out easily..

Oooh you will all laugh at this..The FIRST ball of wool Kerry handed to me to do more knitting for her was ANOTHER BALL OF THAT EVIL SOCK YARN!!!!!!! I have the job of knitting baby socks out of it this time...sigh...

I also have lots of wool to knit up lots of kids jumpers (patterns and colour ways mainly picked by ME!!)...My big problem is she has given me more Debbie Bliss Baby Cashermino (which is a 5ply) and wants me to knit a baby cardigan using a pattern that asks for 3ply!! I may be an "excellent knitter" but I highly doubt I am a miracle worker (also so you dont think I am vain..I dont think I am an excellent knitter either. Average maybe..Excellent no)!!

I am on druuuuugs.....Antibiotics (hoping they start working real soon)...

Ok...its RANT TIME!!! (I know Cathy is looking forward to this!)....

Went down to the BITCH IN LAWS yesterday to stay the night (didnt want to do it to begin with being sick and all)...

Within MINUTES of being there she started being a bitch to Adam laying into him about some crap or another...He looked at me and says "its not too early to go home"..though when I said lets go we didnt leave.

THEN she finds out I am working for Kerry...And she starts in on how I should knit for HER Gallery!!!!! Hands up who remembers the gallery conversation from before it opened? And how she thought MY knitting was only worth her STUPID market unless I did revolting things that she called "classy"!! NOW she wants some of MY things to put a HUGE price on (as she put it)..To which I told her I dont have time anymore to even work on my OWN childrens things let along for her...I was drilled with questions on how I found the job and so on..And nosed her way into looking at the pattens I am knitting this time for Kerry...

That was the end of it for last night..Today we headed up to the Gallery to look around..and WHAT do you think I saw in there!?!?! KNITTING..and not just any knitting..FEATHER scarves..and Worse (this will only make sense to Tassie readers) CRAPPY CHICKENFEED SCARVES (not that I have anything against those...but they sure the hell dont scream classy gallery work to me)!!!!! OMG!!! And this bitch said my Cable and Rib jumpers weren't CLASSY enough for her Gallery!!!! And she had these crappy "Wool Wood" knitting that looked like logs...they arent bad....But they are just glorified TOYS!!

And once again she mentioned how she wanted some of MY knitting...To which (having put up with her being a bitch for long enough) I said "YOU didnt want my knitting BEFORE when I offered it!!" to which she said "I never said that but if I did I am sorry (this is her USUAL excuse when she knows she did wrong but refuses to admit it so she says an empty sorry hoping i buy it..I never have before and I dont plan on starting now) so get off your high horse" She is lucky that at that moment my head decided it wanted me to sit down otherwise I would have laid into her BIG TIME!!!!

Man this woman pisses me off with how selfish she is..And she wonders why we hardly see her and wish she WOULD move to Qld (sorry Qld folks) like she keeps threatening..We are sick of her being a bitch..Treating Adam like shit and trying her high and mighty crap with us. She is one of those middle class bitches that try to pull off a look of upperclass and fails!

And get this!! You S'n'B gals know how sick I am right?! Well today I had to put her washing out on the line for her...And she knew before we got there I was sick (Adam had told her) so she was swanning around all "oooh look at me I am unwell...I am sore..I need attention" the whole time!! Makes me ANGRY!!!!!!!!

Adam and I couldnt leave Scottdale fast enough today. We had enough. Adam said to me as we left "now you see why I took up smoking..She drove me to it" I am amazed he just stopped at smoking!! I would have taken up serious drugs if I had to put up with her all the time.

Believe me there is more in me to rant about this pathetic excuse for a mothe/mother-in-law.. But I think I have subjected you guys to enough! Thanks for listening/reading..Hope I havent scared you all away! Will be back in a day or two with details on what I get to knit for Kerry this time!!!

Happy knitting



  • At 9:05 pm, Anonymous 2paw said…

    Oh Great and Powerful Knitter!!! I know this is all very boogelly and horrible for you, but it just made me laugh - it is like and episode of Fawlty Towers: surely no-one could be THIS BAD?????? But YES!! They are. There is no reasoning with her!!
    Hope you are feeling a tad better with DRUGS!!!!!!!!
    Good luck with the evil sock wool!!!

  • At 9:33 pm, Blogger Fifi said…

    Nooo! Evil sock month is meant to be OVER!! But I can't wait to see your new projects.

    As for certain other people..they say success is the best revenge! You are well on the way with your new job.

    Hope the drugs kick in soon!

  • At 9:57 pm, Blogger Karen said…

    First of all, you most certainly are a GREAT knitter!!! Don't deny yourself the credit you deserve. And I'm so so sorry your MIL is causing you stress. Geez, I've been complaining about my MIL, but she's nothing compared to yours. Here's hoping you don't have to visit again any time soon.

  • At 10:24 pm, Blogger metal and knit said…

    I know what it is like to have oodles of wool selected for garments for another place and dont worry too much about the 5ply as it really is much of a muchness now 3,4,5 ply really are so close it will be ok. I often get 4 ply for garments in 6ply by the main farm i knit for.

    Bitch in law should be outlawed

  • At 11:11 pm, Blogger Cathy said…

    Bitch, bitch, bitch.

    Meooooooooooow. Hiss, hiss.

    I can quite understand why Adam took up smoking too. I would have as well.

    A great, superb, stupendous knitter like you doesn't need a bitch-in-law holding her back.

    Go for it girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • At 11:55 pm, Blogger Dandy said…

    I bow to thee, Oh great and EXCELENT knitter. :~)
    thats so awsome!!!

    to bad about the BIL... I wouldn't go there if I had one like that.

  • At 12:07 am, Blogger Serendipity said…

    I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!

    You are an awesome knitter Katt. I have to say, that evil sock looks real purty to me.

    Bitch in laws...LOL, I spewed juice all over my screen on that one. I'll have to remember that with my inlaws are cranky.

  • At 9:31 am, Blogger Sharon said…

    WOW!! Some well deserved praise there as you are a great knitter.

    As for your MIL, next time send Adam and the girls, that is what I would do. If I had to visit her I would end up smacking her in the mouth :( and I am not a violent person!!

    You stick to your guns about your knitting, you have a knitting job, which doesn't include her gallery.

  • At 11:13 am, Blogger amanda j said…

    MILs - they can certainly be a trial! Don't let her get you down. Be thankful your beautiful work is not being devalued by horrible feather scarves!


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