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Saturday, 29 April 2006

Me Me Meeeeee

I have been meme'd by Karen!

Seven Things To Do Before I Die:

1. use up half my stash
2. learn to speak Italian
3. buy own home (family)
4. knit myself a jumper/cardigan
5. knit Adam a jumper/cardigan
6. knit a shawl
7. see my girls grow up and have children of their own

Seven Things I Cannot Do:
1. a cartwheel
2. swim
3. belly dance (would love to learn one day)
4. be patient
5. have a neat house (no matter how I try the kids follow me making more mess)
6. spend a lot of money on myself
7. stop worrying about EVERYTHING

Seven Things That Attract Me To My Man:
1. his GORGEOUS blue eyes
2. his GORGEOUS blue eyes (they are THAT gorgeous they are worth two)
3. all his gorgeous freckles
4. how cute he is
5. his sexy butt
6. how he makes me feel
7. well . . . EVERYTHING about him!!!

Seven Books I Love:
1. Nigella Lawson cook books..all the ones I have
2. Memoirs of a Geisha
3. Matthew Reilly books (that man can keep me reading until 3am!)
4. A summer to die (its a pre-teen book that made me cry as a teen, my mother cry and is a damn good book for adults too).
5. James Patterson Books
6. Rowan/Debblie Bliss pattern books
7. Patrica Cornwell

Seven Things I Say:
1. sit down and be quiet
2. eat your dinner (this is said SEVERAL times during dinner with my girls)
3. ooh I love this song
4. cool (i seem to say this often to people..it just comes out..I really am listening when I say it!)
5. I love you
6. I can do this with this yarn
7. I really need to finish some of my projects

Seven Movies I've Loved :
1. Pirates of the Caribbean
2. Without a Paddle
3. Hell Boy
4. Cronicles of Riddick
5. Torque
6. The Fast and the Furious 1 & 2
7. Faster (moto docco)

Seven lovely ladies I'm gonna tag: Okay, I never know who to tag for these things. If you don't like doing these (or have done it already and I've forgotten), don't feel obligated. But if you do - here's who I'm tagging: Sharon, Suzi, Cindy, Cathy, Leeanne, Vicki and A.J..


  • At 8:00 pm, Blogger Leeanne said…

    Yeah thanks Katt. You forgot to say that you sleep in ya man undies. tee hee hee

  • At 9:40 pm, Blogger Karen said…

    Thanks for playing along - it was so fun to read all your answers. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who can't do a cartwheel (I always felt like such a dork). Use up half your stash . . .that one made me laugh!!

  • At 12:37 pm, Blogger Sharon said…

    I shall join in the fun, neat answers.

  • At 12:39 pm, Blogger amanda j said…

    Thanks Katt, my first ever tag. I will answer before the end of the day!

  • At 5:51 pm, Blogger Cathy said…

    Thanks for the tag Katt.

    I'll get around to it soon I hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Use up half your stash????????? Ha, ha, ha.


  • At 8:26 pm, Blogger Little Purl said…

    Ha, cool is a very...hm...sayable word!

  • At 9:22 am, Blogger fitknit said…

    Wow, very interesting answers. Did it take you long, or were they your immediate responses??

  • At 1:26 pm, Anonymous 2paw said…

    Thanks my dear!!! I have answered your challenge!!!! You'd be a Frank fan then????? I am!!!

  • At 11:22 pm, Blogger amanda j said…

    Hey Katt, the yarn arrived today thank you so much. I have some ideas in mind, but must finish what I have been doing. Thanks thanks thanks. It is truly lovely and I can't believe it is mine for not much effort!!!


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