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Sunday, 9 April 2006

Just a Thought

Ok as Adam posted..Every option in the comp is having a birthday this month.

a) me (23rd April)
b) my sister (22nd April)
c) DNLPF (26th April)
d) Neice..Ok I know its this week coming not 100% when! lol Bad auntie (alas I have seen her all of a handful of times she lives in Qld).

So if you guessed me cos you KNOW its my birthday this month and wasnt sure about the others then you are free to guess again (if you think they arent for me..not saying they arent..but I am not saying they are! lol) Just make sure you mention in your second guess that you only guessed me cos you thought I was the only birthday in April.

Keep the guessing going! If we reach 25 original guesses then I will toss the second prize in!!



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