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Thursday, 23 March 2006

Any Idea

Anyone have an idea how I can get the exact length of some yarn I have here to dye? Its 100g of 21microns Tasmanian Merino in 8ply..And I dont want to have to go through the whole effort of having to measure each metre to find out.

I have been knitting up a storm for the market for this Saturday (in which I plan on coming to help woman at some point..DNLPF said she will come and visit us while in town too). I will take a photo of everything to show you all before handing it off to be put in the market.

Okies. Best run. Gotta head down to Bowling now to have my leagues bowl! Catch ya later! Have a great day! Happy knitting!



  • At 9:53 am, Anonymous 2paw said…

    Ok, I have a maths solution of algebraic proportions - measure out 10m, and weigh it. Eg 10 m weighs 3 grams.
    Now 100g divided by 3g = 33.3
    So now you multiply 10 by 33.3 and you have 330m of wool.
    So weigh 10m, call it X
    Then 100 divided by X = W
    Then multiply W by 10
    If you want me to do it I can!!
    I bet someone else has a much easier answer!!!!

  • At 2:26 pm, Blogger shell said…

    that's usually my answer for everything. can't wait to see knitty pics!

  • At 9:08 am, Blogger Sharon said…

    Geoff has to help Janelle with here maths homework, need I say more!!

    You have been busy knitting lots of goodies for the market.


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