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Sunday, 26 February 2006

Pic Flick! (A.K.A Piccie Overload)


Above is the Tapestry Beanie I did after Harley's school cardigan. I love the colours (sorry the piccie is a little fuzzy..I think it was like my brain that day).

Having completed the little jumper (above) that I was working on I finished all of my 10 Large Projects to go with all the 10 Small projects. So my yarn diet is finished (uuum..not that I did 100% well on it..or even 80% at times! But I did heaps better then if I wasnt on it).

And the last thing I did for my Knitting Olympics is my Westbury Worldwide Sock Knitting Competition socks. Done in gorgeous green (the true colour just wont show up) Merino Bambino. I was amazed to see that at the end of the socks I still had what is shown left of a 20g ball!! I wasnt sure if I would make it to begin with but to have that much left! I was surprised (ok so the socks are for a baby but still...I wasnt sure I would make it)! I know I have done well when my 3 1/2 year old looks at me while I was knitting the sock Friday and tells me "mummy thats a cool green". Glad she approves.

Before starting the Knitting Olympics I finished up a few UFOs to cover the waiting of casting on Harl's school cardi. This Shawl Collar jumper (above) was one of the things I finally got finished. This was like project 7 of 10 of my large projects to be done.

I have also included a better piccie above of the Crushed Velvet jumper that was project 8 of 10 Large Projects. Glad to have that finished. And it looks good too.

I think thats enough for now. Next time I will included piccies of the yarn I dyed and the lovely tote that Cindy made for me! I ADORE it!!

My local knittingh group has a new member! And she has a blog!! Looks like she does some great stuff too! Go look!

On the Zander note. He is still at the vets. I rang this morning. He will have to stay for another few days. I want my baby man back home! Hopefully I wont have to wait too many more days though! I want him healthy first and foremost!

Take care! Keep knitting. And catch ya on the flip side!



  • At 7:15 pm, Blogger Sharon said…

    Beautiful FO's you have flown through them and your diet. Now the big thing with dieting is that you have to keep it off, in a yarn diet you have to not pile the stash back up again!!!!!he he he who am I kidding here.

    Hope your baby is back home and well again soon.

  • At 10:10 am, Anonymous 2paw said…

    What lovely things you have knitted - especially the socks and yes, I have no idea which category my socks will fit into either!! Maybe I should email them and ask???
    Hope the baby is well on the way to recovery!!!

  • At 1:36 pm, Blogger Leeanne said…

    wow you been a busy girl. I love the tapestry hat. didnt realise how much your girls look alike. definately a cheeky pair.

  • At 11:29 pm, Blogger Suzi said…

    Ah! These males and thier bladder problems. Never cheap after they stay in at teh vet, although I have found it's never been as expensive as I feared.


  • At 1:31 am, Blogger Wool Winder said…

    Great finished projects...I love all pictures! Your girls are adorable.

  • At 10:42 am, Blogger Kate said…

    Wow, you and your hubby's genes sure mix up nicely - your girls are so pretty. I love the Tapestry hat; I thought it was mohair at first because of the blurring! I got the stacks of the same yarn on special at Spotlight - apparently it's going out of production. I'm planning something with it but I've yet to figure out what though! Knitty.com have some lovely ideas.

    Hope Zander's coming along OK. Cats and their kidneys; a constant worry...


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