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Sunday, 29 January 2006

10 small Projects in Review

You know it dawned on me with ALL this knitting I have been doing my 10 small projects on my yarn diet have been complete (and then some).

So here is a list on them so we can check them all out.

1 Ordered Felted Bag
2 Pink Condom Beanie
3 Little Orange Teddy
4 Multi Blue Ribbed Baby Beanie
5 Green Zest Cable and Rib Beanie
6 Secret Santa Elephant
7 Aeroplane
8 Little Bunny
9 Hedgehog
10 Pair baby socks for DPF baby (they are so small I am worried that it will still be too hot for bub to wear them if they fit it at all!)

Hhmmm I haven't posted a piccie of the socks for the bub..so here they are for you to all gander at! They are made from left over Opal wool that Cindy at S'n'B gave me. I put it to good use! lol Pen in Piccie to give you an idea of how SMALL they are.

I have also got a blue teddy like the orange one (just needs a face) a little doggy toy (just needs its face). The secret projects that I am working on are almost finished (I can get them done today). Another pair of baby socks (I will get piccies on them on ASAP digi and puter not talking again).

I am slowly churning through the large projects too! I cant wait until its all done..Cos guess what..I will probably start again! lol


  • At 9:48 pm, Blogger Sharon said…

    Those socks are adorable, I always have left over opal that is a good way of using it up.

    Does that now mean you can buy yarn??

  • At 12:56 pm, Blogger Cathy said…

    Those socks are sooooooooo cute.

    I like the 4 meme.


  • At 9:14 am, Anonymous 2paw said…

    Oooh!! The socks are so cute!! Who would have known they would turn out so well!! I am glad you could use the sock yarn to such good effect!!!


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