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Wednesday, 28 December 2005

Christmas In Tasmania

Ok so I survived Christmas at the INLAWS!!! And have piccies of the kids to prove it (none of me...Nooooo way). All in all it ended up good. I let the EVIL one have her way and let her take the girls to church on Christmas morning (lets hope she doesnt expect to get away with it each visit on weekends).
We all faired well pressies wise. Nothing to complain about.

Harley opening pressies on Christmas day. Spoilt? I think so!! Look at it all around her!! Santa was good to both of them too.
Rachelle opening her Chrissie Pressies on Christmas day. She had a good time. This pressie was from Adam's older sister to Shell.

Adam's nan and pop. Arent they just the cutest?! Both over 80! Happily married for over 60yrs!! I don't remember my pops. Both died when I was little. So seeing cute married couples like this is lovely to me.

Look at the wind moving the tree tops!!

After seeing piccies on other Aussie Blogs about the weather THEY had on Christmas day (everyone else had HOT!!) I thought I would show you the piccies I took of the weather WE had in Tasmania on Christmas day! It was soooooooo windy..and wet..and was cold most the time.

I have been knitting. Will have piccies of that at a later date. I am working on something for DPF who shouldnt have toooooooo long left! I think about 4wks left for her now. Will post piccies of knitting and Tara (who has settled in well. The other cats have now accepted her). Drew (the one we thought we would have the MOST problems with) CLEANED her today! And they leave her kitty litter alone (mind you they eat her food if she leaves it...).

Okies. Take care all. Catch ya on the flip side.


Wednesday, 21 December 2005

Alive and Sweltering

Well I am alive. I thought I best pop in and do a little post to let you all know that I am fine and a few things that have been going on.

I will post later on (maybe after Chrissie) with LOTS and LOTS of pics!!

Saturday we headed down to Adams grandmothers for the night for her big family Chrssie lunch on Sunday. There were a lot of people! It was good though. Harley got totally spoilt with birthday and Chrissie pressies. Rachelle got spoilt with Chrissie ones.

Monday was Harley's 6th birthday. She had a party at Hungry Jacks and there were about 14 kids in total. It was loud....But Harley had a ball and got totally spoilt again. Also Monday my parents turned up and we did the Chrissie pressies exchange cos I highly doubt we will see them again before Chrissie (being as Adam has to work Christmas day and eve).

Tuesday Tara came home. She isnt getting along with the other cats..prefers to hiss at them in a nasty way. Thats ok with Drew..Cos both of them hiss at each other. Zander on the other hand wanted to be friends..He isnt sure if he wants to now.. I think he has put her down as another daft female cat in the house...

The weather is hot. I finally got the LAST Chrissie pressie today (a little thing of play doe to go with Harley's friends other gift).

I still have to plan meeting my best friend to exchange presies with her.

Secret Santa exchange was great with the Launceston S'n'B last Tuesday. Cathy gave me a lovely pair of socks (cant wait for the weather to get cold so I can wear them) and some lovely soap (that I shouldnt have put so close to my nose to smell! lol).

I got a lovely gift in the mail today from Shazzy too! THANK YOU!! I love it! Now what am I going to do with that wool!?!? And I have never seen the Hedgehog Jean Greenhowe before! Will get my giftie in the mail for your granddaughter soon.

Okies..thats it..so much for a SHORT update! lol..Take care all! Andf if I dont catch you on your blogs or on here before have a Safe Christmas!


Tuesday, 13 December 2005

Secret Santa Revealed

Ok. So I was the Secret Santa for Sandra. And being as she popped by this morning to drop off her pressie for who she was the secret santa for I can show you all what I made her.

Sandra put down on her like list that she loves the colour blue and elephants (as well as other things)! So here is a blue elephant for her! This is the project that drove me nuts! It has so many pieces!! There was both the underside pieces, the 4 pads of the feet, plus the gussest for the underside, then both the top sides of the body, the 4 pieces to the ears, the 1 piece to the head and the tail (that wasnt knitted). Thats FOURTEEN pieces to knit!! And then I made the ball. All in all I think it ended up alright. The girls were rather attached to it. Shelly and 'Elly' sat and watched Telly this morning.

So now I am all toyed out! I am working on jumpers for a bit. Dont want to really touch toys (might still. Now I know I dont HAVE to!!).

I didnt do any knitting yesterday or really the day before. And my arm is starting to feel a little better for it. Gonna do some knitting today at the Special knitting meeting at DPF (which is in about 1hr 10mins).

Okies I am off. Take care.


Monday, 12 December 2005

Burning Down the House

And I dont mean the Tom Jones song!! Yesterday Rachelle tried burning down our house. Our stove is just inside our back door. And when we come in we have a habit of just dumping the keys onto it (so we know where to find them). Well Saturday I cooked some biscuits (peppermint choc chip ones which everyone in the house loves). Rachelle decided she wanted some. Unfortunately I had them sitting on the stove on a pot out of the kids reach. Rachelle decided to try to reach them anyway and accidently turned the burner on that had my KEYS on it!! First thing I knew was when the smoke alarm in the kitchen went off the house filled up with smoke and my keys (or more all my keyrings) were on fire!! So after putting the fire out and making Rachelle sit outside (Harley was next door) we waited out the smoke alarm (I am too short to reach it and Adam was at work). My Keyrings are all gone. Melted and a mess. My CAR KEYS (and car central locking remote) is ruined (down side to having plastic on keys). I am hoping Rachelle has learnt a lession but I am doubting it. There is actually a scorch mark on the wall behind the stove proving how close it was. So please people if you DONT have a smoke alarm (or two) in your house GET THEM!!! they do work!

Well I am happy to say I have finished my Secret Santa project! YAY. It will get passed off to its new owner tomorrow. Then I can post the piccies I have of it. Actually I have a lot of piccies to post. I just havent yet.

I have a sore arm. I think too much knitting and too much kneading Shortbread has done damage to it. Minor damage. I can sure feel it though. Its my left arm, on little finger side of arm, between wrist and elbow. Though I did do shortbread for the girls to give to friends. In little cutter shapes. They love them (though Rachelle doesnt like the taste of them cooked).

What I first thought was hay fever seems might be a cold/flu. So cold and flu tablets are being taken to try and get rid of it. Not that I have a cough with it..but I dont remember my sinuses producing that sort of colour with just hay fever (I know TMI).

I have ben knitting a bit of late. Working on the Secrect Santa to get it finished. Plus a few other things (childrens jumpers) I am down to having to do 4 LARGE projects and 2 1/4 SMALL projects before I have finished my yarn diet!!! YAY!!

Okies I will be off now with this looooong post!! Catch ya all later!! Hope you all had a great weekend.


Monday, 5 December 2005

Ear-rings and knitting

Now that I know she has them. I can show you all the ear rings I gave Bugsy for her birthday. I am happy to say she is over the moon with them. So I have done well with little pressies of late! lol I also gave her some stitch markers made just for her (the ear rings were just for her too) and two cute little teddies.

I have been working on some kids jumpers of late since I am not touching toys. SHEESH keep toys away from me. LOL..though I find myself WANTING to do some..I just dont think its wise at the moment ;)

Adam is defrosting the upright freezer at the moment in ready for the Chrisco coming on Wed. I have to get to the cupboards tomorrow. I cant wait to get it.

I am sitting down with my Chrissie pressies tonight and organising them to see what and who I have to get.

Okies all. Catch ya later..


Sunday, 4 December 2005

Cos I was told to...

Came across THIS and it told me to tell my friends..So I am.

Its a MENS online knitting magazine. With patterns for men (if you are female and like to think you can design mens patterns you can send them to this too if you are brave...But as it says "We don't want foofy hats." so we have been told).

I think I like some of the patterns (For Better or WorstedCable Topped Socks) but am VERY unsure about others (Lover's Tank).


I'm freeeeeeee

(Read title in a manical voice)

I have had a few days free of TOY making..I must say I LOVE it!!! I still have a bunny I was working on before to finish up. Plus an little areoplane to finish up that is barely started. But I have been working on a childs JUMPER and I LOVE having more then 15sts an not having to turn every few seconds! Also not having to increase/decrease every other row too.

I did NOTHING extra for the Evil one market. I didnt even give her the things I had done. So I wasnt involved in this one. And wont be in the next one either cos we are heading down to Adams grandmothers that weekend to have the pre-Christmas party down there that is on every year. Its a bit of a shame. As much as it would have gotten on my nerves having to do HER market things too it would have been nice to have made some extra money on sold toys. So I will have to get these done and put into the shop that
Cathy and I sell at. Fingers crossed I might get some sold there.

Harleys birthday invites are out!! We got a phone call today from one of the children saying she will be there. Then Harley talked to her. It was her first little friend phone call! How cute!! My baby is becoming a big girl and talking on the phone...WAIT...I have two girls!! THIS is going to be bad when they become teens!! I remember MY years as a teen.

Anyway folks I will be off! Catch ya all later!


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