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Tuesday, 29 November 2005

Surprises Unveiled!!


I know you all have been waiting for this! So here it is! The surprises I have been working so long and hard on..And I can tell you all they went down GREAT!! I wasnt expecting them to go down so well!

Sharon was the best!! She made my day with her reaction.

I call them the children of the world. I came home with just 2 of them. One is going to the little boy next door. I have to knit another one for Harley (since there is only boys left and Rachelle already has one). Cathy took 2 home. One for herself and I let her pick one for her little miss 3 (since my little miss 3 loves hers).

Adam told me yesterday that the market is THIS coming weekend!!! His mother asked if I had anything done for it!! YIKES!!! Not as much as I wanted I can tell you. I have work to do!!!! All I want to do is rest from knitting.

One of the little kitten babies made it to their new home today. They are almost 7wks old. DPF was told by the pet shop that they wanted them at SIX weeks old!!! I was shocked! Everyone knows you dont take kittens and puppies away until they are 8wks. Little Ash came with me to the S'n'B meeting today to meet his new mummy and he just didnt go back to his cat mummy (which made DPF happy she is sick of them). Tara wont be coming home until after we visit Adams grandmothers so she will be about 9 to 10wks old by then. Its sad to see Ash go. He was my fave!!

Okies folks..I am off now. Take care. Catch you all later (hopefully I will pull myself away from the knitting in a few days).


Monday, 28 November 2005

Surprise DONE!!

And I have finished my surprises!!! YAY!! They will be seen tomorrow at the S'n'B meeting. So I cant show you all now. Will show you after tomorrow.

Saturday we went to a wedding for one of Adam's cousins (on his fathers side).

Today Adam headed down Hobart for the funeral of little Isaac (cousins son on his mothers side). He was picked up at 7am (by his mother and step-dad) for the funeral at 10:30. I dont know when he will be home. I do know it will be today though.

Wow its windy today! I cant get over it. I love it though. Its not a cold wind.

I am now working on things for the market down Hobart. I have just over 2wks (if I have worked it out right) to get things done.


Friday, 25 November 2005


There is only a MONTH until CHRISTMAS!!!!!

Are you afraid yet? I know I am! I am not totally ready yet! I have pressies to get!

Though I cant wait to get my Chrisco! Which isnt that far off.


Wednesday, 23 November 2005

Sad News

Adams mother turned up at our house today (with only a 10 minute phone call warning before hand). Adam said she sounded strange on the phone.

She told us that one of Adams cousins sons had died last night. They have to do an autopsy because they dont know the cause. His parents found him at 5am this morning in his cot. He was only 20mths old. Its so sad when someone so young dies. Its going to be hard for his parents to explain it to his older brothers. One is Rachelles age (so wont understand really) the other is Harleys age so he will understand more.

So it is sad that we have to say goodbye to little Isaac.A little boy we didnt really know. I have a piccie thats over a year old and my blog wont let me put it on. So will have to do without.


Tuesday, 22 November 2005

Nothing Really

Ok so I dont really have anything to blog about but thought I might anyway.

Went and saw DPF today. I think she cant wait for her last 2mths to end. Neither can I really..I want to meet bub!! Though I have to get knitting for it.

Tara is evil. Its official!! She jumped on DPF back the other night and inserted a lot of claws into DPF back. Though dont say that Tara is evil near Rachelle!! She gets a cranky look and goes "Tawa NOT evil!! Tawa my baby!"

Knitting? Yes I have been doing that..Not as much as I shoud be though! Bad me. I was always like that at school. Always left homework until the last minute too! I have 6 days until I HAVE to have my secret project finished. Better get my booty wiggling. Then there is the projects for market..Oooh then the Secret Santa (thats almost finished anyway).

Okies. I best be off! Take care all! Catch ya later..And have a great week


Sunday, 20 November 2005

Hey all!

Well I am getting over my cold...Slowly. I have always hated colds..I am a nose breather...If I can't breath through my nose I DO NOT like it.

Rachelle is fine. Well she is a little raspy still at times. Thank goodness!

Friday was the BIG OPENING of the evil ones Art Gallery. It was PACKED!! You couldnt freaken move..The building was a lot smaller then I thought it woudl be (if it was bigger then it would have been better). We will have to go back down there one day and actually LOOK at the art work. There is some LOVELY stuff (that I saw). I was surprised to see that the evil one only had ONE thing in there of her own (does this express how much she thinks it will flop?). I can recommend it to anyone who likes paintings. There are some lovely ones (well I think so).

As for the beaded jewellery..Thy didnt make it to the opening. I have to say that Adam's sister has done some really nice stuff!! I was considering buying one or two! She had a gorgeous green bracelet that I liked (also had it in a purple and a pink version). They aren't ART GALLERY worthy though I dont think.

Knitting front. I only have 8 days to get the Secret Project finished. Then I have to get a heap of things done for the market (I will have about 2wks max for those..Working on them now though)..Then less then a week to get my Secret Santa project finished. I sooooooooooo want to start something else! Socks...Or a cardigan for DPF baby!! She is now almost exactly 7mths. Not long now for her.

Speaking of the said Market. I have knitted and put together a teddy bear..It just needs a face then its done. I have also knitted a little puppy (that needs sewing, stuffing and a face doing). I want to do more puppies, maybe more bears (they are only little ones. The Little Miss Mummy bears that I did that are posted on here somewhere...to lazy to look for em). Maybe thinking about doing some Baby Born/Cabbage Patch clothes to sell. And maybe some knitted dollies. I want to do a few more things. I want to be able to make some money for Christmas. I think what doesnt sell will end up in the shop that I sell through.

Okies folks!! Catch ya later!


Thursday, 17 November 2005

I still live..Really I do

Hey all!

Rachelle ended up in Hospital Sunday night. She was all croupy (I know its not a word..I am still suffering lack of sleep) again. Adam took her in there. He got in quickly with her. Then just the nurses took her temp and oxygen levels. Then he waited about 2hrs and saw no-one. She was breathing fine by then so he came home without seeing a Dr.

Monday she slept fine..Me on the other hand..Being a worried mother kept waking every 2hrs to make sure she was still fine. She still sounds raspy when she gets worked up.

Tuesday was the local S'n'B meeting. I went and had fun (and amused some)...Then I was off to my best friends place. Left her house after 8pm feeling really cold, achy and with a headache. Got home had a temp and was sick. So I now have a cold...JOY..Its not so bad. Cound be a worse one.

Not many of you know I am a wrestling fan. Have been for 17 years. Monday I heard news that one of my FAVE wrestlers had died. Eddie Guerrero. Age 38. He had a hard life of drugs and drinking. He had been clean for 4 years. But the excess had done the damage. With working out too much it made his heart weak and it just gave out on him in his sleep. He will be missed by many. He was a funny man to watch..and loved by so many wrestlers. Goodbye Eddie. I hope you are pain free and at peace now.

As for the knitting front. I have been working like a demon on the secret work that I can not mention. I have also almost finished my Secret Santa project. The evil MIL came over yesterday and I told her due to Rachelle being sick then myself being sick I have done ONE thing for her stall (and thats just the knitting..not the sewing and the stuffing). And I was surprised that she seemed understanding and said it would be better if I waited until one in Dec! So I guess cos she has been so nice about it I will keep doing some things for it (the money from it would be good for Chrissie).

Okies folks. With that I will be off (this has taken me a bit to type. Fingers have mind of their own..pressing wrong buttons..Be glad I am correcting!)


Sunday, 13 November 2005

Sleep...I dont need no STINKING Sleep!!!

Obviously as far as Rachelle is concerned anyway.

I have had barely any sleep since Friday night. Rachelle woke with a croup attack at about 1:30am Friday. So we have to fully wake her do drug her up. Then she ended up in our bed, talking and playing...We got her back to her bed (for the THIRD time) at about 3:30am where she stayed until morn (I got off to sleep at about 4am). Then the BUGGERS of road workers started working at about 8am (or thats when they were outside my house waking me up)!! Dont they know it was the freaken weeekend!?!?

Last night Rachelle decided to take turn 2 on the Croup front. This one was worse. So we had to wake her fully up again at about 1:30am (again) to give her the medication. Though she was still tired so laid in the bed awake but with her eyes closed. She sounded AWFUL!! I considered sending her with Adam to the hospital several times. In the end Adam went and slept in her bed while I had her with me in ours. She continued to sound raspy all night.

She still sounds awful. Just gave her her medication again now. Hoping NOT to have another attack tonight...If she does she is going to hospital for sure (where they will want to keep her all night causing Harley to be late to school tomorrow).

On the knitting front. I am still working along on the secret project. Getting there. Have to work harder! Want to get it finished!! Want to start something else too though.

Almost finished my Secret Santa project too!! YAY! Cant wait to get that done.

The EVIL one was rung Thursday and informed that I had nothing done for yesterdays market..For her to inform Adam that it was NEXT WEEKEND!! Bugger it I was sure she said it was this one!? I highly doubt I will get anything done still since I havent started anything! Though I dont think we will get out of going to stay next weekend anyway (she has wanted us to stay the past TWO weekends in a row and we havent..With Adam having to work). Nex Friday it is the official opening of the Art Gallery. She wants ADAM to do her bar work (for NOTHING of course).

On a final note..Another of our goldfish have died..And looks like one of the little ones is on the way out too. I am starting to think there is something wrong in the tank..That will have us down to 2 goldfish and 1 catfish.

Okies. Hope you all had a better weekend then I have. Take care!


Friday, 11 November 2005

The ANTI craft!!

I came across a link to this site tonight. I have to say this is one place that I will be keeping my eyes on for sure!! Looks very interesting! And a great place for alternative knitting patterns! I have included a link at the side too so I remember.

I especially love THIS pattern (I just love the snowflake to skull look). And THIS one too for Adam perhaps? Maybe without the cursing part lol.


Tuesday, 8 November 2005

More Like It

This is more the weather I was talking about. Not hot..not cold. LOVELY. And rain to boot to make a girl happy.

Harley lost another tooth. Thats two for her now (both bottom middle). This one was a right pain compaired to the last. She wouldnt leave it alone and wiggled it out sooner then it probably wanted to..So it hurt a bit.

Oooh I cant remember if my fellow S'n'B members noticed but I best tell my readers. I am now GREEN FREE...Yes the extra colour on my hair has gone. It happened 3 weeks ago. Was at DPFs place. Complaining about how its gone a nasty colour and how I was generally sick of it (those who have bleached their hair knows what it can get like). I told DPF that I was tempted to hack it off myself or get Adam to do it. So she offered to do it there and then. So we did it. Man that girl has some WICKED sharp scissors! Glad its gone too. I couldnt get over how much I lost though when it happened! My head felt so much lighter.

Planning on a lot of serious knitting tonight will have to find something good to watch on tv.

Today I went and saw DOOM. I was expecting something terrible. I suppose I should thank Suzi for me not having high expectations for it. Means in the end I thought it was good. And not only did I have The Rock to perve on..But I had Karl Urban too!!! Mmmmmm Karl Urban. I didnt like all the quick camera movements they had though. Especially on an empty stomach.

Ooooh Cindy! Guess what Adam saw on his way out of the movies! A sign saying Serenity was coming to LAUNCESTON!! Next Thursday. So we are going to watch it.

Been knitting like a devil still on the secret project. I also got to get my butt into gear and get my Secret Santa project finished too for the local S'n'B. I have also made another set of stitch markers. Purple ones I named Purple Haze (will get a piccie of them soon up). Also made the girls a bracelet each. And Harley some little things to put into her sleeper ear-rings to make them dangle. She is a happy little girl.

Take care all! Catch ya later


Monday, 7 November 2005

Ooooh thats nice

Is the Oct 2005 of MAGKNITS new? Or am I just really slow? lol

I have to say I really like the Durrow pattern. It might just be the males pattern I have been after to make for Adam.

I also like the pattern Holly. Nice. I really have to make myself a jumper one day. Probably not for ages. I want to make my mother one first (as a thank you for all the years of jumpers she made for myself and the rest of my family).

Okies just thought I would drop in and post about it. LOL. Nothing exciting has been going on here. Same old same old really. Tomorrow will be day 4 with Harley home (Friday was a student free day and Monday a public holiday). Man I am not really looking forward to summer holidays.


Saturday, 5 November 2005

Growing Young

I just love the cutest things that come out of little children.

Tonight Harley and Rachelle saw one of those horrid ads..You know the ones.."Buy our rubbish and you will look younger" what a load of bull..

Anyway this ad got my girls talking. Harley was aslking about growing old and all that... I said "Everyone grows old sweetie" Rachelle turned to me and said "I not going to grow old" so I asked her what she planned on doing she replied "Grow YOUNG!"

Aaaaaah if only it was that easy! lol I swear 3yos come up with the cutest things!!! Harley did at that age too.


Is it warm in here?

Man the weather has been warm of late. Have I said recently that I hate summer/warm weather?!?! I am a cold weather girl..Though I TOTALLY loved the storm we had the other night. Laying in bed with the curtains and window open listening and watching the rain, thunder and lightening was wild! Until it rained on Adam and he closed the bedroom window.

Have been knitting. Just nothing that I can show you guys yet! lol None is finished for one. And its a secret for another.

Am seriously considering telling MIL to shove it for next weekend. I have NOTHING done for her market. And I have no time to get anything done in that time. And to add to the stupidness of it all..Next weekend is the SCOTSDALE SHOW weekend!!! No-one is going to want to buy anything at a new market when they can go on rides and get showbags!! So will wait until closer and tell her no..and then wait for the tantrum fall out.

Catch ya all later


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