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Monday, 31 October 2005

What to do!!

I got a phone call from the MIL yesterday. She says to me "what have you got made for the market on the 12th?" I said NOTHING! I didnt even know she was doing the first freaken market on the 12th! This is the way she is. She expects EVERYONE to be able to read her mind!

A PERFECT example...Christmas 2003. She came over to our place a few weeks before Chrissie. Says to me "what are your plans for Christmas day?" I said nothing. Havent got anything planned. She went "Oh...Ok" and left it at that. Then a few days later we get an abusive phone call from her second husband. Telling us we were selfish and inconsiderate..BLAH BLAH BLAH and all that other crap. So it turns out I was SUPPOSE to be able to read the EVIL ones mind and instantly know she wanted to have a BBQ up at Punchbowl with her and her husband...She had NEVER mentioned the BBQ thing at ALL leading up to her tantie..But she bloody went on about it for weeks after Christmas! We didnt have a BBQ with her. She threw a total tantie about it and didnt see us. Last year she went up to Qld and spent Chrissie with Adams sister and her little family. THIS year..she has mentioned that she wants to have a BBQ with us..

Anyway now I have until Nov 12th to get a few things together for this bloody market. I am going to knit some toys. I will be sharing my stall with the EVIL one (which is good cos I cant get a heap of stuff to have one of my own by then). But she has already said she is going to make ME run it (I am betting this is so she can swan around looking important with MY girls). I had my weeks up until Chrissie all planned with knitting but now have to damn well change it! I would say stuff it but the extra money would be very nice.

Okies folks had my mini rant! Catch ya later!


Saturday, 29 October 2005

Large Project #5 and Stitch'n'Stuff

Well I have finished large project number 5!! Yay!!! I am half way through my yarn diet! Its all downhill from here (and thats a good thing). You gotta love 12ply yarn and 5mm needles! I made Harley this jumper for next winter (you can see Zanders tail in the piccie..he wanted to get involved). I soooooooo love the colours! I wasnt 100% sure but I picked thinking they would look good..THen as knitting..It wasnt going so well. But in the end..LOVE IT. It took me all of..ooooooh..THREE days! I could have had it done in 2 but I got online and chatted to a friend or two who I havent chatted to for awhile.

Ok now for the stitch markers (two I made today. The other I made a few days ago..the day I started Harleys jumper).

I have called these above ones Aussie Aussie. For simple reasons..Aussie colours.

This one above I have named Go Girl cos its sooooooooo girlie!! All pink and butterflies.

And the last set. I named Little Blue (These are a little smaller then the rest but are still lovely).

Now having to decide what to do with these. Thinking about giving a set each to some net friends with upcoming birthdays before the end of the year..Also thinking about giving a set to a net friend who is sending me Kool Aid from America. Then I am also thinking about having another competition sometime soon and offering some stitch markers (as well as other things) as a prize.

Okies thats my post for the day. Hope you are all having a great weekend! Catch you all on the flip side!


Friday, 28 October 2005

Here Kitty Kitty

Thought I would show you all the little lovies..Bugsy you saw them yesterday on msn but everyone else can now. So here is Misha and the little darlings!

I got an sms from DPF today who now thinks the little black and white soul is also a girlie, but she isnt sure. They are so cute still! They are now 2 weeks old.

This is Walrus as DPF calls her. Isnt she cute? Such a friendly little face.

Little mister tabby! This is my fave one. He is so adoreable and friendly and sweet...

And the one we are taking home. Princess Wiggle Worm (A.K.A Tara). Notice the one that Rachelle is picking is the ONLY one not sitting still long enough from a front on piccie!?!?

Have been knitting again. WIll have something finished tonight I am sure to post a piccie of over the weekend!

Until then have a great day/evening! Catch ya all later


Monday, 24 October 2005

Large Project 4 and Small Project 5

So I thought I would get my butt into gear and actually show you some piccies of my Zest Jumper and Beanie I have made in mint green. I do love them both. Plan on selling them (since they wont fit either of my girls).

Jumper by itself. I so love the feel of this Zest Acrylic! I am so glad I have more in this colour, as well as some in a lovely purple and a deep blue. Will be making more with it for sure.

Jumper with matching cable and rib beanie. Now you have all seen my cable and rib beanies before (If you are an old time regular reader of my blog, if you are there are some back in my archives), so I wont do a close up of that. I think the set looks great. Plan on selling them seperately though (just in case someone doesnt want the beanie). This is size 2! Though I would say more 18mths to maybe the kid turns 3 (if they are short).

Went to DPF place today (DPF herself has only 12weeks to go before her little mite is due!) and saw her DMC (Dear Mummy Cat) with the babies. They are soooo cute!! I took piccies so will post those soon. They are a little fuzzy..the little beggers didnt want their piccies taken (they arent even 2 weeks yet). Rachelle has picked hers. She wants the black one (and only girl) which is a pity cos I liked the Tabby (the one that was black with white stripes..but when it dried it was tabby)..its quiet and friendly.

Okies all! Catch ya later!


Sunday, 23 October 2005

Happy Birthday Dear Friend

Today I would love to wish a huge Happy Birthday to my best friend Suzi..I have known Suzi since grade 8 (many many moons ago...lets just say 1992!!).

So dear friend happy birthday! And I will be seeing you this week coming with your pressie!


Friday, 21 October 2005

Been knitting

I finished the back of a jumper today that I started yonks ago..Thought I best get back to it and finish it! Its a Patons Pattern. Childs Shawl Collar jumper. I am doing it in a denim colour. In size 4. But the size 4 is so long!! So I will be selling it as a size 4-5 I be thinking (depends on if it fits Harley..Good gauge since she is almost 6).

Today Harley had to go have a blood test done. Poor mite. Glad Adam took her not me. I hate seeing her screaming and that. Adam said she was bloody strong. Took a few of them to hold her (thats my girl). Lets hope the levels of her medication is good. Mind you she has had a seizure (well...we think it was one) back months ago). Her Dr wants to see her go a year without having a seizure! Really? Cos you know as her parents we were hoping otherwise! WHAT AN IDIOT!!! Its the same Dr Adam saw when he was a kid for his epilepsy. Goes to show that man has been around for years! Its been over 15yrs since Adam had seizures I think. He was a kid anyway when he had them.

I re-wrote my list of Big and Small projects I have to do before I can buy more yarn (I know I have bought a few balls here and there..but I mean a HUGE order..ya know...from my fave online shop! lol). I have done 4 big projects and 5 small ones! So I am half way on the small. And have 6 left on the big! YAY! This jumper I am doing will be half way when I finished!

Lovely and wet today! I love days like this. Mind you Adam headed off to work 30 mins ago so I dont have the whole family home...Close enough though.

Catch ya all later!


Wednesday, 19 October 2005

Finished another!!

Yesterday while at the S'nB meeting I finished up the little mint green Zest Cable and Ribbed jumper. I only had the collar to go so it wasnt much but I am so happy to have it done! I am going to have to take a piccie of that with its matching mint green Zest cable and ribbed beanie and post it for you all. I am slowly churning through the large projects before I can buy more yarn. And I really want to buy more! My online yarn shop has some LOVELY new wool on it I want to get! Sharon went there the other week and got some (alas I think she bought the last of the Airforce Blue 10ply before I got any)...

Yesterday I also showed Cindy and Suzi how to make Stitch Markers. I hope I showed them both well ;) lol. Its good to teach a new craft to friends.

The Knitty surprise patterns are out too if you havent looked. Some interesting ones I can tell you.

Okies folks thats all for me for now. Its a warm one today and I have things I need to do (when its cooler tonight I am gonna get some knitting done I have another jumper that has been on the needles for awhile that I am almost finished the back to so I want to get that finished real soon.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!! There is exactly 2mths until Harley turns 6!!!!

Take care all! Catch ya later


Monday, 17 October 2005

Stitch Markers and stuff

Apart from knitting I have been doing other things! lol. Before the last S'n'B meeting I made Cindy some of these...They were the first stitch markers I ever made. And it was sad to see them go because I really did love them a lot.
I also made a friend some for her secret pal...But forgot to take a piccie of them (note to friend...please take a piccie and email it to me so I can post it on my bloggie? Ta muchly).

And today I made these. I love them. They are so different. Metal mixed with wood. I am strongly considering keeping these ones! They will be the third I have made so might as well I havent kept any of the others.

As for knitting. I have been cruising along with my Secret Santa pressie for the S'n'B. I think I have almost gotten myself in over my head! Its a mammoth project! lol

As for the little green cable and ribbed jumper...I have only a sleeve left to go (and sew it together and do the collar). I didnt think I would get it done but with MotoGP on here over the weekend I got a lot of knitting of the Secret Santa project and the jumper over Saturday and Sunday! Alas Casey Stoner fell off the bike on lap 4 while in Australia ON his 20th birthday...Sigh..And totally lost the championship!! Sob Sob! I will live! lol

Okies all...Take care. Catch ya later!


Friday, 14 October 2005

Not much

I picked up Simply Knitting yesterday. It has some ok patterns in it. I love the baby one (which I know most of you will HATE cos it has fluffy yarn on it). I am really hoping my DPF has a girl cos I know she would love one of them ;)

I was told that the latest Creative Knitting will be out next Tuesday (the lovely lady looked on the computer). So in time for my next local S'n'B meeting!

Speaking of DPF (Dear Pregnant Friend) she had a DPC (Dear Pregnant Cat)...Who yesterday popped out Three little kittens (last I heard..dunno if she had more). So I am helping her find owners for them. If you live in Tassie and want a kitten. I am taking one. I think my best friends little sister is taking another so that leaves one poor lonely one.

I have been knitting a bit. Here and there. I am hoping to get the little green cable and rib jumper that I have been working finished before the next S'n'B meeting so I can work on something else while there (and so I can show them all).

I have to say thank you to everyone that commented on my stash. I have had a good laugh at some of them. And I have to say...

My Name is Katt and I am a Yarnaholic. It has been 24hrs since my last purchase (I got some yarn to do a project when I finished this one I am doing. I got one ball cos I have one ball already so I didnt break it I just got more to finished an unstarted project cos I knew I didnt have enough! lol).

As a friend of mine says the one who dies with the biggest stash wins...So am I in the lead yet? lol

Okies folks! Talk to you later!!


Wednesday, 12 October 2005

Will they? Won't they?

I have some piccies I got off my mobile from the Show. But will they work? Wont promise they will be good quailty though! lol
Pic #1. Harley riding a pony at the show. This was the second last "ride" they went on (and only alive one!). The guy just tossed Harley on the Pony, wrapped the reigns around the saddle and sent her on her way with no help. She LOVED it!! It was a gorgeous pony too!

Pic #2. Rachelle riding on a pony at the show. After Harley had a turn Rachelle HAD to aswell. I didnt think she would like it (Harley has just gotten into that HORSE stage)...But she seemed to like it. A girl was leading Rachelle's Horse around in a circle.

Pic #3. Last ride had by anyone. And it was Adam. My younger sister had a rather colourful name for this ride! lol..There is NO WAY IN HELL you would get me on that ride! Far out it looked nasty. And they held up upside down for a bit when they got you there.

Pic #4. Last thing sat on before we left the show was this police bike. Couldnt NOT getRachelle off it for love nor money (girl after my own heart)! Good thing no one was waiting. Had a great talk to all the police women who were there that showed no sign of knowing a thing about the gorgeous bike ;)

In all the girls went on 5 rides. There was a little floating boat thing, A plane ride that went up and down, a kids roller coaster (and I dread to say I had the HAPPIEST kid on the thing...I fear for my 3yo future when it comes to roller coasters!! lol), a little kiddie cup and saucer thing that spun around and the ponies.

They got a big show bag each and a couple of little choc ones to share. Also had a go on those clown faces with the balls (Rachelle had two cos she was that addicted to them).

They got BEYOND spoilt and I am glad the Launceston Show only comes once a year! lol

FO object at another day cos I havent taken a piccie of it yet.

Take care all!


Sunday, 9 October 2005

Still around

Havent posted for awhile. I am still alive. I have a few piccies to post too at some time.

Went to the Launceston Show Thursday. Ran into Cathy there. The girls had a ball. First show for Rachelle..and first one Harley will remember.

Okies. Just a quick post. Will be back during the week with piccies. And a FO

Take care all.


Tuesday, 4 October 2005

Back from Hell

And I lived....Barely believe me. It sucked and thats the nicest thing I can say about it.

Before heading down to the She Devils I went through my yarn stash and seperated some to get rid of (Be it to friends, Sale or Op shop gifties).

Below is the pile of what I am keeping. Its all laid out on our new rug in the lounge room. Its a HUGE rug too! I got one single layer..then a lot laying on top. Man I didnt know I had that much yarn. And it all fits so neatly now in two big tv boxes.. It use to overflow a little! lol

Below is the two garbage bags FULL that I am getting rid of.

And with that thought..Goodbye! lol...Catch ya all later.



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