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Wednesday, 28 September 2005

Venturing to Hell and Back...

Will I survive? Not bloody likely...

This Saturday I have to head down to the SHE DEVILS with the girls..Minus DH....She is having her 50th birthday party Sunday and wanted the girls to stay Saturday..So since I was hedging a little she said I could come too..Alas DH has to WORK Sunday morning (and even though I have requested that he tries to change shifts with someone) he isnt exactly TRYING hard...Why? Cos like me he DOESNT like his mother...

So I am going to have to put up with 24hrs of she SHE DEVIL..and my girls..and The She devils husband over Saturday and Sunday....Now it wouldnt be so bad if say..SHE wasnt there...or that I would be able to tell my girls OFF when they do something wrong...

I can see an early night will be called for that night (like 8:30 when the girls go to bed)...A lot of reading in bed...Maybe some knitting too.... To make it worse the bed is HORRIDLY soft...and makes loud noises when you roll over...

So if you havent heard from me again between say now and two weeks time you know I didnt survive! lol..Will try to post again before I have to head down.


Monday, 26 September 2005

Peaches and Cream anyone?

Close up of the peaches and cream look. I cant get the full view piccie of it to post. I dont know why this happens with my computer and blogger..they just dont play nice at times. I will get a full view piccie posted if anyone is interested though.

This is 5ply pure wool I picked up off ebay. I think it was homespun. It was all cream when I got it. A Kool Aid dye later and Voila! I like it. Though I am not sure what to do with it. I am thinking mittens to sell. But there is a little over 200g (as far as my scales say). I am also considering selling it.

I sat down yesterday and went through my other cream wool/cotton to see what I had that I could dye. I have a bit. I am gonna have to get my butt into gear and dye them. I will have to buy more food colour (I DID buy some but do you think I could FIND it!?!) and maybe get some more Kool Aid. I only have one of each of the Kool Aids that Dandy got me left.

Anyway folks..That all for me for now! Except to say YAY to Casey Stoner who won the 250CC motoGP yesterday!! Goooooo Aussie...

Take care!


Saturday, 24 September 2005

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to Sharon for today! Hope she has a great day!

On a side note..Am I naughty for having 5 projects on the go? I now have 3 jumpers and 2 beanies..Sigh..I really should get some finished. But I am not really in a knitting mood..

Doesnt help that Adam got me the latest expansion pack for SIMS2 and I have been having fun with that (still have to turn a Sim into a Vampire though).

I have to get my butt into gear and get these 5 things finished. I know when the hot weather comes in I am not going to be in the mood to knit big things. Hell I will be lucky if I want to be knitting socks!

Okies. Take care all. Catch ya all later


Wednesday, 21 September 2005

Things for Others


Michelle wanted to see a piccie of the baby blankets I did a year ago. Above is a piccie of the little girls one I put in. They are now sitting in my cupboard. lol

Cindy and I were talking yesterday at the local S'n'B meeting about the place where I get my pure wool very cheap (though you dont get a TOTAL choice of colours and that cos its a seconds place)..They do sell actual brand things and that. But at normal prices (unless they are on sale). Here is the link for Cindy. Hope you find something you like Cindy, remember you can also email the lady and ask. She is very friendly and helpful, though her husband tells her off for being too chatty! lol. Under SALES at the top they have brands you can look though. And it has Tapestry with the green in there, mind you its $4.45 per 50g ball. I dont think they have any in seconds anymore.

Leeanne wanted a close up of the white shawl in the felted things. Unfortunately I dont have one. I should have taken up but I forgot! DAMN!! When I am next down at the evil MIL I will have to try and remember to get one to show off.

Since my computer wants playing nicely with my blog and with the internet this post was from several days ago! lol


Monday, 19 September 2005

I have been Meme'd again!!

The Darling Sharon has tagged me. So here I go.

1. Go into your archive.
2. Find your 23rd post (or closest to).
3. Find the fifth sentence (or closest to).
4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.
5. Tag five people to do the same.

'"Currently I am suppose to be working on a baby blanket for the shop. I plan on making two."

That was boring wasnt it now boys and girls! lol. It was about feather wool blankets I made...That the shits at the shop ended up giving back to me anyway after I was up until an ungodly hour getting them both finished! I just might have to give one to my DPF when I find out what she has! lol

Now the five people I have chosen to tag with this meme are:
I just noticed all the people I have tagged have the same sound at the end of their name the "eee" sound! lol Is that scary/strange or what.
If they want to that is.

Sunday, 18 September 2005

Walking in a Felting Wonderland

Ok here are some of those promised piccies.

Down Scottsdale where the evil MIL lives she works in a place called "the Giant Pinecone" that has something to do with forestry or something...I honestly dont know or really care.

On the day we went home she had to leave us to go into work (such a shame) and told us to stop in there on the way out of town. So we did. And I have to say I was surprised to find anything in there worth seeing. Below are some piccies of things that were for sale in there.

I thought this hat was gorgeous (and no its not felted). The price tag on it was $40..It has glittery stuff in there too. And ostrich novilty yarn near the bottom. I really liked it. I THINK it was crocheted.

This I found absolutley gorgeous! I am worried that so did the evil MIL though. Its felted..But a different way then what I do (it is NOT done in the knitting and felting afterwards way)...I know Suzi went on a camp thing last year and learnt how to do this sort of felting. Maybe she will comment and shed light on what sort it is. I think from memory the black dress under it might have been done the same way too...I was blown away to see that the white shawl was $190!!!!!!

Now I dont find this hat appealing but I love the colours. Once again this is that different sort of felting. I would love to learn how to do this.

I think this is lovely. It was up on the wall so I didnt get to feel how warm it would be in winter..Probably very warm...I just love the blue and white together.

Another felted top..I should have felt some of these to see if they would have felt nice or nasty! lol

Close up (and uuuum..sideways still..sorry) of the above top so you can see its not felted in the knit first way.

Friday, 16 September 2005

Glad I Didn't...


Give Sam the jumper for his birthday. I took it back over today to show Anna (cos at the party Jordan wasnt feeling the best so she wasnt paying attention).

I get the distinct feeling she didnt like it! It doesnt surprise me. I didnt think she would..She is the only person that has seen it that DOESNT like it though. Its a bit of a blow when you get a reaction like that. She didnt SAY she didnt like it..She said something like "I think I will give it a miss this time thanks".

So now I am debating what to do with it. I am tossing up between selling it in the shop that Cathy and I sell at. OR putting it up for sale online through my blog for someone in Australia to pick up at a bargain price (cant sell overseas at the moment dont have paypal or the like).


Thursday, 15 September 2005

I've been MEME'd

Nat has tagged me so here I go...

TEN YEARS AGO: I was almost a year out of high school..And looking for a job. Living at home. Not much really. Spending most my time looking for a job and helping mum around the house.

FIVE YEARS AGO: 2000: Adam and I had been together for almost 2 years. We had a baby that was only a few months off being a year old. We had moved into the place we are in now only 5mths ago.

ONE YEAR AGO: I started my blog last year. Harley started Kindy last year. Rachelle was 2 and I was closer to 30 then 20.

FIVE SNACKS: 1. Mini M&Ms, 2. Bakers Dozen Sweet Chili Chicken Wrap, 3. Chicken and Corn Soup, 4. Fruit, 5. Continental Savoury Tomato and Onion.

FIVE SONGS I KNOW ALL THE WORDS TO: Not sure I know all the words to any song, or I cant think of them at the momen! lol
1. Probably most the words to Guns'n'Roses Use Your Illusions 1 and 2
2. Many songs by INXS
3. Trees by Marty Casey
4. Cant thing of anymore but I am sure there is some...
5. See answer 4

1. Buy a house
2. Get a nice car
3. Help out my family with anything they needed for their farm
4. Invest a HEAP
5. Start up a kids clothing label to sell like I would love to do.

1. my parents,
2. Adams grandmothers,
3. New Zealand,
4. Canada,
5. Hawaii

1. Hot pants
2. Boob tubes
3. Anything orange
4. Anything middrift
5. horizontal stripes

1. CSI
3. Pimp My Ride (MTV)
4. Vegas
5. Celebrity Poker (Fox8)

1. Hearing my girls giggle
2. My family
3. Finishing a knitting project
4. Seeing my girls learning something new
5. Seeing my friends and family happy and healthy

1. Digi Camera
2. The little tv thing we got to go on Adams PS2 so the girls can watch dvds on long trips (its a Godsend I tell ya)
3. My printer (we didnt have one 6mths ago)
4. My girls, they amuse me something rotten at times
5. My knitting. when I love doing it I really love it



Sorry if some of you have been Meme'd before I can't remember who's blog I read that HAS been meme'd with this one and who hasn't.

Wednesday, 14 September 2005

Serious Harry Potter Fans

Looking for a new fun Harry Potter pattern to knit? Try THIS one..A Harry Potter Bookscarf...I think they are gorgeous and would love to knit some...lol

And look at below post for piccies of Project THREE of large projects on my never ending yarn diet! lol



Bad me for not posting for awhile! I have piccies though! I will post some today of the jumper I finished for the little boy next door and then...AHEM...didnt give it to him! Bad me. I bought him something else. Gonna see if his mother actually wants it. There was no use giving him something she didnt like and wouldnt put on him when I could sell it and get actual money for it and have someone have it that will WEAR it (which is more inportant).
Rachelle loved wearing it as you can tell. She has one herself that she has almost grown out. I am in the midst of knitting it again in a size smaller in a green Zest yarn. I am also considering starting another jumper in a pattern I havent done before. I am REALLY in a case of Startitis. I am not interested in anything I have on the go at the moment! SIGH...

Close up of the pattern to try and show you the cool colour of the yarn. Doesnt do it justice...Its a greeny/blue colour.

Tomorrow (or in a few days depending on my mood) I will post some piccies Adam took on his little boat trip..As well as some piccies I took while down at the Devil In Laws (felted clothes but felted differently then what I do).

Take care all.


Mmmm for some reason you have to scroll down and then back up to get all my post here. I dont know why its doing that...Maybe its cos of the piccies? Lets hope it works fine for everyone else and is just my computer.

Thursday, 8 September 2005

Classy My Arsey!!!

Some of you might have noticed (if it has turned up! lol) that I now have over to the top right Katt Facts..Now I am hoping to put new ones each week so you get to know a little about your Blog Writer here! Dont expect normal sane helpful things either! lol

We headed down to the EVIL ones yesterday and stayed the night. I had a knitting book with me cos I was started a teddy on the front. And the EVIL MIL asked to look at the book. So I passed it to her and she flipped through the pages and ended up on the pattern on the inside back cover (which I DETEST cos well..its just plain revolting). The book is Patons Desinger Hand Knits for Tots. (Book 1217). Now there are some gorgeous patterns in here I so want to make (and will probably when I have time). I know some of you dont like that novelty yarn but in moderation its ok.
So this is the pattern inside the back cover that the wicked B!tc# said was CLASSY!?!?!? OMG!!! And how many of us was right about it being a TACKY thing? lol

And now with that nightmare still in your mind. I will leave you to have a fun weekend! At some point really soon I will have to post a piccie of the finished jumper for Sam. It is projects THREE of TEN! Yay getting there slowly...


Monday, 5 September 2005

Did all the boys have a happy fathers day?

Well did they? I hope so. Adam got spoilt and then today he went on a boat tour (thanks to his work nothing to do with Fathers Day but hey I am claiming it! lol)

Its school holidays at the moment here in Tassie. I have a few things planned to keep Harley from being totally annoying but I doubt it will be enough.

Knitting is still happening..But have been noticing some days I have been getting headaches too if I knit too much..So its slowed a little. I am starting to wonder if I might need glasses for knitting..Hope not. I already wear glasses so will need bifocals for knitting if I do.

Anyway have a headache now so going to lay down for a bit. Glad I got dinner over and done with early.

Take care all


Saturday, 3 September 2005

Man That's TINY!!!

I have to say coming across this site made me REALLY proud to be a Tasmanian Knitter! I wish I had the patient, eagerness and obviously eye sight THIS woman has!

Go throught all the things she makes, the clothes blew me away! She is one talented woman.


Thursday, 1 September 2005

This and That

There is a new Magknit out!

Thanks to all for comments about the Evil MIL..I plan on trying some lip balm, maybe soap and bath bombs for she bitch..if she doesnt like them I can sell them elsewhere without much hassle.

I am considering doing some scarves..Her idea of "classy" is probably more CRAPPY AS HELL to most people.


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