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Wednesday, 31 August 2005


The she devil (MIL) came over today. She is opening an art gallery in Scottsdale (now you Tassie folks will know that is FAR from the hub of society here in northern Tassie). So she mentions to me today that if I wanted to earn a little extra money that I could do something crafty to sell in her Gallery. Then she pipes up that her daughter and step daughter are making jewellery (beaded ones). She has someone making bags, someone else doing the cooking for there (She KNOWS I do cooking). And when I mentioned knitting she said it would have to be "classy patterns with classy wool" now when asked what she had in mind she avoided answering except to say "classy pattern with classy wool" she said that line about 5 times while here. HOW classy is beaded jewellery for crying out loud!?!? BUT my knitting has to be classy.

I am betting dollars to donuts that she is only MAKING the offer (knowing I probably wont think of anything) just so she can say she offered..She NEVER offers to help us. So this is her empty pointless way of doing so.

So I ask my dear readers..WHAT would you class as a classy pattern and classy wool!?!?

I want to also send out my love and thoughts to my darling best friend tonight. I just read on her blog that one of her fur babies died. Suzi hun I am sorry. HUGE hugs from us to you.


Sunday, 28 August 2005

One Small Step For Man...

One GIANT Leap for Shelly Kind! When my family was over Friday Rachelle declaired she was "a big girl now and I dont need my Lala" (Lala is what she calls her dummy). I was yeah sure..Just cos you cant find it doesnt mean if its found you will still want to give it up (but didnt tell her this).

Today HELPFUL Harley found Rachelle's Lala. Said to her "Here is your LALA Rachelle do you WANT it!?!" Rachelle looked at her and said "No I am a big girl now throw it out" I almost fell off my seat! I thought getting rid of that thing was going to be HARD!!! Now we have to get the toilet training down and she will be a big girl!

Busgy asked what a Mug Hugger was in my last post. Above are mug huggers. Cute little clothes for your coffee mugs ;) A top or a dress. Cute arent they?

One of our fish was found dead Friday too. I said "Oh no a fish is dead" Rachelle grabs her step and looked in the tank at the dead fish and exclaims "Oh no a DEAD fish MY fish is DEAD!!". My helpful younger sister goes "Sure its not Harleys fish Rachelle?" for Rachelle to exclaim "OH no a DEAD fish..HARLEYS fish is DEAD!!!" So Harley gets home from school and I tell her that one of the fish is dead..Harley asked "was it mine?" Rachelle yells YEEEEEEEEEES Harley it was yours! Friendly lot I got. So now we are down to 6 fish.

The jumper is going well. I should get the second sleeve finished today then got to do the front/back (they are both alike). So when I get a bit more done I will post you all a piccie ok?

Have a great week!


Friday, 26 August 2005

12 Mths Of Hard Work!!

I thought just to be crazy and go back through 12mths of posting (and memory) and see what I have done in knitting. Now this is what I saw in piccies (and quick scans) and my memory (there were things I have knitted and not posted on!!)!

12 Jumper
20 Beanies/Hats
4 Scarves
4 Toys
6 Socks
5 Felted Bags
10 Dolls Clothes
1 Hotwater Bottle Cover
2 Mug Huggers
3 Mittens
2 Baby Blankets

Now this doesnt count things that have been started and frogged (like jumpers where the back was done and didnt look right..Had that happen at least twice) or things like odd socks that are waiting for partners.

I have been damn busy!! No wonder I have had knitters block (or at least being a little less enthused)..I think I need to lay down for a rest after reading that list ;)

Wanna see something cute? Go look at THIS!


Sprung Spring and Socks

Spring has sprung! My younger sister took this piccie today in my backyard. Lovely isnt it? Seem it was fooled into thinking it was spring already.

You all remember the yarn that I posted about HERE (sorry stupid blogger wont let me post another pic of it, its the second piccie) that I dyed with Kool Aid and then gave to Cathy? Right? Well at the S'n'B Meeting Tuesday she gave me THESE below for Rachelle! Arent they GORGEOUS?!?!!?! I think she did a wonderful job, they turned out great! I love them. Rachelle loved them..Harley wanted to know where hers was! LOL. Rachelle cant have anything without Harley HAVING to have it (you would think Harley was the youngest with the way she acts).
Sams little jumper is coming along well. Not that I have finished the sleeve today that I have to. So I best get that finished that tonight. Will have to show you it all when I get a sleeve done. I dont know how well the yarn will photograph. Its true colours might not come up too well.

Okies. Catch you all later!


Thursday, 25 August 2005

Back on Track

I forgot to mention in the last post that the little multi blue beanie and Little Miss Mummy bear are Small Knitting Project 3 and 4 of my 10 Small Projects. Only 6 to go on the small ones.

Also finished Monday is DPF baby cardigan!!! I just have to put the zipper in and press it a little and it will be ready for piccies to be taken to show you all. So that is project TWO of 10 large projects done! YAY!

Tuesday was the 1st Birthday of my local S'n'B. It went well. I even got DPF to turn up for an hour..She wished she could have stayed longer and be able to come to others but she can only grab moments when someone can look after her kids for her. It was good. I enjoyed it.

I realised Monday that there was only 20 days until the little boy next door had his 2nd birthday. So I sat and worked out a few things
  1. The cardigan I made him last year for this winter doesnt fit him anymore.
  2. Money is a tad short at the moment to go buy him a pressie.
  3. I have 8 more large knitting projects I HAVE to make before I can buy more yarn (can you see where this is going?).

So Monday I went through my patterns...Went through my yarn..And popped back out with a plan. I am knitting him a jumper. I am a little worried about the pattern and yarn. His mother normally picks colours and patterns for me to make her sons. But I have my fingers crossed. I am using a darker colour that has me worried. He is a strawberry blonde with blue eyes and fair skin. Mmmm. I will see how it ends up. So currently everything else has been put on hold to get this jumper made with several days to spare just incase I finish it and dont think it suits (then I should have enough time to churn something else out). Last night finished the back of it. Today I have started one sleeve..Hoping to get that finsihed tomorrow at the latest to get the front started, then the second sleeve. Its a great little pattern. I have made it for Rachelle and DPF son for last year (Rachelles still fits her this year). I like what I have done so far. The colour is great. But am still worried it will suit Sam.

Okies that will do me now. Adam is almost home with Harley. Have a great upcoming weekend all!


Sunday, 21 August 2005

Piccies for ya

I have almost finished the ribbed cardi for DPF (Dear Pregnant Friend). I am working on the hood now. If you are in Launceston and going to the Launceston S'N'B party on Tuesday you will probably see the finished product. Then I have to get a good piccie of it and write up the pattern on the computer and it will be ready to send out to my test knitters! My DPF came over yesterday to my place and I showed it to her. She liked it, which is good. Said it was close to the actual piccie in the Pumpkin Patch catalogue so I am happy.

These two little cuties above are a few things I have been working on. Actually the brown bear (that Harley named Davey) was knitting up almost a year ago, was stuffed and all just in pieces waiting to be put together. So I finished him up. The little orange one is a pattern I so love so will do more! Harley named her Little Miss Mum. I had just over half of Little Miss Mum knitted so finished her up and did all the sewing and stuffing. I feel good. I dont have any toys sitting around looking at me making me guilty! lol. I did all those bears and the Lambies below last weekend when I was also cleaning the crap out of the house thanks to the prick of a landlord.

The next door Neighbours cousin was due to have a baby a few weeeks ago. Here is something I made her. When she was pregnant we moved Rachelle into a bed from her cot, and with no one to give the cot to we were gonna toss it. Anna (the neighbour) came over oneday with said pregnant cousin and asked if they could have it for their baby. I said sure take it away. I have since heard that they did it up and it looks great and Anna wished she had kept it for future babies cos its better then the one she has! lol
The cousin had admired a beanie I made Anna's boys so I made her one like it for the baby for next year. Its not the same but close enough.

One of the last things Kylie (my penpal that died of cancer) and I chatted about before she got sick was my feather lambies I knit. She ordered some for her daughters and then got sick. We both totally forgot about them. A few weeks after she died I was reading though emails she had sent me and stumbled across the conversation about them. I contacted her husband and mentioned how I still wanted to do them but free of charge. It was something she wanted them to have and a way I could feel I contributed something to her. If you know what I mean.
I had one of them (the white faced one) already done and in the shop to sell (that Cathy and I sell at) so I pulled that one out (good thing it hadn't sold it had been in there for a few months). And the second one I had all knitted but not sewn together or stuffed and that). I also had a white one that just needed a face that I have done now and popped into the shop. So these are the two I am sending Kylie's two girls. I just have to get a cream ribbon for the pink faced one and send them off.

And there you go a recent huge post from me with piccies. I am getting back into the knitting mood (and will try to get back into the blogging mood) so hopefully expecet to see me more often! Best be off! Catch ya all later.


Thursday, 18 August 2005

I have been Tagged

Sally was lovely enough to tag me! LOL..So here is mine.

id•i•o•syn•cra•sy - a structural or behavioral characteristic peculiar to an individual or group. Write down 5 of your own idiosyncrasies, then if you wish, tag 5 people.

1. I hate having sticky fingers. If I get something on them that make them sticky I HAVE to go wash them straight away.

2. Ok this is my MAJOR one. I have to be even. If I scratch the right side of my body...I then have to scratch at the EXACT same spot on the left. I am big on even things.

3. If I get online (even if its suppose to be for 5 minutes) I HAVE to read every blog that I love to visit. I might not even POST on mine (most the time I dont) but I have to see how my net friends are going.
4. I have to sleep on the side of the bed away from the door. Its the whole man has to guard the cave thing. Adam has to sleep closer to the door then me.

5. I LOVE exlcamation marks! I have to use them as much as possible..that and the full stop! use that lots too!! lol

Ok...I will tag Sharon, Cathy, Suzi, Bugsy and Shell. Cant wait to see what you girls do!

Sunday, 14 August 2005

I do still live

I have reached a not interested really in the net stage. It goes well with my not really interested in knitting stage! I had HUGE plans on sitting down this weekend and doing a whole weekend of a BIG knitfeast of Luka for Shell (I am working on it hun! lol). BUUUUUUUUUUT our rather PRICK of a landlord knocked on the door at 10:30am yesterday (Saturday) and informed us that they were bringing someone around MONDAY between 9:30 and 10:30am to evaluate the property! PRICK PRICK PRICK there goes the weekend of knitting! So I have been doing that HUGE pile of washing I have been tring to ignore...And been doing housework I would rather ignore too! lol. So much for the knitting.

I have been knitting. I do have a piccie to show you all BUT not today. I only got online cos Adam checked my blog yesterday at work and said you were looking for me! lol. And I thought I best pay some bills. I cant believe I have 96 emails in my bigpond account ALONE! I hate to think how many are waiting for me in my hotmail! lol

Okies everyone! I hope to be back in a few days with some piccies for you all!..

Take care!


Wednesday, 3 August 2005

Not Again

Man it must suck right now if you know me. I found out the other day that a friend of mine (who started out as a net friend but I know her now, she lives near me). Has breast cancer. There is 7 all up. They dont want to operate cos it risks them spreading. So she is undergoing Chemo. I was totally shocked when she told me. I knew she had problems with her boobs, she had had a mammogram that DIDNT pick it up! When they took tissue the second time it was picked up.

I am enjoying the gym at the moment. Not going as much as I could/should. LOL.

As for the knitting front. I have started the sleeve for the cardi I am making for friend. I will have to pop a piccie of it up online when its done so you can all think of a name for it (I will make it a comp. With the winner of the best name getting a prize). I havent been doing much other knitting. I have to sit my butt down and do more. I have slowly been getting back in the mood. I think my urge to knit is linked to my friends! When she doesnt want to knit I do and when she does knit I dont feel like it! lol

Take care all. We are now off to have dinner as a family out at a place recommended by a friend. Might let you what its like!


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