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Sunday, 31 July 2005

some piccies for you all

Ok here are some promised piccies. None of knitting. I have a BAD case of startitis that I am trying to get rid of (its like a bad cough, just wont go away). I have a few things on the go. Wont babble on about any at the moment until I have something worth showing off! LOL. I could show you the cardi I am designing. I have both fronts and the back done. But I am saving it until its finished.

This is the book that Bugsy sent me! I love it. I got it from the local library..And when I found out she had gotten it I almost had kittens! She is such a doll to grab me one too! lol

This is the yummy yarn that Shell sent me! I love it! I have to work out what to do with it though. I would love to start something with it now but trying to kill that Startitis bug I have! lol

Okies girlies (and boys if I have any reading). I will be offski! Waiting for 7pm when the MotoGP starts on Fox! I know sad soul I am! lol


Friday, 29 July 2005

New Monitor!!!

We have been in the need for a new computer monitor for awhile. We have been bashing this one up for ages to keep it white. Mind you its old. Adam had it when he and I met and he recons it was old before that! LOL

So with Adams tax money we headed out yesterday to a local computer store (named Another Computer Store) and bought a BRAND SPANKING NEW flat one. its 17inches and is HUGE!! cost a mere $450 too! Adam did well with his taxes this year..I am gonna do better! I cant wait until mine comes in about Wednesday next week! I plan on saving a heap. Bummer that I cant buy yarn..Mmmmm. I would so love to.

Speaking on buying yarn..I...Fell...Off..The..Wagon.. There I said it! Or as I like to call it I DONTATED money to a charity (op shop) and they donated yarn back to me! lol

I plan on posting some piccies over the weekend! I have the lovely yarn that Shell sent me (I LOVE it sweetie! I now have to plan what to do with it)..and the book that Bugsy sent me. Plus maybe the computer monitor? Perhaps some knitting if you are all lucky! lol Oh Poop computer not letting me to links at the moment..But I am sure you can find the link to Bugsy and Shell down the side if you look.

The local Launceston S'n'B had a few minutes of fame the other day. ABC radio did a thing on us. It was great. I enjoyed it (It was radio not television!). It was fun. Then we all went to a little cafe and had a drink and chatted knitting and stuff. I enjoyed it. We have picked a new location for our next meeting. Its the same place that the party is going to be at (which just so happens to be my darling hubbies work! Gave it a free plug too). We had to change venues..cos the OLD venue didnt like the work BITCH being used in the name! SIGH..Maybe they should stop being old fashioned I dont know..But hell..The new venue is free so we can shout our own nibblies!

Okies folks. I think thats all for me! Catch ya all later!


Monday, 25 July 2005

Bibs and Bobs

What has been happening here since I last posted?

Well Friday night Adam worked night and then he was going to work the following morning. So about 7pm I get a call "want to toss some things in the bag and you and the girls come up here to stay the night" Yep will do says I (mind you I had SUGGESTED this before he went off to work 4hrs before but noooooooo he said it would be fine! SIGH)...So I spent my first night in a hotel/motel since I was 18mths old! I got room service for breakfast! I got a few channels on cable that I dont have at home. Though down side..I had to share a room with the girls (Harley grinds her teeth in her sleep) and the bed was HORRID!!! It was too soft! Adam came up at 1am and had to be back down working at 6am!! He didnt get much sleep. Good thing he didnt have to drive home.

And while sitting in the room with sleeping girls watching tv I knitted a childs summerish hat out of cotton. Its a pattern I pulled from my head. And put together. Not 100% perfect yet but will keep working on it. Rachelle seems to love it. She wore it the next day down to lunch (yes I knitted it in from 7pm to 11am the following day)...I named that one "I stayed at Sandors and all I knitted was this rotten hat"! lol..Will come up with a better name ;) )

Adam and I joined a gym for 30 days (we will join for 12mths to A gym after this 30 days runs out but I doubt it will be that one..Not overly impressed with them)....Went Friday and Today. Enjoying it really.

Havent really been knitting much of late. I should really be hitting it more. Shocking I am.

Hey everyone before I go how about yo duck over to Shell's blog and wish her well. She had her first Chemo today. Was thinking of you often today hun. Hope you are doing ok. We love you....Ok done now..Go wish Shell well!


Wednesday, 20 July 2005

Knitting...Whats that?

I was so thrilled when I rocked up to the local shop that Cathy and I sell things at and found that I had SOLD a jumper. This is the first jumper I sold to someone I DIDNT know!! I sold THIS Jumper. Doesnt surprise me. I liked this one more then the girls one..And so did most people! lol

To answer Cathy's question about what I might need some test knitters for its for the ribbed cardigan I am making for Demz's baby. I am writing out the pattern as I got along in several sizes (well 4). I am hoping when I get it done to maybe hand it over to Knitty to use. I will put more on the test knitting once I get the pattern finished and sorted out. I just want to know that all the sizes are good and that they work for other people then me. Cathy there will be a size 3-4 if you want to try it in that size for Little Miss 3.

Okies folks on that note. I will be off. On a final note can everyone think positive thoughts for Shell on Monday (and every day really). She needs us all to get together and keep her strong and positive. Shell..LOVE ya hun!!


Saturday, 16 July 2005

Kool Aid Anyone? And Condom Beanie (2/10 small)

First note the look on my little models face! This is the "I am pretending to be alseep" look (so look for this look on Catwalks all over Paris!). Condom Beanie..NOT what some of you thought (you know who YOU are). It is a child's beanie that looks like a condom (Adam named them). I have posted them before (Harley has one that matches her Hans Jumper and her Mittens that she flushed. This is project 2/10 for my small projects! 8 more of those to go! Cant wait to get them done! LOL. This one is for a Melbourne net friends little girl who is 2mths older then Shesha.

Here is my first attempt at Kool Aid Dying yarn. I used the cherry red, the blue (for the life of me I cant remember the name) and the grape purple. I dyed 2ply Patons Beehive for a tester. Only 20g of it. Then I wondered what the hell I would do with it!! So I gave it to a friend Tuesday at the S'n'B meeting. Cathy has used 2ply before and I have given her 2ply before. I can't wait to see what she does with it.

I am picking up needles and starting Shell's Luka jumper for her daughter today. This wil be my knitting at home project (poor Luka is unloved and never taken out of the house until its finished..too many balls to deal with). I have also almost finished the back of the un-named ribbed cardigan for Demz baby (this is my take away project). The back is the easy part. Working out the front and sleeved with be the fun part. I have been working on 4 sizes for it. So when I have finished the pattern I will have to find myself some Test Knitters (any volunteers?). Luka and Demz baby cardigan will be part of the 10 Jumpers I have to do.

Nat asked me what Debbie Bliss books I picked up. Well I got these two Debbie Bliss Step-By-Step Knitting Workbook and Debbie Bliss Great Knits for Kids (revised and updated edition).

Okies folks. Catch ya all later! And happy knitting


Thursday, 14 July 2005

Cake anyone?

Thought I would get on and post a piccie of Rachelle with her birthday cake last night. It was an apple custard sponge crumble thing. Wasnt too bad..Top was a little hard though.
And as a tradition in our house we had what she wanted for dinner (well..Her and Harley did!). When asked what she wanted for dinner Rachelle said "sausage rolls" and so be it ;)

Knitting front. I have almost finished an ordered condom beanie in pink. Will show you what it looks like when its done.


Wednesday, 13 July 2005

Wanna be a Test Knitter?

Danielle put a post up on 13th of July (if she is American 14th over here in Aussieland) that she is taking in no new people for the testing. I have my fingers crossed that I just made it in in time!!

I just found this site "No No Kitty Yarns" and applied straight away! I think it would be so much fun to do and a great experience on testing new and different yarns! She has some lovely yarn for sale on that site too! I hope I get accepted! lol


Tuesday, 12 July 2005

Party Time

Rachelle the party girl! She so loved the attention! And cant wait for tomorrow to get her birthday pressies from mummy, daddy and Harley.

Party girls (dont blame me that its fuzzy Adam took it) Left to Right. Harley, Chloe, Little Miss 3 and Rachelle

The only boy at the party Isaac with his daddy (Joe). Isaac is Chloes little brother..The youngest at the party.

I have to say a HUGE thank you to Sharon for telling me today how to do the multi pics on one post thing the easy way! lol.

I was very tempted to put a piccie of Auntie Suzi in her pirate hat (she was a fellow Pirate with little Isaac on Sunday). But I think I best not unless she lets me ;)

As for knitting. Today was Launceston S'n'B day! I had a great time knitting. Met Cindy for the first time (always great to see new faces). Before heading into the meeting I stopped at Angus and Robertsons and picked up a Debbie Bliss pattern book for $11.25! I am so stoked!! It is Step-By-Step Knitting Workbook originally priced $44.95!!! And then Cathy was lovely enough when looking in Birchels to ring me up and tell me they had another Debbie Bliss in there for $14.95 (cant remember what that one is called maybe she can tell us?)! So she snaffled me up one of those too! Now I just have to get one from Petrarchs for another Debbie Bliss book that Sharon told us S'n'B members about (which I cant remember the name of off the top of my head either) and I will have gained 3 Debbie Bliss books in a short time (making me a happy girl). Bugsy has grabbed a pattern book for me that I just got out of the local town library that I LOVED most the patterns in fulfulling my need to buy something knitted related for now! lol

Ok and with this piccie and link filled blog post! I will be off! Take care all and catch you all later!


Sunday, 10 July 2005

Hans for Harley (1 of 10 large)

1 of 10 of my childs cardi/jumper projects.

This is Harley's Hans (with a Harley Twist). Now I dont know about other peoples kids but my girls (BOTH of them) LOVE hoods! SO when knitting up the other two of these for the shop all I could think was how this pattern would look good with a hood. So I gave it one (is that 70% enough to claim it as my own pattern? lol).

Below is a piccie of Caite's bag. Tomorrow perhaps..Some Party Pics. Thanks to all wishing Shell a great birthday (its not actually until Wednesday).


Caites Bag (1 of 10 small)

Project 1 of 10 small projects.

Same as last baggins I made for a bag swap on a group I am in except with a wider hole (per request).

I dont have much of that yarn left either! 150g if I am lucky (our of 500!!).

I have found this yarn again! Amazing as it is (since it was a back room Bendigo job) but I found it at a LYS under sales of Heirloom (proving more that Bendigo do Heirloom). So if you are interested..Look around for it. Mulberry is its colour.


Thursday, 7 July 2005

Ok so no piccie again of Caites bag..I can see it while I am sitting here..Its still drying. Its been coooooold so drying is not at a premium! lol

I am almost done with my first Child jumper/cardigan from my diet list. Just have the Harley personalized collarish bit to do..Sew in the sleeves and hey presto its finished!!

the new Knitty is up...I have to say I am head over heels in LOVE with THIS one...I can see it a future project! I even have some wool I can make it with here! So it can be part of the yarn diet! lol

Man its cold here at the moment!! I dont overly mind..but my fingers feel it when knitting.

I cant believe its only 6 days (5 by the time most of you read this) until my youngest turns 3!!! Her birthday party is on Sunday..A few of you readers will be there (you two know who you are)! She is looking forward to it! I dunno what she is looking forward to most though..she isnt really a social child!

Okies boys and girls (probably mainly girls..if any boys) I am off! I want to get the knitting part finished of Harls jumper tonight! I have a very busy tomorrow!! Catch ya all around! Piccies over weekend promise!


Wednesday, 6 July 2005

Gone Knittin'

Been going well with Knitting. I seem to have found my groove again!

I have finished one order and also in doing so finished one of the small projects that I have to make. One down 9 to go!! Not bad, not bad.

I am onto the last sleeve of Harley's jumper too (the Hans one) I plan on doing something totally different for the collar also. Looking at it the jumper seems like the other two I did. My new collar plan screams Harley! She will love it I know.

I have also decided on my yarn diet if I plan on doing a baby jumper/cardigan I have to do TWO to equal one child project top thing (if you know what I mean) or do a whole set (headwear, booties/socks, top, pants not all 4 but at least two or three!).

Will post a piccie of Caite's bag once its dried a bit more. It's like the last Baggins I made (same colour) just with a bigger gap in the handle and a little bigger itself.

Okies folks! Catch ya later!


Monday, 4 July 2005

I am....

Going on a yarn diet. A pretty serious one. I have stash guilt.

While talking to Bugsy about it the other day she came up with a plan for me (which at the time I thought was great..Might not feel the same in 6mths time! lol).

I have to make 10 small projects (beanies, mittens, toys, socks and so on) and 10 childrens jumpers/cardigan! And I cannot buy yarn!

There will be THREE exceptions to this
  1. I am allowed to buy yarn for an order if I get one in and dont have the yarn for it
  2. I am allowed to buy yarn if I run out of yarn before finishing the project (but only for the project)
  3. There is a MASSIVE yarn sale on somewhere that I would be an idiot not to buy yarn at! lol

Ok so since deciding to do this diet I have already finished a small project. A friend of mine ordered one of my Baggins. So that is now knitted up, will be felted today and thats an order and one small project done.

I have also decided to include Harleys jumper that I am knitting into the 10 childrens jumpers/cardis. for 2 simple reasons. 1> I got the yarn over a year ago so it has been sitting around in my stash (its not a new yarn that was just bought). And 2> I had only finished the back when deciding to go on this yarn diet. So It is gonna be worked in during it.

I have now finished the front and started a sleeve. I want it finished by Sunday so she can wear it to Shells 3rd birthday party.

Also I am promising to myself that just cos I have to do childrens jumpers/cardigans I will do BIGGER sizes not baby ones! Its not gonna use up my stash if I only make baby ones. Mind you. I dont think I will be using up much of my stash as it is! lol

Okies folks. I will catch you later with a piccie of Caites ordered Baggins Bag when its felted! Take care!


Saturday, 2 July 2005

The finished socks

Here they are. Shell is wearing them for the piccie for me (they are a little too big on her).

She wants me to make her a pair now. Sigh..She will have to wait for a bit I have to get through a few other orders.

They are almost identical! Pretty skillful on my behalf I was prepared for socks that only matched cos they had the same colours ;) lol


Friday, 1 July 2005

Hey Baby Chill Out

Last night I looked in my fridge and that is what I saw..Rachelle is such a loving mother..She stuffed her little baby doll in the fridge. She does these strange things. Putting stuff in the fridge or in a cupboard.


You Guessed WHAT!?!?!?

Ok over half of you took a stab and made the guess that I could be pregnant. I have to say HELL NO...lol...I love my two daughters dearly but noooooooooooooo I am not pregnant and never want to be again (I had more bad then good experiences with my previous two pregnancies).

You can guess again..lol..Or I just might tell you all...later ;)

In reading Bugsy's blog it struck me that like her I missed my Blogiversary! 27th of June 2004 was my first blog post. Hard to believe I started just over a year ago now!

I finished the second sock last night. Will get a piccie of them both tonight and show you all tomorrow. My next project started is a Baggins Bag for a Qld friend who ordered it. I cant wait to get that done. Will be my first Baggins that I have made money on! lol

Shell..I have to chat with you (via email if you want) on whether you still want me to make your daughter the Luka jumper. I fully understand if you have changed your mind. Things are a bit hectic at your end.

Okies folks. Will catch you later...and please if you guess again..NO MORE pregnant guesses!!!! lol


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