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Thursday, 30 June 2005

Brand of Socks

For all my darlings that want to know what the yarn is that I am making Brins socks with here is the label. Its a yarn I have never heard of before.

Sharon..You saw me knitting these socks at the last S'n'B...They werent that far along though. I am now down to the divide for the heel on the second one. Travelling along very well.

Ok folks. I have something to tell you all...well to make you all guess..

Are you all sitting down? Here it is...I am.....WHAT?

Tuesday, 28 June 2005

baby sock

Isnt this the cutest? Its my first go at toe up socks. A baby pair. done in 8ply. Pattern has a boxy toe to it cos as the pattern says "babies toes need room to wiggle". I didnt do the top as the pattern said. I didnt like it. I still have to make the second one then will pop them in the shop that Cathy and I sell at.


Socks Are Us

Finished first of Shazzys socks for her daughter today. Isnt it cool? Started the second one. Have hopes that it will actually fit her! Have already cast on the second one too! I wrote down the list of orders that I have still to do (mostly new ones in the past month or two) and I have to get my butt wiggling! lol. Hoping to get the socks finished by the end of the week.


Monday, 27 June 2005


Ok so I never posted a piccie over the weekend. Live with it.

I started my first pair of toe up socks. They are only for babies (which is good with a friend pregnant). I plan on putting these ones in the shop though (being as they are blue and who knows what she is having). Will take a piccie when I have one finished. Its a great little pattern. It doesnt have the wastage yarn, its done with 2 circular needles..you use one for the wastage yarn to begin with then you go on your merry way using both dividing the stitches between two.

Went into Pumpkin Patch today to eye off this hooded cardi that has inspired me for the near future...Did they have it at my local PP? Hell no!! Typical! And I wanted to fondly it, poke it, turn it inside out, check how they had the ribbing (I am thinking 3k x 2p). Mind you I saw a heap of other lovely stuff I wish I had money to get ;)

Okies folks. Will catch you later! Promise piccies!! Promise! Just havent had much to show off! lol


Friday, 24 June 2005

Hark What Is That?

Good grief I still live! lol.

I havent really been in a knitting mood of late. Have been working on a few things. But havent been in the mood for it (been making myself do it really).

Watched the movie Hide and Seek today. Was I the only person who watched that movie and couldnt help but notice the really nice knitted jumper/cardigan/jackets the little girl Emily was wearing? Who ever knitted them did a good job...And I was surprise to find out who Charlie was in the end. Mmm...Good movie..I like how the DVD lets you pick from about 5 endings (and watched the whole movie through and add the ending on the end).

Looking through the Pumpkin Patch sales catalogue I got in the mail yesterday. I came across a gorgeous ribbed cardigan which also had a ribbed hood to it! I LOVED it on sight..Now thinking about designing a pattern myself to make one for a friends baby (it even had a zipper to do it up..heaps better then buttons on a baby). They had it in boys and girls so I know it works for unisex..Just have to sit down and work it all out.

The next door neighbours had been away for a few days. So we had to feed their rabit for them. Harley loved it. She would climb into the hutch and feed it and pat it.

Okies folks. Will be off. Will have to get piccies to show you all this weekend I be thinking! Catch ya all. Have a great weekend.


Saturday, 18 June 2005

Watching Mail Boxes

Can the following chicklets keep an eye on their mail boxes for the next few weeks.

Shell: I mailed your 200th post parcel to you sweetie. Half is your price and half is a gift to ya to help cheer you up a little. Posted Friday.

Bugsy: Your runners up prize is in the mail too. Posted Friday.

Leah: I posted your parcel for winning the last Guessing Game competition too on Friday. It wil take a few weeks to get to you though so keep looking out for it.

As for knitting. I have done some. But not much really. I started working on a little baby cardigan for a pregnant friend whos bub is due January (yep eager I am). Am thinking what else I can make for bubs too. Making things in winter sizes for it (unless she has another huge one list her second).

Apart from that havent been up to anything else of interest. Catch ya all round.


Wednesday, 15 June 2005

Baby Blue Eyes in the C&R Beanie

Here is the Childs Cable and Rib Beanie that I am relunctant to send off to the shop tomorrow.
Shocker that I am I havent done anymore knitting (I have done this one and a mans ribby one).

Yes I know you cant see the beanie all that well...But you can see Baby Blue Eyes so thats better then the beanie ;) Also if you click on the piccie you will go to my Flickr Album with a slightly better pic of beanie. It was dark and a ick day so neither turned out the best.

We got new fishie today. We have had the tank for a bit (like 2 weeks) so today finished it all up with everything else needed). So we got 4 goldfish and let the girls name two each. So Here are the names. Harley named her 2 Princess and Love...and Rachelle named her 2 Boy and Girl. Very imaginative I know. Will post a piccie soon of Princess, Love, Boy and Girl.


Monday, 13 June 2005

Knit Wit

Yes knitting. You know with how much I have done in the past few months you would think I would be sick of it. But I am not. I will get that way soon though. Will hit the wall and not want to knit anything else.

In the past two days I have finished a mans ribby beanie (lovely blue acrylic) and a child cable and ribbed beanie (in the gorgeous Denim Mix Bendigo Wool). I LOVE the childs beanie! Will be sad to see if off to the shops but hey. My girls have enough beanies (mind you MOST were bought/given after bought ones to them! SHOCK HORROR)...I would show you a piccie of it..But one of my models is sleeping and the other one is in the bath. The model it would look best on (the little blue eyed devil that the colour suits) is the one sleeping). Will get a piccie later for you all. I have started a Beige/Natural acrylic mans cable and ribbed beanie to sell to. I want to get a few more childrens ones done (in sweetpea - choles cardi colour and in aqua - the star on Isaacs jumper that was done in the denim mix).

Its another dark day today. The joys of winter. Our lounge, in the midst of winter, has the have the light on all day because it doesnt get enough light in there. As a bonus though it doesnt get that hot in summer.

Tomorrow its back to school for Harley! YAY. To say I am looking forward to her going back would be an understatement.

Tomorrow is also the next meeting of the Launceston S'n'B! Cant wait! Its a yarn trade too! YAY

Today though, there is exactly 1mth until my littlest Brattie turns 3!! When did this happen? When did Rachelle become exactly a month off 3!? I now have no more babies (and dont want anymore I can promise you).

Catch ya all later!


Saturday, 11 June 2005

This and that and all sorts else

First off the mark I would LOVE to congratulate the lovely Bugsy! She is pregnant and I have to say I can't thing of a more deserving person! I hope the next 8-9mths are wonderful for you hun! Cant wait to read about it as you go along.

After doing all that knitting with the two jumpers I crashed yesterday and didnt pick up the needles at all. It was bliss I tell you. But now I have to work double to get a few beanies done for the shop that Cathy and I sell in. I have to say I am lucky that Cathy got the mammoth 9foot scarf to knit! YIKES. I am also thinking about making a few mittens too. Will have to see how my times goes.

As for everyone asking if I slept when doing the jumpers. Well..I was up to 2am most night finishing the sections up. And no I am not a fast knitter, I wish I was.

Okies folks..Have a great weekend. Catch ya later. I cant believe it was totally dark here in Launceston by 5:10pm!!! Though its been a dark day full stop.


Friday, 10 June 2005

Girls version of Jumper

OK here is stats

Started: 4th June 2005
Finished: 9th June 2005
Pattern: Rowan Hans (from book Rowan Babies)
Yarn used: Some of my cheap wool I got from THIS site (pure wool too).

I have to admit I am not as fond of this one as I am of the boys version. But hell. They are both for sale so I dont care if I dont like them as long as someone else out there does who wants to pay for it.

Like the boys it is done in size 4-5yrs.


Wednesday, 8 June 2005

Been Keeping Busy

Well as the title says been keeping myself busy. After finishing the jumper below I started it AGAIN in girl colours. I plan on putting both into the shop that Cathy and I sell things at. And..I have until tonight to get it finished! Talk about pressure!! I started it 4 days ago. Gave myself 1 day to get back done. One day to get front done. One day to get one sleeve done and tonight to get last sleeve one (I did the collar and neckband last night too). Soooo. I am cutting it close. But should get it in. Will have a piccie tomorrow.

I have more updated news on my friend who died. It seems her cancer had come back. It had invaded her left lung and took over. This all had to have happened in the last month that we chatted cos she never mentioned it last time we talked (which was late April just after both our birthdays). It is still a bit hard to take all of it in and is far from easy to understand. I thought they got it all the first time.

Catch ya later


Sunday, 5 June 2005

The secret project finished

Here it is in all its glory on Harley (Who I have to say is 5 1/2y.o. and wears size 8 girls tops).

Info about it.

Pattern: Rowan Hans (from book Rowan Babies)
Size: 4-5yo
Date Started: 30th May 2005
Date Finished: 4th June 2005 (could have finished it the day before but was feeling lazy).
Yarn used: Some of my cheap wool I got from THIS site as well as some Bendigo I got in a S'n'B yarn swap. All of it is 100% pure wool. Plan on selling it.

If you click on the picture it will take you to my Flickr Album where you can see the same jumper on Rachelle.

Thanks everyone for their kind words about loss of my penpal. I found out that she died of complications related to her cancer. She was in a bit of pain in the end. Its still sinking in. I see her mobile number on my mobile...Or her email address in my email accounts and I still feel shocked.


Saturday, 4 June 2005

Own Mortality

Well I plan on posting piccies tomorrow of the finished secret item.

I would like to take todays post to say Rest In Peace Kylie Whitely. She was a penpal of mine. We had lost a lot of contact over the past few years though. We chatted via email not often enough. She died yesterday at lunch time.

Kylie was a mother of 2 girls under 10yo. Youngest was barely 2. She was married and lived in Queensland Australia. She was 27 (hell only 5 days younger then me).

She also had cancer. Diagnosed last year. I thought she was over it. I dont know if it was the cancer that she died of. I never saw this death coming. Last time we chatted was via email in April. She had told me she wasnt well but I never expected this.

Okies..Now I have brought you all down with this post I have to say. Dont expect tomorrow will ever come. She was only 27. No one is Immortal.


Wednesday, 1 June 2005

Competition is now Closed.

The price guessing game competition is now closed. There was no exact guess made by anyone (well not even to the nearest dollar) BUT I have to say with all the choices in the world. I have to give the competition to someone for getting under $2 close to the actual price!

The actual cost of all that divine wool (which totalled to 2.455kg and postage) was $61.65. Sooooo Leah I am giving it to you anyway for being soooooooo close at $60 guess. Bugsy. You would have guessed $60 as you posted except it was guessed anyway, So I plan on sending you a small gift as well as a runners up).

So Leah and Bugsy could you please email me with your snail mail address (mummykatt AT bigpond DOT com change the caps to actual symbols and leave no spaces). Also Shell..Since you were the 200th post on my blog I also need your snail mail address to send your pressie.

As for the knitting front. I have been doing a few things. But its a secret until its finshed. I will say that I started it on the 30th of May. And I have done a HEAP of it so far its knitting up so quickly.

I also have a cold *sob sob* hoping to get over that real soon though even though I only just got it.


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