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Friday, 29 April 2005

Felted bag for bag swap

I am in a bag swap on a group I am a member of. Here is my little bag I am swapping. Yep one of my Baggin Bags! I LOVE the colour of it! Below you can see the before and after felting colours up close.

This is the bag for the swap before and after it was felted. I like how the colours blended together well after felting.

Thursday, 28 April 2005


I am soooo happy!! Lookies what the Aussie Post man gave to me today (well it was in the baggie under it all actually)..I was so happy I almost hugged him! lol


Dandy Darling! I LOVE IT ALL!! The trident stuff has been started! So has the heart lollies..

The girls LOVE their stuff (they ran away with them..Harley has named her bunny Naiomi and Rachelle named her DJ)! It brightened Shesha's day (she isnt feeling well). Adam hasnt had time to have a good look at his Skully (he was rushing off to get Harley and then heading to work) so tonight I will make him look at it!

I cant wait to get my hands into knitting that yarn! I am so gonna make myself a scarf with that Chennile! And that rainbow skein..Thats sock yarn right? Ooooh I cant wait to get into it all! lol

In OTHER knitting news..I have finished two of the three beanies (the kids ones), gonna get the mans one finished today.


Wednesday, 27 April 2005

Still knitting

Tonight I am hoping to get the beanies I have on the go finished. In the end I actually now have 3. All over half way done. The two kids ones shouldnt be hard to get finished. The mens one is a different story.

I would love to get the baby cardigan I have been working on finished but I doubt I will. I dunno. Will see if I get interested in pulling it out and working on it! lol

I have just paid for all my ebay buyings. So I am a happy camper. Got some more pure wool on the way (some 5ply some 8ply) I am hoping to add it to the pile of stuff I will dye when I get brave! lol.

Thanks to everyone for the compliments on the three beanies. They were very basic! lol. The mother seemed VERY impressed with them. She loved the colours. Said I should sell them..I told her I usually did in a shop in town! lol

I have asked at a LYS if they will do the blocking for me of Harleys jumper. They said bring it in and they will see. They should be able to though. Hey Cathy...Would you do it through the CWA shop?

Later Gaters!


Tuesday, 26 April 2005

Three Beanies

Here are the three ribbed beanies I made for the kids down the road. Didnt get paid a cent for them (didnt think I would.).

The purple one on the left is actually light blue. The middle is a maroon/red not a brown/red..and the one on the right is a BRIGHT blue.


Monday, 25 April 2005

WIP2 Comp Prize

Bet you all thought I had forgotten about the prize for this!! Well I have been emailing Violet! We have had chats. And I came up with not being able to think of more then one thing! Sooooooo Here is the one thing that I got her. Its not huge..Its actually a little gorgeous bag (thats probably pretty useless). It stands 17cm tall (including the handles) and a tiny 15cm wide at the widest part! lol
BUT for the surprise part! There is somethings inside for her that I aint gonna tell you about! lol.
Will get it in the mail to you this week Vi! Hope you love it when you get it! The tag that was on it with the price said genuine Leather (I had to remove it cos it had the price)..Not really sure on that part though! lol.


Anzac Day

Lest We Forget

Sunday, 24 April 2005

More Pressies

This is what my girls gave me! I LOVE this. I have wanted this for a bit. Its got the monkey pattern in it that Buster'n'Me used!
Ok. I havent gotten all my pressies but here is what I have gotten. That book. The pattern book and fabric bag thats a few posts below, Ugg boots (from Adam), money that went towards jeans and some knitting beads, yummy smellies (body butters, scrubs, lip balms), DVDs (Gothica and Around the World In 80 Days), Elvis wallet, Low GI Diet book. I think thats about it so far! Still waiting on some!
Adam my DARLING husband! Before heading off to work make me dinner (I didnt know he was going to until he had already started)! He made me my FAVOURITE curried scallops (the girls had spaghetti)!! Also he made me a Cadbury Chocolate Cake (Velvet)!!!
Aaaaah I knew there was a reason I loved this man so much! :D


Jordans Hero Jumper Is DONE!!

Yep as you can see its finished! I did the two sleeves in 2 days!

Here are the stats
Pattern: Rowan Hero (book from mentioned in some other post cant remember)
Started: 6th April 2005
Finished: 23rd April 2005
Yarn: Magnum Mist in Denim(discontinued) and Magnum in Aqua.

Man Harley is having a MAJOR fat headed day in that pic!! Mind you she was looking downwards at me.

During the 17days it took me to make this I also made Adams Zhivago scarf. And 2 1/3 of the three beanies for the kids down the road! DAMN I didnt know I could do that much knitting in that many days! Today I finished up the last of the three beanies!

Friday, 22 April 2005


I so LOVE this wool! Not enough to pay that much for it..As much as I would love to! There isnt enough for that price to do anything with! But I LOVE the colours! I so have to learn to do that sort of stuff! I have to buy something from this seller oneday too!

Jordans Hero Jumper

Jordans Hero Jumper, originally uploaded by Katt Wings.

Here is the jumper so far. Just needs those pesky sleeves! I like the lighter star. I think it looks better then the darker aqua one.

I have 8 days for the sleeves to be done in. No panic here yet....Mmmm..Might be if I dont get some knitting done tonight! lol


Birthday Pressie from Tracey, originally uploaded by Katt Wings.

Since it has been pointed out that my birthday is tomorrow. Here is something that I got in the mail yesterday. Tracey in Vic sent this to me! The book has some GREAT patterns. And I cant wait to get my hands into that fabric knitted bag!!!

I have also gotten some money that went towards a new pair of jeans, some knitting beads as well! I also got some DVDs and and Elvis Wallet...a book about low GI dieting. I have a $50 cheque waiting to be cleared..And I get more pressies tomorrow!! I feel so spoilt! lol


Thursday, 21 April 2005

Crossing Jordan Fans

Hands up all you fans of the tv show Crossing Jordan (*madly points hand to the sky*)..

Ok..I dunno how the seasons are in America/Canada and all that. But over here (well in Tassie) we have it on.

How many of you have heard Nigel go on and on about his blog? Well..I thought it had to be too much of a coincidence that he is ALWAYS mentioning it..and ALWAYS telling us the exact address..So I googled the address..and its REAL! There is actually a Nigel Blog and its related to the show! Its Nigel from the show. Its like a small spin off. They give you cases and clues and get the readers to solve them! Go lookies if you love Crossing Jordan (or LOVE murder mystery books I guess).


BY Josie I think I have it

Oooops then I dropped it and it fell down the drain! DANG

I have been a productive little soul! Yes I have! Today I finished up the front of the second Hero Jumper. Last night I sat down and did the whole star (hence doing MOST of the front). It looks great..Though...I think will swim on Jordan! If I place the back shoulder part at my shoulder..It touches my hip! That cant be good! Today I plan on sewing up one shoulder seam..Doing the collar..Then sewing up the other shoulder seam. Then just those pesky sleeves to do (after all it IS a jumper not a vest).
I have 9 days to get the sleeves finished in. Can I finish it? Yes I can..(uuuh I think so). We will have to wait and see! Once the collar is done I will take a pic and post it.

I also have done two of the three beanies for the Sudanese children down the road. about 1/4 of the way through the last one. They better like them. They arent paying a cent for them mind you. I am just too much of a kind hearted person.

If I have things finished before the end of this month I plan on trying to get a few other things finished up before I start the Sport Cardigan fully. Its casted on..Thats it. I am almost getting excited about getting to it. It WAS going to be the last big ordered project..But I now have another Luka to do aswell.

Okies folks..Thats all for me for today I think. I would have gotten on yesterday to post but the internet and my computer werent on talking terms. I swear Bigpond plays up JUST to make customers go from landline to broadband.


Monday, 18 April 2005

Monday has gone to the Frogs

Trixi before frogging, originally uploaded by Katt Wings.

Todays frogging experience is Trixi! The blasted jumper has been frogged. Now I can start Sport for Chloe (after I finish Hero).


Ball after frogging

Ball after frogging, originally uploaded by Katt Wings.

Alas Poor Trixi..She drove me nuts! lol

THE scarf

Adam in his new scarf, originally uploaded by Katt Wings.

Here is the mans scarf. Doesnt he look dashing! *SNORT*

Sunday, 17 April 2005

His Scarf

I hate my digital camera sometimes! I can't get the bloody program on the computer to work. I have some photos to show...But it won't let me! This is not the first time its done this to me!

As the title says this is about His Scarf (I couldn't remember if French for male was Le so I decided to avoid that). I thought last night that with how the weather has been cool after dark around here I would put Jordan's Jumper on hold to get Adam's scarf finished (after all Adam is out more often then Jordan ever will be after dark). Soooooooo I finished it up. Took some pics of Adam wearing it today before he headed off to work..and they you know what? He didnt bloody take it!! MEN!!! LOL..It's lovely! I can't wait to make mine out of Zhivago! I have a lovely pewter colour.

So I have worked out I have only 13 days to get this Hero jumper finished (since I want it done by 1/5). I have the whole front (with picture pattern), both sleeves, sewing it up and collar to do. I think I can get it done as long as no unforeseen urgent knitting pops up!

I have been busy cooking biscuits today. Shop was rather low. I know they will get heaps in this week. But hey...Adams work is slowing down a little nothing like a little extra cash to help out. And I am in a cooking mood and we don't need it all! lol Anyone want me to make em some biscuits! lol

Okies folks. When I can get my digital camera and computer to play nice I will post a pic of Adam's scarf.


Friday, 15 April 2005

Movin That Butt

Yes its that time for me again! I have to move my butt! I have fallen behind with my planned timing of getting ordered jumpers/cardigans finished! I blame that BLASTED Trixi Cardigan! I got rather dishearten when that was gonna be too small (mind you I would have still been on track if it wasn't).
Tonight I have to finish the back of the second Rowan Hero jumper. Going by my timetable mind you I should have had at least TWO parts of this jumper finished by now! So upon finishing the back tonight (I am being optimistic here) I will start a sleeve.
I have also cast on Chloe's Rowan Sport cardigan. That's all though. Just the cast on. I might tackle a little of that tomorrow if I get far enough on the Rowan Hero tonight. To refreshen everyone's memories (I have done this before), click on the following names to see the patterns I am working on. From the book Rowan Pipsqueaks pattern Hero. Also from the book Rowan Pipsqueaks pattern Sport. So if ya like them..Then borrow the book from your local library (or buy it. I can tell you there are some GORGEOUS patterns in there..).
Thanks everyone for your comments on the car being broken into. Yes it would have been funny to report it to the cops but its a bit late now! lol..I am just glad we didn't have to report it to our insurance people! They wouldnt have paid a cent cos the car wasn't locked.
In the mail today I got the LATEST Bendigo Colour Shade cards. I am a tad upset they removed one of my fave colours in the Classic line. BUT I do love some of the new colours! And I noticed the prices have gone up. Granted between only 20c and 50c but still! lol. I have also noticed they have removed the Mohair they use to have! I wanted to get some of that! BOOO!!
Okies folks. That will do for me for now. Once I get something worth showing off I will take a pic and show you all!


Tuesday, 12 April 2005

Yes I Live

We had headed over our download limit on our internet access. You soooooo don't want to know the end total of the bill for last month.

I have been working on Adams scarf. Also been working on the beanie for one of the Sudanese kids down the road. I also have done a little of the second Hero Jumper. Ok I will admit it...I have become a slacker with the Jumpers. My friend has selected her replacement for the Trixi one that wouldn't fit her daughter. She has picked Rowan Sport (which..in the end..Will be the same pattern in the same colour yarn that I want to make Rachelle!! lol).

I have come across another person that knits! Actually I haven't come across her at all! She is Bugsy. Bugsy and I are part of the same msn craft group. Bugsy is a really nice person. I enjoy reading her blog. I go there every time I am online! Here is her blog! Go read it. She is such a nice person.

Ok..Maybe I should have mentioned to everyone when talking about our car being broken into that Adam is a typical freaken male. Well..From what I have heard Aussie Male! He DIDNT (yes you read DID NOT) lock the car the night it was broken into! Which means..Apart from replacing the deodorant (which we did today) it didnt cost us a cent. Make that we didnt even tell the police. Imagine the phone call.

Me: Hello I would like to report that our car has been broken into..Well..Not really broken into..My husband left the car unlocked..So really the car was more..Entered by a stranger during the night.

Police: Ok...Well...Was anything stolen?
Me: Yes...The person stole my husbands deodorant
Police: Goodbye Ma'am

See...Not worth it!

Okies..gonna head off now. Nothing exciting to chat about. Catch ya all later!


Saturday, 9 April 2005

Yarn Trade Yarn and other stuff

Yarn Trade Yarn, originally uploaded by Katt Wings.

Here is the yarn I got from the Yarn Swap! I think I did well! The plastic baggies under some yarn is how Sharon keeps her yarn! ORGANIZED or what!!

On other news. I have been working hard on Adams Zhivargo scarf. Getting there SLOWLY. Not finished the first ball yet. Will get back to it tonight and hopefully get at least the first ball done.

haven't done anymore of the Hero Jumper (take 2).

Thursday night SOMEONE broke into our car!! They sat in my passenger seat, rifled through the glovebox, and the section between the front seats. Moved all the crap that was on the floor of Harleys side up onto the seat. Generally made a nuisance of themselves!! And what did they steal? NOT the perfumes worth about $90 that's in there....NOT the kids Leapad that's worth about $100...NOT the change in the car (which granted was only about 50c)...They DID steal Adams deodorant!!! THAT'S IT!!!! I think we should all keep an eye out for a SMELLY thief..Who stole a $2 cheapo deodorant (its the car one not his good home one). We thought they might have taken a DVD that was in the car for BIGPOND movies (pay an amount a month and get dvds sent out to you that you select)..BUT if they did..They were nice enough to pop it in the mail for us..Cos I got an email from bigpond today saying it was returned.

Today I did some cooking with the girls. I have the BEST cookie recipe! Its one where kids can REALLY get their hands into it (it has to be mixed by hand when you get to a certain point). Rachelle did Peppermint Choc Chip..and Harley had Mini M&M!! I then later made some biscuits WITHOUT their help (choc cornflake ones) I have had a productive day to say the least! lol..Might post the recipe for the kids cookies someday soon! Its a great one!

Okies folks! That's all for me for now! Catch ya all later!


Thursday, 7 April 2005

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw I dont wanna have to frog it!!

Sigh. It was all going too well! Trixi was coming along to plan. I was going to get the back finished in the set time (yesterday) and be able to start one of the fronts..Until..A few days ago I looked at it "this isnt gonna fit her. It looks too small...Well if I stretch it a little so it will lay flat there MAY be a chance" yes. I will let myself believe that...Then I took it to show Demz yesterday. She looked at it "it looks a bit small" my reply "I thought that too. BUT if you stretch it a little like this there MAY be a chance" Ya see Chloe is 4, she is a short child. But her mother has pointed out she has been putting a little chub on of late...And Trixi is one ANNOYING pattern that goes sizes 3-4 and 6-7 (notice it!?!? There is NO size 5 in it)...
Sooooooooo in despertation last night I sent Demz a message "do you want me to stop with Trixi and let you look through the pattern book so you can find something else?" I get a reply this morning. "Yep just start Luka for her" mmm all well and good but I dont have the yarn yet to start Luka for her...Soooooooo last night I started Hero for the next door neighbours eldest son. Only got the cast on and one row done BUT its started!! lol

Watched "the Grudge" last night too. Not bad. Wasnt what I was expecting but was pretty good. The other night watched "Around The World In 80 Days" with Jackie Chan. Can recommend it to anyone who LOVES Jackie! Its one we will have to buy for sure.

No pics again just yet. Boring old soul arent I? Was planning on getting a pic of the yarn I was going to trade and then of my new stash enhancement but I never got one of what I got rid of! Might get one tonight of my new stuff and post it tomorrow. I got some Bendigo 5ply in a HOT PINK colour. Its the machine washable Bendigo. Am thinking about putting that with the Patons Bluebell and using that instead of the light pink to make Rachelle that jumper. Will have to sit back and see!

Catch ya all on the flip side!


Tuesday, 5 April 2005


Suzi and Sharon you two might be the only ones this applies to! Ya know how I was telling you today about the guy that is making that gorgeous baby blanket Rosetta? And how I thought I had lost him? Well tonight I found him again! Here is a link right to the recent pics of Rosetta Blanket and here is a link to his whole blog. Go and enjoy his blog. He is a Cadbury Creme Egg fan like me so I instantly like him! lol


First Yarn Swap

Had our first yarn swap at out S'n'B meeting today. Granted only 3 of us brought yarn to swap. BUT! I came home a happy girl! I just hope Sharon and Cathy went home happy too! I must remember to bring more or that Chenille yarn for you next time Sharon (you might have to remind me a little closer to next meeting).

I did start up a beanie while at Suzi's house out of my new yarn from the trade. BUT I didnt like the idea if 114 sts for a TODDLER beanie! So will go through the patterns that I have at home and find a better one.

I think we will have to plan another trade for June? Will have to discuss it with the masses and see what they think. Fingers crossed we get more people next time involved in it. There were some who didnt bring yarn that made interested motions towards the yarn.

As for knitting. I am most of the way done with the back of the Trixi cardigan. I have worked out I can spend 6 days on each of the 5 pieces to get them done in 30days. I have to get the back finished tomorrow. I think I will have that happen! lol.

I am gonna help a friend learn to knit tomorrow. Well, she already knows HOW to knit of sorts. She can do garter stitch. I am just gonna give her a pattern to make garter stitch beanies. I am using Shell's pattern she does for The Duulan Project.

Okies thats all from me for now. My children are in a S**t of a mood. NEITHER will stay in bed and Rachelle is screaming the house down! SIGH..Good thing Adam is home from work.


Sunday, 3 April 2005

mmmmmmmm do you want some?

cadbury chocolate cake, originally uploaded by Katt Wings.

Isnt it lovely! Shazzy told you I wanted to cook something..Ended up being a cake not biscuits though! lol

Bugsy thats for you! Since you asked if the secret was a cake!!! LOL..Adam said to me "is that for Bugsy" when he saw I had posted it on my blog. He thought of you before anything else! lol

Cadbury Chocolate Cake. Lovely icing too. This will surprise Adam when he gets home cos last I heard his works net link was down and he couldnt get online (ya know to check my blog!!).


I had to laugh

Rachelle wore Luka again today. That child seems to LOVE wearing it. Will have to wash it before taking it to the S'n'B meeting I be thinking.

We went to Kmart. She was running off away from us and Adam goes "It does look good on her. Dont take this the wrong way but it looks like a shop bought one!" I find it TOTALLY funny that he thought I would be insulted that he thought it was a shop bought one! Isn't that more a compliment? Might have to consider making up business cards just incase people ask me about it! lol

Mmmm speaking of people asking me about it. I sent a pic of it to my friend. I thought Rachelle looked like her daughter in one of the pics of her wearing it. I got a reply "Love the jumper Shelly looks so cute in it. Can I have one for my daugher in the exact same colours". Looks like I get to put to the test making it again! Though this time those nasty little ends will vanish from the start! Mind you the price (even though its all acrylic) isnt gonna be my usual acrylic jumper price. With all the colours that go into it (all 8 of them) thats a lot of balls of wool!! Mind you I swear my kids do something! Its started pilling a little on the front already! After she had worn it for like 3hrs it had started! I honestly dont know what those kids do to them! Will have to get one of those pill removal things.

Okies..Catch ya all later! Getting closer to being half way through the back of Trixi! Cant wait to get that done, thats the boring part! lol


Saturday, 2 April 2005

Its HERE!!

The wait is over!

Rachelle Wearing Luka, originally uploaded by Katt Wings.

What you all have been waiting for! What I have been telling you that's coming. Its LUKA!! I FINALLY finished the damn jumper! I knew if I told you lot something was coming I would have to get off my butt and finish it! So I thought I would make is a surprise! It gave me hell every step of the way! It wasn't until the last sleeve that I learnt a little trick to make ALL the ends vanish as I knitted. So after I finished knitting it I had to spend HOURS (yes I said HOURS) sewing away all the devil little ends. Then I had to sew it all together so the lines all matched up. Once that was done. I was happy. I decided cos the bottom of it rolled so much I would pick up and knit 2 rows of garter stitch. As you can see from the pic it didnt stop it rolling. I don't care. It matches the collar that is rolled.
The modifications I made on the original Rowan Luka pattern is:
1) remove the ribbing on the sleeves and the bottom edge of the jumper. I didnt like how it was more then 4 rows of that one colour. Made it too solid.
2) I added garter stitch for 2 rows at the bottom to make up the ribbing.
3) I made ruffles on the end of the sleeves (which in the end is Rachelles FAVOURITE part).
4) I make the collar roll outwards instead of inwards.

I am VERY happy with the end result I can tell you. I am willing to make it again now that I know I can make the ends vanish from the START of the jumper! lol

Dandy I know you will be happy you have wanted to see this! I hope I didnt disappoint anyone making you wait for it! lol

Click on the picture to go to my Flickr album. You can see it front on. I picked this one cos the colours are more true in it. The other is front on but the colours are a little washed out.



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