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Thursday, 31 March 2005

It's Almost Here

Will You Be Prepared?

Monday, 28 March 2005

Its Coming

Will You Be Ready?

Sunday, 27 March 2005

She almost made it a year!!

I would like to say Happy Easter to all. It cant have been worse then our day has been so far!

Harley kicked it off with having a seizure this morning at about 6:30am first one in like 10mths. It only lasted about 5 minutes..and we decided to be brave and not take her in to the hospital (this is the first time for us. Normally we take her in even if she has stopped). Well..She went back off to sleep after having it to wake up 30 minutes later screaming and then she threw up! So I packed her and Adam off to the hospital. Where he stayed with her for a few hours. She hurled again a few times. But now is all happy and bouncing off walls. SIGH..Glad to see she is back to normal again...BUUUUUUUUUUUT...DAMN I am tired! Harleys main problem was she didnt think she would get any of her easter eggs that she has been really looking forward to cos she threw up. Well I gave her a Hi-5 drink bottle/snack cup in one which had some eggs in it. That seem to make her a little happier about going. Mind you she got TOTALLY spoilt at the Hospital. They gave her some little easter eggs..And a toy rabbit that Adam named Silly Rabbit (mmmm Kill Bill related there).

And I am finding myself battling Rachelle all the way with her easter chocolate. She wants to eat it..ALL of it..And I am refusing to let her eat it all. She didnt eat lunch. Wanting to eat Choc instead. Now she wants to eat Harleys cos Harl didnt eat what she had with her all at once while she was in hospital. For a child that doesnt like Chocolate that much for most of the year she SURE the heck LOVES it at easter!!!

As for knitting. I started Chloes Trixi Cardigan last night. I have done all the ribbing for the back and have started I am hoping this goes fast. The two front parts will be interesting with the cable at the opening edge. The sleeves..Well I just hope they act like sleeves of a childs jumper/cardigan and go fast...So the long boring piece will be the back. I almost started with a sleeve last night..But thought go with the boring part first get it over and done with. Thought I would start it too before the start of next month so it would be established before I took it to places like Adams grandmothers or to the next S'n'B meeting. Which I am hoping will have a yarn trade going on! YAY our first...Mind you I have only given everyone 10 days notice. Probably not enough. Bad me should have done it sooner.

Okies folks thats all for me for today. I am addled so need some crash time with just surfing the blogs I frequent! Catch ya all later!


Friday, 25 March 2005

I Need a Hero!

And here one is! Yep Hero is complete! and looking good. I am not sure if I am overly excited about having to make another one of these though. But I will be making it with different yarn so hoping that makes it exciting.

Pattern: Rowan Pattern Hero (cant remember which book)
Date Started: this I am unsure of. Dec 2004 Maybe?
Date Finished: 25th March 2005 (I am such a slacker and could have had this finished MUCH sooner if I tried)
Yarn Used: Bendigo Woollen Mill 100% Machine Washable wool. in Denim Mix (which still amuses me that it has a slight pink fleck in it) and Aqua.
Model: My youngest Child Shell.

Happy Easter All

Well its Easter Friday. I have to say I am very proud of myself (Katt Purrs to herself happily...).

I worked out Wednesday Night that I only have 2mths and a handful of days to get a full jumper and a full cardigan and most of another jumper finished before winter sets in and people really want their orders! Sooooooooooo...Wednesday night I got stuck into Hero jumper. And I finished up the star on the front. Thursday I sat and finished up the front (all about 15 rows of it! lol). And then started both the sleeves. I finished up a ball that I was using..So put that sleeve aside and finished the other one last night. Then today I sewed it in and finished the second sleeve up and sewed that in. And YEP I FINISHED IT!!! *wipes brow and looks proudly at the jumper*...Now I have to make Hero again for Jordan this time (so a size or two bigger)..and then make Trixi for Chloe and I am done with the orders. I am hoping to at some point finish up Luka for Rachelle too. So I have a month per ordered item. And then hopefully a few days extra in there somewhere to finish Luka.

Man its cold here today. My fingers are cold. I will have to get Harleys Will Jumper blocked real soon so she can start wearing it and enjoying it. She put it on yesterday and didnt want to take it off. She loves it. I have to still get the zipper put in it (after its blocked). I dont think I will get Rachelle another jumper done this winter. But thats Ok I be thinking she will still fit into the last year ones (and she has a heap of hand down warm tops that were Harleys)..Harley is the one in need of warmer tops. I was looking around KMart at the lovely tops there. Its scary. She is only 5 (will be 5 1/2 by winter) but I have to look at the size 7 to 10 tops for her. She is so long in the torso. She wears size 6 pants.

Ok folks I be off now. Hope you all are having a lovely Easter Holiday!


Wednesday, 23 March 2005

Ok finished something

There ya go..Harley having a rather fat headed day but you get that. This is the childs cable and ribbed beanie. In light natural. I am gonna make a mens one in natural and sell them. Hopefully some mother of a son will buy both for daddy and son.

I have to say a HUGE thank you to Suzi..Yesterday I laughed so much! I havent laughed that hard or as much in a long time! It was great! This is why Suzi is my best friend. I can go visit her and forget I am a mother..Forget I am a wife..and We can both forget we are 27 this year! lol..Cant share with you what we laughed about. Its a personal joke..But it was good! Wish I got to do it more then once a fortnight.

Easter Holidays have started down here..And Harley is already driving me nuts!! She kept asking me something over and over again today AFTER I had already said YES the first time! I was not impressed! sigh.

Might do some of Hero now that I have finished that beanie. Before heading back to those socks that need pairs.

Okies folks thats all from me for now! Catch ya all on the flip side!


Tuesday, 22 March 2005

Ok so I am still alive

Suzi can vouch for that! I went and visited her today.

I have been knitting. LOTS of knitting....nothing finished to show for it though. Well except for 1 sock of 2 sets (yes..I had gotten my sock pile down to ONE odd pair now I am back up to three). I also got a bit done on a childs cable and rib beanie. Yes I am STARTING things!! Startitis hits again. Actually I have a good excuse! I have sold two childs beanies, 2 pair of childrens socks and a mans beanie I thought I better replenish the stock a little. I mean I only put in TWO pairs of 12-18mth old socks and BOTH sold!! My only childs cable and ribbed beanie sold too (and it was a LOVELY deep purple..I didnt think it would sell). So now I am working on more. Wish I had something finished to show off to you but alas I dont! When I get them finished I will. Beanie hopefully tomorrow...Socks..mmmmm...maybe a few days after that? I am already feeling guilty about not working on Hero!! So I am gonna have to hit that again after I have finished the beanie/socks.

Ok and now for a rant on my behalf! A few weeks ago...someone on a forum I am on contacted me. Asking me if I would be willing to make beanies and ponchos for her to SELL in a stall...I was reasonable. I have a HUGE order as it is. But since we are both on the same forum I would be nice and will see if I can help her. So we emailed a few times, talking about things needed to be talked about. Then she asked me what prices I would charge..If she gave me the wool to work with. NOW I have spoken to TWO people about this and one gave the same prices I myself was thinking. Another gave double what we were thinking. NOW I dont think its unreasonable to ask for $5 for a beanie for MY HARD EARNED TIME (Away from my house and girls..it takes me TWO days to do a beanie with everything else I have to do) and I asked $10 for a Poncho (which would take me LONGER and also take time away from spending time with my children and all that)...SO....after GIVING her these prices I have NOT heard back from her..Its been almost 2 weeks. So I contacted her the other day..STILL no reply...and she is STILL posting on the forum we are both in..I Think its BLOODY rude..AND totally unprofessional of someone to contact ME out of the blue...Make me find patterns she wants..Work out how much yarn is needed...How much I would charge for it all..AND add to that ask you guys for pattern help with that vest...To turn around and be freaken RUDE and ignore me! Ok now I have vented that (and I HOPE like hell she comes across it)..I will go! lol

Catch ya all later!!


Friday, 18 March 2005

Why Do I Bother?

Every time I tell you guys what my knitting plans are for the night I seem to not touch those items at all! I think I might start telling you what I plan NOT to do each night! lol
Last night if you couldn't guess I got none of the star done again. Instead I was reminded (by seeing a grow suit) that I was planning on mailing today a little parcel off to Tokyo! So I sat down and made the little extra thing I was tossing in for her daughter. I would tell you what it was..And I would show you but never know if Lisa or Amber is looking on here ;) Ok..So Amber wouldn't be able to but still!! Its a surprise.

So tonight..I don't plan on working on the star..I also don't plan on working on anything else I have started. I DO plan on starting something new.

I have been doing well with the things I have in the shop too. I have sold another child's beanie this week. So I be thinking I will have to get my butt knitting and make more things to sell. See I should have done a heap more stuff during summer..I knew this would happen. And its not even THAT cold yet!! Looks like it might be a lucrative winter! MWAAHAAAHAAA.....

No pics today..Boring and nothing to show (sorry Dandy)...Thats all for now. Boring old soul I am.


Thursday, 17 March 2005

My little girl all grown up!

Look at this!! I have caught Harley laying on my bed..Watching MY wrestling on the tv (a video)..Listening to MY MP3 player!!! And I aint talking little kids music either! She listening to things like "Behind Blue Eyes" Limp Biskit..."My Sacrifice" Creed..."I Believe" Cher...and I am ashamed she listened to "Like Toy Soldiers" by Eminem (I do like that song..bit too much swearing for Harley though). And she is only 5yrs almost 3mths (in 2 days)!!! SIGH..where did the time go?

Hero Star

Hero Star, originally uploaded by Katt Wings.

Ok I was up late last night watching some ebay listings finish that I was selling for a friend (she didnt do to bad either).

I got no knitting done yesterday. But I thought I would show you the 30 rows of the Hero Star to show you how little I had to show off! lol. Today I will get more of it done. I swear! I have another project I want to start. I have been DYING to start! I borrowed the last lot of needles at the last S'n'B meeting (thanks Cathy!! and also Thanks Sharon for the other lot I needed too).
My only problem with the pattern is they dont give me what needle size to start with!! They have two different needles sizes to use. They tell you when to use one lot of them for a different part..So do I assume I use the smaller ones to start with? And I have 4ply to work with..But the pattern says the lady used home made yarn and it was 6ply or sorts. So maybe I need to go buy some 5ply. I like my 4 ply though! lol. Will start with the 4 and see if its gonna be too small.

Ok enough prattling for me for today. Will let you see this secret project as I work on it and see if any of you can work out what it is. Those of you at the S'n'B meetings know already so I cant make it into a comp! lol

Ok I keep forgetting to say! Dandy got my yarn parcel in the mail the other day! YAY! I so cant wait to get mine now! I hope she enjoys all of it! She had told me she has slammed some of her Tim Tams already! I am so proud! lol. I just hope she finds some great projects to use all the yarn for! And I look forward to seeing pics of what the yarn I sent her gets turned into!


Wednesday, 16 March 2005

I cant feed Pudge, Tuna! I would Be An ABOMINATION!

Yes my girls are watching Lilo And Stitch..AGAIN!! Second time for today..Bet it wont be the last.

As for knitting. Yesterday I did 20 rows of the star on Hero. So now I have done 30 rows of it..And still not worth showing off...Who would have thought a star would take this long to look like anything!!

I have been doing no other knitting other then this star. Hoping to get back on later tonight with a picture of it looking a bit more like a star.

Got a great pick up today at Cash Converters! They had a Leap Pad for $29! It had no game..and needed new batteries..BUT we went and got it a Finding Nemo Game and new batteries..And while getting the game we priced the Leap Pad..they are $129! So we saved $100! BARGAIN! Harley loves it. I am hoping it helps her with her reading. Rachelle still isnt too sure what to do with it but she will get the idea. So now they have a Leapster (Harleys birthday pressie) and Leap Pad to share! Will have to buy more things for them so they get to use them heaps.

Okies. Thats all for me for now! Hopefully catch you a little later!


Tuesday, 15 March 2005

WIP Competition 2 Has Closed

The Competition is closed! And we have a winner again!!!!

The Winner is!!!! VIOLET!!!! If you want to drop a line to me Violet on here to let me know you have won..Then I will contact you about a prize since you arent a knitter! lol

The item was a little ruffle skirt for Harleys little friends doll I mentioned making a few weeks ago. I knitted the Skirt, the Singlet and a Pair of Overalls. I have also started a jumper. I want to make a little cardigan and a pair of pants too. Then Harley wants me to make some clothes for hers..Lets hope with I give it to her Roda will like it all! lol

Stay Tuned for another WIP Comp coming some time real soon! I have another one already planned! lol


Monday, 14 March 2005

Ok So I Was Naughty

What are you going to do? Spank me? I didnt do ANY of the knitting last night that I said I would do! Instead I finished up the beanie that I wasnt telling you about until it was done (and taaadaaa there it is above).

I also wrote out the pattern for the star on Hero. Thus making the knitting of it (which I have started today) a lot easier. When I get it to a situation worth showing off I will take a pic of it. Right now its only 10 rows in and not worth showing off (its a 73row star after all!!).

If you click on the picture of Harley you go to my album where you can check out Rachelle in the same beanie. I will be making it again for sure. I have that fluff (or ostrich wannabe) in multi purple..And another colour but at the moment cant remember! lol.

Dont forget its your LAST chance to get into the WIP Competition 2! Finishes tomorrow..Do YOU think you know what it is? Then please share! You could be a winner!!

Hey ever knitting something and though "WOW thats small?" Well it cant be as small as THIS! The main thing that shocks me on that site is those MITTENS!!! And more WHY would you make them that small!?!?!

Okies thats all for me for now folks! Catch ya later!


Sunday, 13 March 2005

Books and Ebay Sellers

I was so happy when hunting around online to see that there will be a sequal to the Funky Knitting Book I bought!! On further investigation Funky Knitting 2 will be out March 2006! A whole YEAR away! Sigh..Guess I can wait! Mind you there are HEAPS of other Funky books out there.

And now for a bitch on my behalf! There is a ROTTEN seller on ebay that has me BLOCKED from buying from her! Now this wouldnt bother me if like I had bought from her before and there were problems..The thing is I have NEVER bought from this woman! EVER that I know of (unless she is someone I have previously delt with who created a whole new ebay account). So I email this woman through ebay (almost a month ago) asking WHY I am blocked. The stupid cow never replied! I then find out she USE to be a member of a yahoo knitting group I am in (now I have never caused problems in there so cant have come from in there either!!)...This is the first time I have come across someone on ebay that has me BLOCKED! And I only found out about it when I added them to my favourite and couldnt get their newsletter option cos I was blocked! And the horrid woman is a yarn seller who sells her own yarn that she dyes herself. Granted she has a WHOPPING price on her stuff that I probably wouldnt pay anyway! lol But thats not the point.


Harley and Rachelles Yarn

Harley and Rachelles Yarn, originally uploaded by Katt Wings.

These are the colours that Rachelle picked the other day at Spotlight for her and Harley to "knit". Will have to teach them now (or at least Harley).

On other knitting news. Last night I finally got up to the star on the Hero jumper. Will try and get that all done tonight. Mind you its a 73row star so HUGE!

I have started another project. I know I am so naughty. But I did heaps of work on my UFOs!! So give me that! I am not telling what this new project is until its done (Dandy SHUSH!). Though its pretty cool. And Harley says she wants it already. I was thinking of putting it into the shop to sell.
I am hoping to get heaps more knitting done tonight. I would love to get the Star on Hero finished. And the back section of the baby cardi. But thats a lot of knitting! Will see how I go.

Nothing exciting to tell in non-knitting news. So wont tell anything. lol.

Okies folks. Until next time! Catch ya later!


My Think Pink Project

Baby Cardi Further On, originally uploaded by Katt Wings.

This is the baby cardi at the moment. Last night I finished up the left front. This is the first time I have ever made an item where the front and back are all in one. Its quite amazing really. I now have to do the back. Then the right front. I wonder if I do the shoulders a little differently could I graft them together? I cant wait to get the body part finished. I am hoping the sleeves go really quickly.
What do you all think?


Friday, 11 March 2005

Lots of Little Things

Well I have been knitting a lot of little things. I cant say what those little things are cos they go with the WIP Competition 2 Guessing game thing. But I have been knitting. I also have been naughty in the fact that none of them were on my UFO list. Smack me I know!

In Spotlight yesterday I picked up some more wool to make three more Miss Dashwoods! Also Rachelle picked up two little balls of Disco wool. She said she will knit the floro green and Harley will knit the shocking pink. Neither of them know how to knit.

Girls have been good. Harley is still loving school. Its funny. If she is naughty we threaten her with not letting her go to school the next day (which we would never do mind you) she loves school that much she behaves! If I had been threatened with no school I would have misbehaved worse!! lol.. Rachelle has been a little off colour. Though she acts fine. She has a bit of the extra curricular butt activity though (I know TMI).

The Launceston Stitch'n'Bitch meeting went really well the other day. I did a few rows of Hero. There were two new people there. Its always great to see new people. And they Crochet! I am so jealous!

Okies thats all for me for now! Remember the WIP COMP2 Finishes in 4 days! Get your guess in now!!


Wednesday, 9 March 2005

WIP Competition 2

WIP Competition 2, originally uploaded by Katt Wings.

Its that time again!! Here is another WIP Competition for you all!

Ok since there was a little problem with the first one I best lay down a little rule. If there is no easy way to contact you (ie I know you or can click on your name to get to your blog) please email me after you have guessed so when the competition is over I can contact you right away. Also so there isnt any chance of someone else pretending to be the winner (I am so glad that didnt happen with the first one!). Here is my email address mummykatt@bigpond.com

Ok here is a little hint for you!
This is only a small project. I am making a few small things for one of the girls friends. And this is one of them! Thats all the hints you are getting!

Competition closes 15th March Aussie Time (so thats 6 days time!). So get Guessing!
Please click on the comments and leave guesses there (since I dunno for sure if this doodleboard will leave me like the last one did).


Monday, 7 March 2005

Cheap Knitting Needles!!

Our local cheap-o store (Chickenfeed) has brand new knitting needles on sale for $2 a pop! Sizes 4mm to 9mm. I saw the ad last night. Thought they were probably plastic fantastic (I break plastic needles like its no-ones business)...But thought I could handle the plastic ones from 6mm up (I have 6mm, 6.5mm and 7.5mm in plastic and am ok with them). I got down there today and they are METAL!!!! YAY!!! So I picked up 2x4mm, 1x5mm, 1x6mm, 1x7mm, 1x8mm and 1x9mm! They only had the whole sizes non of the inbetweens but still I am a happy camper! I now have some large needles! YAY!

Now I have to work on some projects to use them with. I am glad I didnt pay like $15 a pop for the bigger ones now that I got them that cheap.

Havent done any knitting yet today. Will get to that a little later. Dunno still what I will be taking to tomorrows S'nB Meeting. Probably will take Hero along. Thats an easy one to do. Though I will probably get up to the picture in it either tonight or tomorrow. Might have to try and get to it and get it all done tonight!

I am itching to start a new big project. I want to start another jumper. Or maybe Chloes Trixi cardigan. I dont know I just want to start something else!! Its that startitis again!

Ok if I get some knitting done and/or have some exciting news I will get back on later! lol


Sunday, 6 March 2005

Multi direction beanie

Multi direction beanie, originally uploaded by Katt Wings.

Isnt this the greatest!! I might make it again one day but the ribbing at the bottom is so annoying (especially when I am tired). If you click on the pic and go to my Flickr pics there is a side on view of it for you all to lookies at (plus a closer one of the socks).

Less UFOs

Socks, originally uploaded by Katt Wings.

Ok so now I am down to 5 UFOs again! I am glad to get another pair of socks done.
So now I am down to
1 sock to make
2 jumpers to finish
1 cardigan to finish
1 poncho half done

I also did 15 rows of the Hero Jumper for Isaac yesterday. Also made the beanie above (that wasnt on the UFO list but had to relieve some bordom! At least I am not starting more HUGE projects!!!

Guess what? The man servant got the cold! SIGH..Typical of him. The night I posted how it must be a female thing in our house he came home after finishing work all sick. At least he isnt like most men. Its not the end of the world with him. At least the rest of us are getting better.

Got the Launceston S'n'B meeting on Tuesday! Cant wait to go! I do enjoy my time with other knitters.

The weather the past few days has been lovely and cool. I just hope it doesnt heat up again! SIGH..love my coolish weather! bring on WINTER!!

Okies folks not much else to say. I thought I had something to tell...But its gone..SIGH..must be getting old! lol


Friday, 4 March 2005

vest pattern search

vest, originally uploaded by Katt Wings.

Ok I am looking for a pattern like the vest pictured here. For a boy. 5 to 8ply. I have had a request for this to be made (no pattern included). Its a rather nice vest!
So please can anyone help with a pattern for a childs vest that looks like this?

Functioning Again

Ok I think I am alive again! I forgot to mention in my Wednesday addled minded post that I was only functioning on 3hrs sleep! Adam had to take Rachelle into Hospital Tuesday night cos she was suffering Croup again (worse then last time). Looks like munchkin might get asthma!! Will have to wait and see. So I was left at home. With Harley..I don't sleep well with Adam out of the house all night. Harley shared my bed with me so I wasn't totally alone. Mind you she hogged the bed and was grinding her teeth all night. She has got to stop doing that! She is going to have no teeth left! And its nasty on the ears.

Both my girls are next door at the moment. So I am getting a bit of a break from them. I am enjoying it to say the least!

NOT HAPPY with Doodleboard. They now charge you to have it. So I am gonna have to look around for another free one. I had a HEAP of posts on mine! Should send them hate mail..Nah..Cant be stuffed.

As for the knitting front. While talking to my best friend the other day (the Divine Miss T) I worked out what my strange little mind was calling the second cardigan in my UFO list! It wasn't a cardigan...noooooooooo..It was a child's Poncho!! So I did have 10 projects!! Now I have 6! I am working on one of the odd pairs of socks at the moment. Hoping to get them and the poncho finished before I start anything else new.

Went to one of my fave small local craft shops the other day that has HEAPS of yarn in it (probably over half yarn in it). And found out she is planning on closing down! She said to me "this time next year I wont be here. Would have had this shop for 10years" I know last year or the year before she tried to sell it but the sale went through. SIGH..Anyhoo for a bonus for me she is selling off some of the yarns (discontinued and novelty). So I grabbed up all her Merino Bambino (14 balls) in this GREAT green and 1 ball in a denim blue (what she called it) and only paid $15 ($1 a ball!) Makes me happy now ( wasn't overly happy when I missed the Bambino at Spotlight when they had it at $1).

We are all in various stages of colds here...Well except Adam! I swear its a male free cold! How can he live in a house of 4 and be the ONLY person NOT to get it!?!? Cos he is the only male and this cold only attacks females! It has to be the case!! LOL

Well thats all for me for today. Got nothing exciting to type about. Oooh Except my Grand Prix has started again this weekend!! YAY for me! Lol..I got into it last year when I was up at horrid hours of the night on weekends with cooking. Anyway catch ya round! Hope to have pics next time I am here!


Wednesday, 2 March 2005

Baby Beanie

Baby Beanie, originally uploaded by Katt Wings.

This is the beanie I made in the baby yarn the other day. Its so lovely! I do like it a lot. I wish I had a baby to put one on! We had to buy Rachelle new sneakers today and it dawned on my that I no longer have a baby to buy shoes for!! Rachelle is now in size 7!!
Though I know of a few pregnant women..So they might get a gift! lol
Thats all for now


Tuesday, 1 March 2005

I've Been Tagged Again!

I was tagged by Nikki-Shell

1. What was the last book you read or are reading? Tietam Brown by Mick Foley

2. Where did it come from (library, bookstore, gift, etc.)? library

3. How many books do you read per year? Depending on my mood anything from 10 to 30! If I am in a real reading mood (usually when I am not in a knitting mood) i read like crazy. Now that I am a mum I dont read half as much as I use to! SIGH

4. What is your favourite genre?Murder Mystery.

5. Who will you tag now? Vicki, Sharyn and Sharon

YAY its raining!! I love rain! Give me MORE rain!!

Last night I started and finished a little baby beanie made out of Heirloom Baby Wool! Stuff costs $3.30 a 25g ball. And I can get one newborn beanie out of one ball with some left over. Lovely stuff. Though no value for money if I plan on making and selling! lol I will take a pic and post tomorrow if I have time. I still havent finished the one sock. I also have a ribbed beanie to do before I have to take the whole little bag of goodies into the shop Thursday!

Dandy my darling watch your mail box! Parcel is ON ITS WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad to have it off and travelling across the world!! I hope it gets to you in once piece..Sorry no pics :( I forgot to take the camera. Also I had been opened and resealed. I popped a nailpolish in for each of the girls...BUT because there is a flamable warning on them they had to come out :( Should have kept quiet and snuck them over. Oh I also didnt put the patterns in there. Didnt get time to do them but will run them off and mail them to you at some point in the near future (when we are near a photo copier).

Okies folks thats all for me tonight. I am getting a cold and not feeling the best..Sigh..Catch ya all later!!


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