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Sunday, 27 February 2005

Guardian Angel Jumper

Guardian Angel Jumper, originally uploaded by Katt Wings.

Well the Guardian Angel Charity jumper is done. Just have to get two buttons for it.
There is two other finished projects below.
I must be going crazy! I thought I had two cardigans to finish! I only got one! My list of UFOs is now down to 3 odd socks, 2 jumpers and 1 cardigan! Hoping to get the odd socks done next! Then I will be down to THREE UFOs and will be over the moon! lol

Harley is sick. She woke up about 30 minutes ago coughing her guts up hardly able to breath! Thought it might have been croup. She can breath now that she has settled down. Doesnt matter that I rang Adam and got him to come home from work to take her to the hospital. He has just left to go back to work! SIGH. Dont know if she will be going to school tomorrow. I just hope I get some sleep tonight!

Okies folks! Catch ya all later! Hope to be back tomorrow with some other finished UFOs...Maybe a pair of childs socks? I have a baby one I would love to put into the shop with my other pile of finished shop projects!


Mens Cable and Rib

Mens Cable and Rib, originally uploaded by Katt Wings.

Another mens Cable and Rib Beanie! I know this wasnt on the list of things to finish. I started it yesterday and finished it today. Naughty I know but I think Monday might be the day they go in the window display! And if not then I am getting slowly ahead! lol

THE ordered beanie

THE ordered beanie, originally uploaded by Katt Wings.

The evil beanie is complete! Finished it today. I actually like it now. Though dunno if I will make it again! This is the first beanie I have made all on dpns! And its actually a lovely red colour (honest!).

Friday, 25 February 2005

Cotton Heaven

Cotton Heaven, originally uploaded by Katt Wings.

Have a gander at what I picked up at an op shop (thrift shop) yesterday! All cotton..All lovely! The blue alone is about 600g (the other colours are a little piled on top of some of the blue too)!!! Am thinking its an 8ply which is good. And it all cost me a grand total of $5! BIGGEST BARGAIN! Now I have to find some really nice patterns to knit with Cotton. Am considering making Rachelle something with the blue (would look lovely with her eyes). All the colours came in the one pack. VERY Australian (colours of our Flag!).

I am almost half way through the last sleeve of the Guardian Angel jumper! Look for a picture of the finished product tomorrow (if I get that organised!)

Harley read me a book yesterday. Actually READ it to me! I am so impressed! Mind you its a basic one. She has memorised the order the words go in more then the words themselves I think. I bet it I wrote them down seperately in a different sentence she wouldnt be able to pick them out. But still its a HUGE step forward ;)

I havent really been in much of a knitting mood..I dont know why. I will do some when I sit down with it in front of me but actually getting to that point!

The same op shop that I got the cotton from had this adoreable 5 piece knitted set in yellow for a doll. I couldnt help myself! Harley has a Baby Born and the set was $4 (someone undercharged I tell you)..So I bought it! I mean why not? I am HIGHLY impressed by it its all gorgeous! So why not have a knitter buy it who appreciates the work that went into it?

Okies I think thats all for me tonight. Boring soul arent I? Nothing exciting is happening here HONEST! lol


Wednesday, 23 February 2005

Patons Bluebell

Patons Bluebell, originally uploaded by Katt Wings.

Ok do you think these two colours match well? These are the colours I want to use to make Rachelle a hooded jumper with. Either the sleeves and hood pink rest purple..or the sleeves and hood purple and the rest pink.

Knitting for today. I have done a little bit more of the Guardian Angel jumper for the charity. Otherwise I havent done any today (naughty me).

Harley had the day off school today. It was a holiday here in Launeston due to Launceston Cup Day.

Okies. Not much else exciting to say today that I can think of now! lol. Rather boring day really.

Ooooh actually! I finally got to chat with a blogger today on MSN! Knitwytch Sharyn. She is such a great person! I feel like i have known her for awhile! She is easy to talk to!

Catch ya all later!


Tuesday, 22 February 2005

Guesssing Game Prize

Guesssing Game Prize again, originally uploaded by Katt Wings.

Melissa's guessing game prize is on its way to her! Wave Bye Bye everyone!! So keep an eye on your mailbox Melissa! Hoping it reaches you bye the end of next week!

Dandy on a note to you! I got your parcel weighed today to mail to you! Without the patterns added (which wont weight much being only a few pages) its gonna cost me $29 (will get to you in a week) or $24 (will get to you in 3 weeks) I am probably gonna take the $29 offer so it gets to you really quickly and so it wont get lost in the post! I cant wait for you to get it and open it up!

Knitting wise. I remembered last night that I actually have THREE jumpers on that list of projects to finish. So it puts me up to 10 UFOs until I got the Miss Dashwood finished. Now I am back to 9 again! LOL. Got a little knitting on the charity jumper done at my best friends today. Dunno if I will get much more done tonight!

Okies. Just a short one from me! Catch ya around!


Monday, 21 February 2005

Think Pink...Miss Dashwood!

21170415, originally uploaded by Katt Wings.

Ok here is my Think Pink project that I was doing as well as the baby Cardi.

Miss Dashwood (knitty pattern).
Date Started: 19th Feb 2005
Date Finished: 21st Feb 2005
Material Used: Panda Magnium Acrylic in HOT PINK 12ply
Needles: 4mm Circs and 3 3/4mm dpns (I dont have 4mm dpns yet).

Will be making this again for SURE!! LOVE it! I did it without the bobbles (dont like em never have) and without the earflaps (I dont think my girls will need it). Its great this pattern! So much of a change from beanies! LOL


UFO Guilt

Ok I am suffering a little UFO guilt. My UFO pile has gone from like 3 or 4 things to a lot more! I now have 3 ODD pair of socks, 2 hats, 2 jumpers and 2 cardigans!! Sigh! So I have decided that I am going to try and get at least HALF the UFOs finished before I am allowed to start something else! You know the easiest would be the socks and hats. And you know thats probably the way I will go! BUT if I do go that way I am going to be hard on myself and make sure I finish at least ONE of the big projects too!

Speaking of said socks! I tried the little red sock on Sam yesterday..And guess what! IT DIDNT FIT!! Lol! So the socks that were going to be his, then Isaacs, then Sams again...are now going to be for the shop! Will have to make socks that fit Rachelle to fit BOTH Sam and Isaac too! Sam is like a year younger then Rachelle! So might not have to make those AS big..But still!

The little hat for the Think Pink Project is almost finished! I am loving it. And of course with my circular needle problem..This hat that is meant to be for ages 2-3yo...will Fit my 5yo too! Doesnt matter! Will make another one to fit Rachelle then so they can both have one! I wanted one for each of them anyway!

My Patons Bluebell yarn I bought off ebay turned up today! Its a pretty light pink. I have put it next to the bright purple and I am still not totally 100% sure they will match. I have plans on making Rachelle a hooded jumper with the body pink and the sleeves and hood purple (or maybe the body purple and the sleeves and hood pink?). Which would you have as the lighter colour? Might have to take a pic of the balls together and let the masses tell me what they think! lol

Okies folks! Thats all from me! Want to go and try and get this hat finished so I can post a pic of it today!

Catch ya around!!


Sunday, 20 February 2005

Neighbourhood Day Care

Ok so not really. And I did rescue Anna next door from having 4 kids there by ending up with 5 here in all! Its wasnt as bad as I thought it would be..HOW can 5 kids be quieter then my 2 (when my two were among the 5)?!?! I had the age range between 2 1/2yo and 6yo! Mind you was left with a collection after the three strays went home..Have the shoes of both the kids in one family..and the hat of the one in another family! Harley left her shoes at Jordans house (the one who left his hat here)! Sheesh! Good thing we all get along.

Knitwise...I have done none today. Had no time so far. Been out and when we came home had kids here from the moment the car stopped in the drive! Plan on trying to get the ordered beanie finished tonight while watching CSI and NCIS (must remember to tape both for Adam). Kids will both be in bed by then and SHOULD be going to sleep. Harley is back off to school tomorrow.

As for tomorrow. I will see how much further I can get in the second object I am making for the Think Pink thing. I will need 4mm double points so dont see myself getting too much farther into it. I have already gone from 1 4mm circ to 2 in hopes to get the shaping a bit better (I find knitting on a single circ makes my tension wrong and headwear ends up HUGE). Also best get back to the cardi for the Think Pink thing. Dunno when the whole knit along finishes..But am hoping to get a few things done during it.

Now a blog that I have been reading for a while that totally makes me smile is one that two blogs I frequent have mentioned so I thought I best too! lol. Always love to help blogs along to get more readers..Its Karma..If I do it for some that dont know it, I hope some do it for me that I dont know of! Buster N Me is a great blog! Kristo knitted a monkey after Chrissie. And you get to read the adventures the Monkey gets up to! Its great! Its a cheeky little devil too! Go check it out! Another blog I love to go visit cos the person who does it is such a lovely person! is Nikki-Shell Nichola is a great person and new to blogging so go check her out!

Today I did start dressing a Doll that I make. I hand sew these dolls fully (doll and clothes). Roda (one of the kids here today that left her shoes) is black to be frank..Her whole family is (the are from Sudan)...And I have three dolls that are made but with no hair, face or clothes in black. I offered to make one up for Roda today. She looked heaps keen..Probably rare for the kid to find a black doll to play with. Harley has a white one with white blonde hair, pink floral top and jeans. I let Roda go through my scrap yarn and pick a colour for the hair of her doll (she originally wanted white blonde like Harleys but I didnt have enough left so she ended up picking a BRIGHT red) and then she picked through my fabric for the clothes. I am making it a pink gingham top and a denim skirt (pink top with THAT colour hair I can hear you thinking..I thought the same thing..Not my choice though). I put the hair on it while she was here, might see if I feel up to doing the clothes for it tonight since we will be seeing her tomorrow morning cos Adam takes her to school with Harley every day. Doubt I will get it done though! lol.

Okies Folks thats all for me for today! When I get the doll finished I will pop a Pic of her one. She is my own pattern too! So Roda picked well! lol. Take care! Catch ya around.


Saturday, 19 February 2005

Think Pink Project

Think Pink Knit along Project, originally uploaded by Katt Wings.

So here it is. This is a gorgeous little pattern. I just love it. Its so girlie. I plan on making all of it except the booties...And its looking good in the pink I am using too! I love the little lace patterning at the bottom of it all! GORGEOUS! Will post more pics as I go along.


My Felted Bag Pattern

Ok I have written up the pattern for the bag..And then thought it would be too hard to post it on here! SOOOOOO if you are interested in the bag pattern please email me at mummykatt@bigpond.com and put in the subject line I want a Copy Of The bag pattern Please (or ya know something like that so I dont delete ya thinking you are spam). And I will email it to you. Its a Word file so hopefully you will be able to read that.

For other knitting related news Oz Yarn is having a 50% off closing down sale. I bought some cotton there yesterday (8 balls actually)...as well as 2 sets of double point needles! I only spent $33!! BARGAIN!! That including postage cost and tax! Cant be happier then that! They do post overseas too! Go lookie!

My think Pink project is going well. I cant wait to get the piece I am doing finished. Then I will have both the fronts and the back pieces all done (they are all done in one). Its going well. Will have to post a pic of it I think!

I didnt touch the beanie from hell yesterday. Might have to work on it today. Sooner I get it finished sooner it will be out of my life.

Kids socks..well...next...mmmm...lazy arent I? Same goes for Isaacs Hero Jumper..and Rachelles Luka jumper!! I will get back to them..Just want to get some other things done first..Will have to hit them hard starting next month I think to get 4 jumpers and 2 cardigans finished by winter! YIKES!

Okies thats all for now! Might get back on later if I am not too busy with knitting and kids!


Friday, 18 February 2005

Due to popular Demands....

Wow there has been some popular demand for my felted bag pattern!! So due to popular demand I will be writing it up tonight so I can post it for you all either tonight or tomorrow (depending on when I have the time). I didnt think it would end up that popular! LOL.

I have joined a Pink Knitalong (being as I have two little girls is there any better colour to join?). Now I have to work out what THINK PINK project I am going to do!

Last night I started an ordered beanie for a child. I have to say this is the first time I have had to knit something I dislike! The pattern doesnt appeal to me! I have never knited something I dont like before. I am just hoping I can get it finished soon so I can get it in the shop, get thje sale and get it gone. I tell you if the lady doesnt want it after I have finished it I will be not happy if it doesnt sell!

Then I find that they are doing a mens window display in early March! Now I have to get working hard on some more mens beanies! Since they sell well.

Harley did well at her first day at school. Mind you she didnt get to sleep until after 9pm last night. Silly child. Adam had to wake her up this morning. Bet she thought she would get a sleep in. Hope she sleeps well tonight and sleeps in tomorrow! lol

Rachelle is starting to miss Harley I think. Poor little mite. I will have to start thinking of things to do with her to keep her happy. Might look into a day care or play group to get her into for a few hours a couple of days a week if she gets too bored.

Okies..thats all for now. Everyone after the Felted bag pattern please be patient. I am a slacker at heart! lol


Thursday, 17 February 2005

Lana Grossa Sock Yarn

Lana Grossa Sock Yarn, originally uploaded by Katt Wings.

Lookie what I have! THANK YOU LISA I got it in the mail today. Now I am not ashamed to say its more then I would CARE to pay for sock yarn (I eye off the Opal at $20 a ball then run away before I give in to the need to knit it) But this is less then that (though not by much) so I can keep that in mind while knitting it. I am also hoping that 1 ball will produce 2 pairs of girls socks (one for each of my darlings). That we will have to wait and see about! But isn't it gorgeous??

In other knitting related news. Cos I ended up on the phone gossiping with my best friend all last night I didnt get the front of the charity jumper finished. I am hoping to get it all finished soon so I can post a piccie for you all! I think the colours would best be appreciated when the whole thing is finished. I also somehow conned Adam into taking me back to Spotlight today and I got 2 balls of a Magnum colour I really like. 3 balls of Zhivargo in black (to make Adams a scarf) and 2 balls more of the Bluebell I already have so hoping to be able to make the girls something with 16 balls of that plus 6 balls of a light pink when I get it off ebay.

In non-knitting related news Harley had her first day of school today. Heading to pick her up in under 30 minutes. I hope she survived. I am so worried cos the school isnt secured and its on a fairly busy road! I am also worried about Bullies. At the Kindy last year they were at a WHOLE different place with no other kids and couldnt get out of the small yard bit it was on. I have kept busy today though grocery shopping was HEAVEN without her and only with Rachelle.

Okies Catch ya all later!


Wednesday, 16 February 2005

Babies? What Babies?

I have been keeping myself busy by working on the charity jumper for the Gardian Angel Charity thing. I am working on the front.

I bought a new book yesterday with some baby patterns in it. Has some GORGEOUS stuff! I am not usually a fan of knitted baby pants but this has some gorgeous ones. So last night I started a baby cardigan out of it for a baby girl. Now I know no baby girls..So this will probably end up in the shop to sell. I am planning on making the matching pants, and if I feel up to it the matching beanie aswell.

I finished the plain sock of Harleys the other day too. And started another pair in my own pattern. Seening how it runs then I might post it on my Sock along. Will have to get back to the socks soon. I have 2 1/2 odd pairs!! lol. Need to finish up some I think. The socks that were going to be Sams. Then cos I thought they were going to be too big so would give them to Isaac are now going to be Sams again! Isaacs foot is BIGGER then Rachelles even though he is 6mths younger!!! YIKES!

In other news. Harley starts school tomorrow. Got her all ready for it and all just gotta do her lunch and thats it. I dont know how Rachelle will cope with Harley at school 5 days a week. At least this way she has 2 days of this week to get use to it.

Rachelle fell down the other day and bruised up above her tooth at the front middle. Also ripping that little bit of skin a bit that goes from the inside of the lip to the gums. Bled a bit. She is ok now. I am a little worried about the tooth though will see if anything happens. Doesnt seem to wabble at all.

Okies just a quick one from me tonight. I have a phone call to make. Catch ya all later!


Monday, 14 February 2005

Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines 2005, originally uploaded by Katt Wings.

Lookie what I got!! As well as Chockies I got this morning. They were delivered after Adam went to work today. On the card there was a little note (deliver after 3pm)! Sneaky little devil isnt he? He looked at some flowers but I told him not to get them..Looks like he went back and got them!

I LOVE them! I just love those kinds of flowers! He usually gives me one or the other of them each Valentines!


Monday Has Gone To The Frogs

19131948, originally uploaded by Katt Wings.

It is with great regret that I annouce the passing of Harleys Rainbow Socks! THEY WERE BUGGING ME!! So today I have frogged them. They were too big. Something seriously went wrong with them when I knitted them! This was further noticeable when knitting the second lot in the same yarn (just different colour). So I have frogged them and I will knit them again for her after I finish this lot. I felt SOOOOO much better after doing it I can tell you! PHEW!

In other knitting news. I started a little something for a charity last night. I am happy with it so far but dont want to show it to you all until its done. I didnt get Harleys first sock finished cos I worked on this other thing. I might get it finished tonight if I am lucky (Harleys sock that is) but then again I might just work more on this baby thing for Charity. Its for a group called Gaurdian Angel. Its run by a chemist here as well as a real charity place (sorry brain fart moment). They send things off to poorer countries in winter to dress babies up to 2yo. I did a few things for them last year but am aiming for more this year. So I went off to Kmart and bought some acrylic today to work on some other stuff.

We bought a new VCR for the lounge room today. The old one was sooooooooo old that Adams Step Dad had it when he was single. Looks like its from back in the 80s!!! And it had no remote! So now we have a nice new shiny silver one with a remote! AAAAAAAAH our lounge room set is complete! :D

Okies..Thats all for now. Might get back and write some more later if I am not too busy!


Sunday, 13 February 2005

Socks, Socks and Naughty Children

Last night I finished one of the socks for Sam next door..and I sat and stared at it...The socks will now be for Isaac..Cos I think Sams feet might be a bit small for it. Will have to see though. They might just fit him yet. I also reached the heel turn on Harleys second pair of socks. Hoping to get those finished tonight so I can start on the second pair. I have to say considering I was rather fond of the colour of the yarn I bought that Harley's second pair of socks are made from..Then as I was knitting I started thinking "mmmmm dont know if I like this after all" I am back to liking it. It is looking ok. And they are much smaller then the first pair i made in the rainbow (confirming that SOMETHING WENT WRONG)!!

I am strongly considering at some point soon starting some toe up socks. I have never done it before. and it would mean I would probably get a better fit. Will have to see though.

As for the naughty children front. Harley and Rachelle were fighting over what DVD they were going to watching this morning. Next thing Harley has come in the room and told me that Rachelle has BROKEN The Piglet Movie..Sure as hell the little shit had! She broke it from the center circle all the way out the the edge! LITTLE TROLL!!! She got into DEEP Trouble and sent to her room. Which she didnt like and screamed the whole time. I dont know what to do with her. She is so naughty when it comes to the DVDs and the VCR/videos! Adam told her if she touches them again he will smack her..I think she understood. Will find out though.

Okies folks! This is just a short one. Will post pics tomorrow I am sure! Thanks to everyone who has emailed or posted such lovely comments on how they enjoy my blog! I am glad to see you around! And I am glad that there are people out there enjoying it!


Saturday, 12 February 2005

Melissa has surfaced!

Ok Melissa has popped up and claimed her prize! She has picked the Bag! Congrats Melissa! Will pop it in the mail to you this coming week!


Friday, 11 February 2005

Jumper Before Frogging

31180123, originally uploaded by Katt Wings.

I hope when I knit something up for the girls it will look just as good! Not bad for $8

Yarn after the jumper was frogged

01020803, originally uploaded by Katt Wings.

Yarn after being frogged last Monday (I forgot to do my Mondays has gone to the Frogs post! bad me!

I Love this yarn too! Such a lovely fleck to it..Its 100% acrylic but I dont care..The jumper was XXL so there is heaps of wool..not overly too much wastage either.

Learning New Things

Well today I thought I would be brave and try a new thing that I have wanted to do for AGES! I grabbed out my scarf Creative Knitting Magazine that came out last year..Grabbed my balls of Slubby I have had for over a year..

I sat and knitted myself a scarf using my HANDS and needles! Marta Cantos arm knitting technique. I was worried it would be too hard to begin with..But I followed the instructions and its BASIC!! I made the scarf in under 30 minutes..used only 50g of slubby too! Mind you I will have to make more and work on making my tension tighter..I think it is too loose..Mind you I am over the moon with it! I will have to find more slubby and do more! I love it as a scarf.

Harley also took a brave step today and finally took her first tablet for her epilepsy. Lets hope we can keep it up and get rid of the liquid. The tablets last longer in her system..and you get more tablets to a packet then liquid doses to a bottle. Mind you the tablet was helped down with some melting ice cream..i am a sneaky mummy ;)

Tonight I think I will work more on the Hero back for Isaac. I just want to make more slubby scarves! lol..But who would I give them all to?

Okies..Am off for now people! Catch ya all later!


Thursday, 10 February 2005

Little bit of peace

Is what I need..My girls seem to be in an EXTRA annoying mood today...They have been to play with a friend today so I doubt they are bored..They borrowed some DVDs from her..Harley put the Lizzy McGuire one on then left the room through most of it..NOW she has the nerve to ask if she can watch the GARFIELD one NOW..I replied..YOU DIDNT EVEN WATCH THE LIZZIE ONE!!! she doesnt seem to care! *sigh*

On the knitting front..Done none today. Went out this morning and been busy since. Will be doing some of Harleys socks later I am sure..Though might have to get started on the ordered jumpers since we are in the last month of Summer.

A friend and I have created a new Knit along. Its called Socks Around The World a knit along for people knit socks. So if you want to join then leave us a post with your email address and we will let you in :D

Okies..thats all for me for today! If I get time might post more tonight!


Wednesday, 9 February 2005

Winning Prizes Options

Winning Prizes, originally uploaded by Katt Wings.

Ok Melissa. Here is your options! Please pick A, B or C. You can have any ONE of these.

CORRECTION ON PICTURE. Option C SHOULD read 3 Balls of Purple pure wool and 2 balls of Orange pure wool

You will have to email me too at mummykatt AT bigpond DOT com with you address. Hope to hear from you real soon. I dont want a winner not getting her prize.


I've Been TAGGED!!!!

Thanks to Suzi I have been tagged! So here is my answers to my tagged questions!

1. Total amount of music files on your computer: I have 225 (not many..Thought I had more)

2. The last CD you bought was: Well Adam bought it..I got it for Chrissie..Best of Robbie Williams

3. What is the last song you heard before writing this message? Behind Blue Eyes..Limp Biskit

4. Write down 5 songs you often listen to or that mean a lot to you: Ok
1> How do I live without you by Trisha Yearwood (Adam and my song)
2> Harley and Rose by Black Sorrows (thats where Harley got her name from)
3> Sweetest Thing by U2 (cos it has the line Blue eyed boy meets Brown eyed girl)
4> Graduations by Vitamin C (reminds me of my high school best friend)
5> Higher by Creed (i just LOVE this song)

5. Who will you pass the torch on to (3 people) and why? I'm gonna past this onto Dandy, Shazzy and Nichola! Cos I wanna see what they say.

Melissa trying to getting your winning prize option up so you can pick..BUT Hello seems to not want to be playing nice at the moment! Please let me know you are around too!


Tuesday, 8 February 2005

And the winner is!!!!!!

The correct guess for the for the WIP Competition is HOT WATER BOTTLE COVER!
Now our winning guesser was Melissa!! Melissa please post a comment in here so I know you are around..I will post your options for your prize tomorrow.
I am glad someone guessed it! I love giving away pressies! :D

What else has happened today? Well had the Launceston S'n'B meeting. Had some fun there. Sharon and I are organising a yarn trade to go on at the next meeting. Should be fun. I am looking forward to it! Even with all my yarn I have bought of late..Seeing what other yarn other people has is always great fun to me!

Worked more on Halreys sock today. The colour is growing on me. I will probably love it by the time its finished.

Sharon and Cathy I would LOVE to thank for helping me out with the needed 5th needle for the Hobo Gloves I want to start! You guys are the greatest!

Ok folks. Who now thought it might have been a hotwater bottle cover but wasnt overly sure? Sharon I know you knew it was one! You should have guessed! Then you would have won!


Competition is CLOSED..And we have a Winner

Could the winner be you? Lets ponder on that! I dont have time to say who it is at the moment..Will get back on tonight and let you know who the winner is!

While we are pondering that..Lets also ponder the strangeness of some nursing homes! LOL..And more the marvel of what some imaginative people can do! THIS from a nursing home in Tassie.


Monday, 7 February 2005

Sock It To Me Baby!!

So yesterday I did some work on Harleys new socks..and Sams..Not much..I didnt get offline until late. I am in a real sock mood..Now I am past the first few rows (I just dont like the first few rows..Dont ask me why) I am totally enjoying it. I might even start Adams socks once I have finished Sams..I only have two lots of the double point needles in the right size.

One things that bugs me...I have this GREAT pattern I so want to start..I have the yarn for it..I am set..I have the correct sized double point needles...BUUUUUUUUUUUT...I need FIVE of them not four!! And I only have 4 of the right size. I can see there will be a trip around op shops very soon to find some more..SIGH..I will look a little toolish carrying my needle sizer with me but you get that. At least its small and fits into my pocket.

Tomorrow is a very busy day for me! In the morning I am going to a friends place so the kids can play with her kids and I get mummy intereaction...Then there is the stitch'n'bitch meeting. I cant wait. Gonna enjoy it. Still not totally sure what I will be taking to knit. I dunno if my socks will be too high maintenance for me. After that I am going to my best friends place to get some NON-mummy interaction so I can feel like someone OTHER then a mother. I love my girls to pieces really I do..But I LOVE my time away from them when I get it (which isnt often I can tell you).

Also tomorrow is the end of the WIP Competition so last chance to get your guess in!

Weather is starting to warm up again around here. As long as it doesnt get back to the pre-cold weather weather I will be happy.

Adam told me about this blog site thats around. Aussies might enjoy it if they dont like our Prime Minister! Someone has created a Blog pretending to be John Howard (PM) and taking the piss out of him! Suppose to be funny stuff! If ya wanna check it out go here.

Tonight if I get busy I might actually FINISH one of Sams socks (the advantage of him only being 1). Harleys might take a little longer. Though Adam will be at work..Girls will be in bed after 8pm..I might get a lot of work done in those 3plus hours! Oooooooh and Crossing Jordan is back on tonight! So is cold case at the same time other channel! Thank goodness for VCRs!

Catch ya later!


Sunday, 6 February 2005


I am suffering from Startitis! Yesterday I started two pairs of children socks. A new pair for Harley and had to restart the pair for the little boy next door (I swear socks are starting to hate me)...The other day I started the sleeve for Luka...I am wanting to knit...BUT...Don't know what I WANT to knit..Probably will start the front of the Hero jumper today just to start another thing and see if that's what I want to be knitting.

I will probably go back to the socks though. Why am I in such a sock knitting mood? Maybe its subliminal peer pressure? There seems to be a LOT of people knitting socks at the moment..Maybe I am getting ready for Winter? I dont know. All I know is I want to knit them, yet..I sort of don't.

Lets not forget everyone that I have my WIP Guessing Competiton still on at the moment. Go and take a guess! It ends Tuesday. First right guess wins a surprise! ALSO if I have no way of contacting you it is best to be back here Wendesday so I can let the winner (if there is one) know who won..and Then they will have to contact me via email about their prize.

No pics for today. I have the WIP pic now that its done that I could pop on but you know...sorta defeats the purpose of having a comp then! lol

Tomorrow is Monday has gone to the Frogs day..Wonder if I will have anything to frog? Will have to wait and see wont we all?

Tuesday is the Launceston Stitch'n'Bitch meeting day. Cant wait to go! I enjoying going to these. Means I get time away from the kids...Get to see my best friend..And get to hang with other knitters...NOW if only I can work out something to take and DO I will be happy!! SIGH..

Okies folks thats all for now. Things to do! Catch ya all later! And remember PUT YOUR GUESS IN for the Comp!


Saturday, 5 February 2005


Yin and Yang...Actually these are my two cats Drucilla (the white one) and Zander (the orange). Dont they just look gorgeous together? This is a rare case of them playing NICE! Of late they have been fighing. They are both 5yo cats. Drew is 2mths older then Harley (and is Harley's cat) and Zander is 2mths younger then Harley (and is my cat).
We let these two have two litters of kittens together before getting them desexed. And would you believe out of FIVE kittens NONE of them were BOTH ginger and white?!?! Three were white..and two were ginger!
And no before you ask Drew is not deaf...BUT one of her sons (that my best friend has) is.

Friday, 4 February 2005

WIP Competition

Guess this WIP correctly and you will win a prize!! Competition ends Tuesday 8th Feburary Australian time.

NOTE: WIP is NOT the prize! WIP is a pressie for a family member.

I am wondering how many people EXACTLY reads my blog! So click on the 'comment' part below and post your guess..ANYONE (No matter where you live) that guesses it right first will win a surprise gift that I will mail to them (snail mail).


Dandy the yarn I will be sending

Hey Dandy! Here is the yarn I am sending you with the swap! What do you think? Maybe adding some more dunno..there is 14 balls there in all. 3 balls of sock yarn (bright colours)...3 balls of Feathers (pinks and purples)...4 balls of the Woolbale 50 (the pink) and 4 balls of some chenille feeling yarn (greens and blues).

Thursday, 3 February 2005

Stash Enhancement

Stash Enhancment! I told ya I was going shopping!! There is 4 balls Purple and 4 balls Orange Woolable 50 (plan on making felted bags, well at least one), 6 balls Dark green Patonyle, 4 balls Purple/White/Brown and other colours striped Patonyle (Little did I know my hubby had bought 2 balls of this and gave to me last night as a treat for doing diet) 6 balls of Angora Supreme (also pressie from Hubby) and a ball of Magnum 12ply (to make a childs ribbed scarf).

I also bought some more yarn for Vicki (my swap friend)! She now is getting a few balls of different kinds of yarn from me! Also some patterns and maybe alittle something else to surprise her! LOL. Vicki will email you with my address. Cant wait for this swap to go through! I hope each out parcels get to where they belong!

As for on the knitting front! I started the first sleeve of Luka for Rachelle. I might start something else today. I dunno I started the sleeve..Didnt want to do the sleeve! LOL...Might get back to Hero for Isaac. I need to do a lot of that then start his sisters cardigan.

Okies folks I think thats all for now! Catch ya all later!


Wednesday, 2 February 2005

A very BIG Thank You

I have to give a MASSIVE thank you to Vicki! She is a total angel and a savior to us idiots, I tell ya! Thank you so much honey for helping me to get Links to Blogs I read on here! I am TOTALLY clueless about things like that! You should have included a thank you in there for yourself (I should have mentioned that) so everyone will know! LOL

Project 10 is DONE!!!

Mwaahaahaaaa (evil Laugh)!! Project 10 is DONE (and its my own pattern)! And it only took me 2 weeks! Isnt Rachelle gorgeous in it? So all ten things are done! What will I be doing with myself? Well tomorrow I am going yarn shopping! Today though I plan on picking up Luka for Rachelle and starting the first sleeve. I have a plan for the bottom of the cuff. No Ribbing for me! Will show you a pic after I have done a little and see if I like it and then see if you all like it!

I am checking out a fellow bloggers ebay listing of yarn! I think I will make a bid or two! She has some lovely yarn! I am glad I finished the diet in time to get in there and buy! LOL. Just hope I win something.

I am glad to have the yarn diet over. Though I am also glad I did it. I got some much needed knitting done. And I may sound like some kind of punishment freak but I really enjoyed it. The challenge was good. I dont get challenged enough in my life. I am thinking about doing another one some time soonish (once I have gotten at least Luka finished maybe?).

WOW I cant get over the weather today! You know how I have been bitching for awhile about the weatherman lying about rain? Well it came last night...Sigh...And if I had known all it would take was me washing the pile of Woollens I had sitting in the bottom of the bathroom basket I probably would have done it sooner!! So NOW I have a machine half full of WET woollens wondering how to dry them. This house is PATHETIC for drying things. We have two clothes horses, in the middle of winter it takes THREE or more days to dry clothes on them...(unless we plant them RIGHT in front of the fire then we freeze more then normal). Glad I have a dryer (though we had to buy a new one of those late last year). Its really windy today too! I LOVE it though! I love this sort of weather! We have broken out the long pants and socks today! Still wearing short sleeve t-shirts though (if we left the house we might have to wear a little more).

Okies..I think thats all for me today!! Catch ya all later!


Tuesday, 1 February 2005

Project 9 (1 to go)

Project 9 Complete one left for me to do! YAY!! Am hoping to get that one complete by tonight that way I would have done 10 in a fortnight. Will take a better pic of the bag when its dry. Mmmm looks like I have some pilling. Might have to empty my lint filter before doing more ;)

I cant wait to head into spotlight. Will have to wait until Thursday anyway cos thats the day that I get paid! Mmmmm what to buy...What to buy?!?!

What else has happened today? Harley stepped on some broken plate and cut her foot open, anyone would think half her foot was cut off. She is such a prima donna! Though I bet it bloody hurt.

After I have finished this last of my 10 projects I will head back and work on the Luka jumper for Rachelle..And the Hero jumper for Isaac (who tured 2 on Saturday). I need to get jumpers done! I mean we are in the last month of Summer now. Things will start getting hotter. Then I might do another 10 items. I am glad I have several shop stuff done. I need to do more (included more Cable and Rib Beanies).

I can recommened to anyone making anything felted to keep clear of Waverley Woollen Mill yarn. The stuff looks like it would felt well..Hell their blankets LOOK felted!!!! But the stuff takes FOREVER to felt..Not that it does that very well! I can do nothing but say GREAT things about Bendigo yarn though (as long as its not the machine washable stuff) its felts great.

I would love to say thank you to Amanda who said such nice things about me in her last blog post! :D

Okies..Thats all for me for tonight. Catch ya all later!


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