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Monday, 31 January 2005

Wool Find

Oooooooooh there is HEAPS inside!! I want to go in!!! I wonder if they sell to the public? Not that I actually KNOW how to do all that making above into REAL wool (well real wool that I knit! lol)...
Might post a bit more later!

Now THATS a WOOL shop!!

Sunday, 30 January 2005

Secret Scarf Yarn

The colour yarn of the Secret Scarf (well its actually more Bright! But you get the idea! lol). Thats all you get to know about it until its done! lol

Better Pic

Better Pic of THE bag. I re-tossed her into the Machine today and felted her again. She looks much better. And yes I am referring to her as "SHE" cos she has taken on a personality of her own! She is now sitting with a cereal box inserted into her upside down to "block" her to have a flat bottom..I'm sure she will forgive me when she looks all pretty. She did get smaller after the second felting. Looks much better (went down a cereal box size). I pinched the Project in a Tree from Amanda hope you dont mind dear I told you I liked it! Though didnt end up using my Walnut tree for it! lol

As for my other two projects? Well I havent gotten to do any of the beanie today. And as for the Secret Scarf..Well I am considering putting it aside until the 10 projects are done cos its dragging me behind. I am hoping to finish all 10 by Tuesday. Cos that means I would have done all 10 in TWO weeks! I might make another bag to replace it (since I did the last one in one day). I went through a mixed bag for 8ply yarn today and found I have several 100% wool ones..So I can go different colours. Will have to buy some bleach to test if the rest is pure wool or not though. Just want to make more! I even have the Bendigo picked out to make the girls (well after I get the order in! LOL)...

As Sharon says! LOOK OUT SPOTLIGHT HERE I COME! By wednesday they are MINE!! Speaking of Spotlight..Did everyone know that they have set up on the eftpos that if there isnt enough money in your account they can OVERDRAW your bank account? And if you are with Commonwealth bank they then turn around and slap you with about a $30 to $50 fee? Stupid idots! And it wasnt our fault it happened to us! When Adam had gotten petrol TWO weeks before the eftpos was down so they took details...Said by the end of the week the money would be taken out...TWO weeks it took them! So Boxing Day when we happened into Spotlight thinking there was money still in the account there WASNT! WE got refunded by the bank when Adam rang them and abused them ;)

Ok on that pleasant note! I will be off!


Saturday, 29 January 2005

Project 8 done (OMG)

Felted Bag Project 8 done! I am so happy I actually got a felted item done with this lot of 10! I have always wanted to make a felted bag. So here was my chance. She is a sort of adaption of one I came across online. I dunno if I should run her through the felting process again. She didnt shrink much and I can still see the stitches on her (are you meant to be able to if they felted right?). She was in there for 20 minutes!! Adams poor jeans done know what hit them!

Yarn I used...Bendigo Woollen Mills Columbine and Waverley Woollen Mills Hot Pink. The Columbine felted up real well the Hot pink not so much. So I have learnt that Bendigo felts great..Waverley not so great. Something there for everyone. Rachelle has seen the bag and wants one. I told her she has to wait until after my yarn diet so I can buy more wool to make her and Harley a bag each! She said 'thank you' (she is so cute). I was worried about the Columbine since it was a flecked yarn it might end up grey..But it didnt its a nice purple and you can still see a little of the fleck (should have been more worried about the Hot Pink). I was actually worred that the whole thing wouldnt felt at all after all the work I did. I made her all today. I tell you there will be a lot of people getting Felted Bags from me for their Birthdays or Chrissie this year! Now I have to wait for her to dry. She is big enough for my to take knitting projects (as long as they arent huge) around in! Nothing like advertising your work!

I am so happy that I only have two projects to do before I can go buy more yarn! And to make it better I have BOTH those two projects started (not much done but started all the same!). I am wondering if I will make it in under the two week mark for all 10. Being motivated by Spotlight and their yarn sale sure the hell helps get things done! lol

Okies..Thats all for me for now! Catch ya later!


Friday, 28 January 2005

Project 7 Finished

Project 7. Debbie Bliss 2 needle baby socks. So there I am finished with those ones now. I have the smallest amount of yarn left. 3 to 5 meters. What the hell am I going to do with that small amount of 5ply?!!? I dont want to toss it. I might regret it later! LOL. I have had that yarn since before Adam and I got together.

The secret scarf is going to get a few rows done of it tonight. I dont see it being finished before the other things for the 10 projects. I cant believe I only have three left!! The Surprise Scarf is going to be the last one. And I still have to work out what I am going to do with it when its finished.

I want these projects over!! I want to have all 10 finished before Spotlight finishes their 50% off sale! There is yarn there I still want! LOL. There is some new sock yarn I saw there in a recent visit (I didnt buy any I was a good girl).

As scary as it may sound I am atually rather proud of myself that I am actually getting all 10 projects done! I mean wow I can sit down and do 10 projects..In less then 2 weeks hasnt it been? Will have to check how long it took me at the end! And in bloody hot weather!

Speaking of weather..I am not talking to the weather man...(well I dont talk to him..Except to tell him he is a liar..or that he better be bloody joking)...He promised two days in a row thundery showers..and two days in a row there was NONE!!! Today he promised rain for tomorrow..If he lies to me this time I might have to prepare a voodoo spell for him (just kidding!!!)...

Okies..Thats all for me tonight..Want to get back to the secret scarf...

On a final note! Dandy your little parcel has grown since we last talked on msn..And I am hoping that it grows some more! LOL


Thursday, 27 January 2005

So yummy I want to buy some!

Ever So YUMMY stuff! Mind you I got this sample in the mail for nothing. The cost of the actual bottled stuff isnt cheap! Dont think I will be able to help myself so I think I will have to buy some all the same! Makes the BEST Iced Coffee (I am not an ice coffee fan usually).

Project Six Complete

Project number Six DONE finally! Lol..The ribbed and cable beanie is done. And is modeled here for you all on my SEXY hubby (who has just gotten home from work and is tired and hot)! Dont you just LOVE his blue eyes? You cant see the cable that well might have to take another pic of that bit later! LOL


This, That and something Else (maybe)

Well I started the scarf last night. Not telling you all what it is! I want to surprise you when its finished. Its looking good..

Plan on doing more of the mens Cable and Ribbed beanie today too. Wanting to get it finished! It will keep haunting me if I dont! LOL I think I am on the quicker side of it now anyway (the ribbing always seems to take longer).

I have to say that thank goodness it cooled down last night. I was sitting on my bed with the cool breeze coming in the bedroom window, knitting and watching tennis. I prefer knitting when its cooler.

Okies I know this is small..Dont really have much else to say at the moment!

Ok this wont be my only post today (I dont think), unless I get to busy later! LOL


Wednesday, 26 January 2005

Project 5 Finshed

Project 5 (times 2) mug huggers. I am glad I am on the down hill end now! I am counting these two as ONE with the project section. If I need to use one of them later to finish it I will! lol

Well I plan on starting another project today (around it being SOOO WARM! We FINALLY made it to 30degrees C here in Launceston). In what is suppose to be the hottest day in almost 2 years in Launceston (or so the Weather guy on the news said) our power went out for 30minutes today! Making hot kids ever more annoying as their fan stopped as well as the DVD they were watching! ARGH!!

I have gone through some of my yarn too and if my Stitch'n'Bitch group go through with it (a yarn swap) I have some yarn already picked out.

Well today is Australia Day! Here is some Aussie Slang for all you non-Aussies

G'Day (Hello)
Up The Duff (Pregnant)
Mate (Friend used among men)
Wanker (Dickhead or Tosser is the best way I can describe this one. (if you wank you play with the carpet snake! lol) )

OK there is some fun ones for you this post! lol Until next time!


Monday, 24 January 2005

This Monday Has Gone To The Frogs

Yes I did say FROGS!! As in the Frogging kind.. DH mother gave me a few months ago a rather.....well....Mother-In-Law like cardigan and told me to "pull it apart and make something for the girls" Well how kind of her..If it wasnt for the fact there was a stain near the collar of it which granted wasnt big but did waste a few rows. So today I decided to frog it (all along thinking that she could have just BOUGHT me some wool from a shop)...I have done one side of the front and started one of the sleeves.

I have done a few rows of the mens cable and ribbed beanie..Over half way with the ribbing now. I probably wont finish frogging tonight and will end up trying to finish all the ribbing so I am onto the main part of the beanie for tomorrow.

I am so proud of Rachelle today. She had a nap and didnt piddle in her nappy. Now if we can just get ALL day organised and have her trained I will be fine. I dont mind her wearing a nappy at bed at night if she is day trained. She is just being lazy.

Adam has been working so hard this week. His weeks at work go from Wednesday to Tuesday. By the time he finished work last night he had done 48hrs work! He hasnt had a day off. He is working today (has been at work for 7hrs so far so we are looking at at least 55hrs more if he works tomorrow..and I think he will! DAMN good pay since they are too stupid to put him on full time so he gets ALL this on casual rates!!). Mind you when the new boss takes over they will probably put him on full time just to pay him less!

Well I think that will be all for me for tonight. No there is no pics. Aaaaaaaaaawwwww!! Catch ya all later!


Sunday, 23 January 2005

Project 4 DONE!!!

Project 3 and 4 together on Harley! I am so happy to have up to 4 done. I finished the mittens last night. I still dont know if we will keep them or give them away as a set to someone. Getting them away from Harley will be impossible.

Actually I am glad I finished them last night. Cos today has been spent re-arranging the girls bedroom and doing a major tidy up. Looks good now. There are plastic boxes (thanks to Chickenfeed) of toys under Harleys bed. Hopefully this winter I will be able to pick bunkbeds for them to share and that will make more room still in there for them.

I have done a few more rows of the Mens Cable and Ribbed beanie though. So that MIGHT be finished within the next few days (though dont bet on it..will probably dabble at it and work on other things too).

Today was so warm I took the girls next door and let them play with the little boys over there in the little shell pool they have. Might have to get Adam to see if he can put their little one up if the cats havent put a hole in it.

Someone I go to the Launceston Stitch'n'Bitch with has started up her own blog. Sharon's blog can be found HERE.

Okies folks I think thats all from me today. Havent been up to much so until next time!


Saturday, 22 January 2005

Project 3 of 10 is done!!

I am really cruising through them now! As you can see by the pics below the 'Condom Beanie' is complete! Cos I used a different pattern and altered it to what I wanted its a tad big..I can fit into it if I want!! But it looks good on both girls so thats all I care about! (Note: I think Rachelle was going for a MODEL look or something! She did it all on her own!)

Project 4 has been started. I am making mittens to match said condom beanie! I am looking forward to getting them done cos I think they will look really nice (and added bonus this set will suit any 3yo to about 10yo I recon! At least 7yo! Harley has mittens I made from same ply yarn and they will fit her for a few years. The beanie will sure the hell fit any teenager who wants to look like a condom though).

At some point I will get back to the mens Ribbed and Cable beanie and get that finished as part of the 10 items. I am hoping to have all 10 finished by the end of Feburary (mid Feb if I am lucky).

Rachelle has decided if I give Harley the condom beanie (I have enough of the yarn to make Harley a jumper. Thats the original reason why I bought it. I bought too much cos its best to have too much then not enough) then I have to make her one aswell. I am thinking about killing 2 birds with 1 stone and making a pair that match her Mittens that she already has saving myself time from making her another pair! Cheater I know!

I must say I am displeased with the Teenage Men in the world at the moment. SOME little scums (if I found them I would hurt them) decided it would be fun to set alight my FAVOURITE op shop at unGodly hours this morning! $2Million in Damages..The whole place has to be rebuilt (even the structure is unsafe). This was the MAIN depo for things to come in for that line of Op Shops (Thrift Shops for people who dont know what an Op Shop is). I was planning on going to mine today to check the range of jumpers for when I can buy yarn again (to frog them for Yarn Harvest). They said on the news that there had been a HEAP of things bought in just after Christmas that is now gone.

Okies I think thats all for me for now! Hoping everyone is having a great weekend! Catch ya all later!


Rachelle in Condom Hat

Harley in Condom Hat

Friday, 21 January 2005


Well today I started a new project in my ever list of 10 projects to make before buying more yarn. I did several rows on the men's Cable and Ribbed Beanie too but got bored with that. Its going to take forever! Sigh.

So today's started project Adam (my DH) affectionately calls the 'Condom Beanie' (its a stocking stitch rolled brim beanie with a stalk). When he saw the first one I made he said "Its a CONDOM! Even has the tip bit!" SIGH...MEN!!!!!!! So I have started one for Rachelle...Well it MIGHT be for Rachelle...It might also be a pressie for a little girl thats the same age as her :D We will see when its done...It will ended up being modelled on Rachelle anyway. I am actually hoping it looks as good as the baby ones I made cos I have some interest in those for older kids.

From the sounds of it the YARN TRADE between myself and Dandy is a go! YAY! I cant wait to get some yarn from the other side of the world! I have always wanted to do a yarn swap! lol I am also glad that Dandy loved the yarn I got for her! HEY DANDY HOW ARE YOU HUN!! (note: Dandy is one of my freezing Canadian Friends...I would love to visit there...But NOT in winter!!).

Okies only a short one from me tonight! Hope you all have a great weekend! Will hopefully be back before the end of it posting some more Finished Diet Projects!


Thursday, 20 January 2005

Two of Ten!

Project number 2 of 10 is now done! And as you can see by the reaction on Rachelle she is happy to have her mittens!

It is so warm here but the little begger wanted to wear them. Hell both the girls wanted to wear their socks to bed. I had to say no.

So now that I have two of my ten projects done I have to consider what to do now. I have decided that I will count the mens beanie I started BEFORE the diet in the list of 10. I am sure its bad to include prior projects after all they have been started and worked on meaning its closer to ending the diet..BUT..Having said that..I had only casted on and done one row so I am sure it doesnt count (Hell I will frog it and start again if needed!).

I might do another pair of mittens or two as well..And some kids beanies. I want to do Sams socks too..And probably some for Jordan aswell. Then there is Chloe and Isaac I want to make socks for too! That should carry me over my 10 projects :D

Ok folks. Sorry this is a short one. Too warm to be sitting around! Catch ya all later!


Wednesday, 19 January 2005

Party People

Party People! Harley stuffing her face and the birthday boy (and her hubby to be as far as she is concerned) Jordan

Trading Yarn

The Yarn I want to trade to Canada if the swap gets fully organised! Fingers crossed!

The socks that glow

THE socks, the Modelling feet that were suppose to be wearing them decided to go with their OWNER next door (I will get those little feet! And their owner! lol) so you get to see them in a boring sorta way.

And no they dont glow..but they look like they should!

One of Ten Done!

Well Harleys socks are made! Will post a pic of them later when I can get her to sit still long enough to put them on and take a pic. I love them! They are so bright! I have now started a pair of socks for the little boy next door. And plan on starting a pair of mittens for Rachelle too. I want to get through these 10 things fairly fast. I want them done so I can go buy yarn to make my mothers jumper for Mothers Day (Will probably take me until then to get it knitted, add to that I have to find a pattern for her). So now both my girls have some mummy made socks for winter! I cant want until winter so they can wear them now! lol

The party yesterday that Harley and Rachelle went to was good. They had lots of fun and Rachelle is getting heaps better on her bike. I am so proud of my little bunny! Harley on the other hand is scared of her bike (it is a little big but is meant to be for ages 5 to 7 and she is now 5). They had fun and the devils even manager to get to sleep before 10pm last night (for time for almost a week I can tell you).

Good grief I went looking through my yarn stash yesterday to see what yarn I have. I started to feel bad for having SO MUCH YARN that isnt being used! I think after this 10 (and after buying yarn to make mums jumper) I might try making 15 things before buying more. I should really get a heap of that yarn used! I have so much of it. Yes I am one of those guilty of a large stash knitters..You can hear it now..Me talking to myself...

"There are poor people in Canada that are FREEZING now that would give their right arm for some of your stash my dear! Just enough to make a beanie or a pair of mittens! You GREEDY GIRL!"

So I think a yarn diet will be good for me! I need to do it to clense myself! LOL

Okies..I will catch ya all later when I post the sock pic!


Monday, 17 January 2005

Dandy This One is for You (and other stuff)

Hey chickie! This whole post is dedicated to you (and maybe a little bit of other but mainly you! lol).

I had a thought the other day. Would you like to do some yarn trading? As in I send you some yarn from Australia and you send me some from Canada? I have some here already that I picked up today with you in mind if you want to do it (if not I can work something out for it). I didnt fail my yarn buying thing before anyone points that out! This is NOT for me! This is for someone elses stash!! Its 100% wool in a wild pink. I can take a pic of it and post it if you want to see. I got 4 balls at 50g a ball..they recon there is approx 100yard each ball. I was thinking when I got them that there would be enough to make the girls a beanie each? Its also Double Knit (or 8ply as we call it here).

Let me know.

Onto other things. I have finished up one sock. About upto the Heel turn (which takes on a WHOLE new meaning when you are a Wrestling fan) on the second one (hoping to finish it tonight). Looks like I will be getting a pair of socks for Harley out of one ball! YAY. Will get a photo of them when they are done. I just dont have the time today with everything going on (I am helping a friend whos son is having a birthday tomorrow).

Catch ya later!


Sunday, 16 January 2005

There Started!

Ok So I am not such a bad girl now! I started one of the 10 items! With that lovely sock yarn I started a pair of socks for Harley yesterday. I have almost finished one of them (will finish that one up today and start the second one). When I get at least one finished I will take a pic and show you all! I have tried it on her foot a few times. She LOVES it! I wasnt too sure. I love how the heel looks totally different from the rest (has a little pooling) I was hoping for more pooling but with it going around and around its hard to do! lol

I then, after getting that all done, plan on making Rachelle a pair of mittens. Maybe do some beanies for the shop. I would LOVE to get started a jumper for my mother for Mothers Day! BUT cant buy yarn for it until I do my 10 items! Talk about giving myself a good reason to knit lots! Though also the thought last night that it is exactly half way through summer and I wanted heaps of stuff to put into the shop by the time the weather got cold is another good reason to get my butt moving. That and I wanted to get two jumpers for one friend, one for another for their children..PLUS get some jumpers finished for MY children! Harley now has one, Will (after I block it..which I will do one day..HONEST)..But I want to get at least one more made for her before winter totally sets in. So I guess its hitting the needles hard time for me. So with the thoughts that at least 5 childrens beanies have to me made by Winter (sizes from 2 to 5) I must get moving. Granted Rachelle has 1 Jumper (Luka) and 1 Cardigan started by me so I only have to finish those. And one of those 5 above mentioned ones I have done the back of (Hero Jumper) I still have to get moving! I want to finish Hero (for Isaac)..make Hero again (for Jordan)..Make Trixie (for Chloe, Isaacs big sister), Make another one for Harley and maybe another for Sam (Jordans little brother). I have one picked for Harley..Cant think of the name of it for the moment though..Hang on will go look. Sweet is the name of the one I want to make Harley (it can be done in a cardigan or jumper I want to do it in a jumper) Also want to make Sport for Rachelle (a ribbed Cardigan). These are all Rowan patterns by the way! lol. I was asked the other day if the names I use are ones I created for the patterns..No they are not.They are name Rowan gives them.

Ok I have put links to the names of the jumpers/cardigans I want to knit! Fancy that when I found out the ones I thought were from one book were actually from another! Plus I am not using the yarn they say..Mostly using Bendigo yarn or acrylic (I am no Yarn Snob). Ok now I have gone link happy I think I will go! Hope to hear some imput on the jumpers/cardigans I am looking to make! Wanna know what everyone thinks of them!


Saturday, 15 January 2005

Hero Close up

Close up of Bendigo Denim Mix used for Rowan Hero

Rowan Hero Back

Sock Yarn

So how pray tell is a girl suppose to 'diet' when her little sister (who lives out of town and wont be back in until Next Thursday) makes a request of you...I told her of the yarn I bought. She has knitted a bag out of it and loves it. So yesterday she asks if I can go in and buy her some..I said yes (how could I say no to someone who is new at knitting and has NO STASH)...So in I go. And look at the LOVELY yarn above that I came home with? I plan on making the girls a pair of socks each with it. Its divine! And bright! I ended up getting 6 balls. And since its 50% off cos its discontinued I couldnt refuse! I wouldnt have been in there at all (well I would have cos I need interfacing but fabric is FAR away from yarn in there) if I wasnt doing her a favour. I promise I will be good from now on..Honest! lol...I doubt it!

My question with this finishing 10 items though is can I count ones that I started BEFORE saying I will do the 10 items? I mean finshing is finishing!

Okies Catch ya all later!


Friday, 14 January 2005

Tietam Brown

Thought I would do a post about the book I finished reading yesterday. Its by an author Mick Foley. This book took me 2 days to read it in. I enjoyed it (though it is a little strange). Though I can say it probably isnt everyones cup of tea.

I think the main reason I enjoyed the book so much is because I am a wrestling fan (have been since I was 10) and the Author himself is a former WWE Wrestler. I love Mick Foley! I have read all his books that he has out (except his new one just waiting to get my hands on that).

Tietam Brown is different from all his other four books though. Two of them are about his life as a Wrestler and two are Childrens books. This one is an adults fiction though. And being a wrestling fan I would have to say that knowing the Mick Foley I have seen over the years on the tv this book probably wouldnt be as good if you knew NOTHING about him. I found myself while reading it having his voice reading it in my mind. There is definately a Mick Foley/Cactus Jack/Mankind/Dudelove feel about this book that would be lost if I knew nothing about the man.


Hello folks. How are you all doing today? I am good. Weather is starting to get a little warm down here. But not as bad as most parts of mainland Australia.

I have almost finished the back of the Hero jumper for Isaac. It never stops amazing me how when I make a jumper for my own children it always takes 3times longer then making a jumper for someone elses child! WHY is that so? Isaac wears the same size as Rachelle pretty much so its not like I am making smaller jumpers (Well I do for Sam).

Ok I have to admit I failed at even the THOUGHT of not buying yarn until I made 10 knitted items! SIGH..This is why I have a weight problem! You throw anything my way with the word DIET in it and I fail!! Though to my defense!! I only bought yarn that I had been wanting for over 6mths and when I heard that it was discontinued I had to jump into action! I had two patterns planned for it so I couldnt just leave it with a "OH WELL ITS FATE"! So now having indulged in some stash enlarging yarn (its all going to go to my hips! Or more Adams and Jordans since I am going to make jumpers for them with it) I have gone back to my I WILL MAKE 10 ITEMS before buying more!! Mind you this clashes with my "work on one project at a time thing too but hey I cant work on the three jumpers until the end before I buy more yarn can I? I dont think so!!!

I have come across a rather nice site where you can get patterns for free! They have a really nice felted roll hat that I want to make. Here is the link to the site. I love sharing sites of free patterns!

Also if you can Crochet (Cathy Thinking of you here!!) I have this site to share. Its a friends of mines blog. She designs crochet patterns herself. She is Canadian (so there might be some terms that are different then what we use here in Australia). Vicki is a lovely person and I have known her for years.

Okies with that sharing done I think I will be off now! Catch ya all later! Hope you all have a great up coming weekend if I dont make it back on! LOL


Wednesday, 12 January 2005

Not even hot weather can stop me!!

Well I finished Lukas front. I must say I am looking forward to getting this jumper finished, I think it will look great..BUT I am so not looking forward to sewing away the ends. I also did some of the Hero jumper at the yesterday Stitch'n'Bitch meeting. It is all coming along well.

Wow yesterday was a warm one! Though probably not as warm as half the mainland Australia (if not all of it). I hate hot weather! Would be happy if it stayed at a max of 25degrees Celcius! But I dont get a say.

Thanks to Sharon for giving me the heads up on the Bendigo Calispso too before I knit it up and wash it! Would hate to go through all the effort of dying it and knitting it for it to go screw ball on me! lol

Also thanks to Cathy for bringing those knitting patterns for me to look at yesterday. I might have to get you to bring them back to the next meeting so I can run them down the road a little and get some copies whipped out! Some of them I was rather fond of!

A friend of mine is doing a Charity Yarn Diet! In it you have to knit 20 projects with yarn you already have before you can buy anymore yarn (as well as give $10 a month to a charity). Now I like this idea. I am contimplating trying it for myself. I LOVE the idea of doing 20 projects before buying more yarn (mind you the knitting isnt for a charity unless you want it to be). I am one of those rare breeds of knitters who feel GUILTY for having so much yarn in my stash that isnt used. THOUGH having said that I cant help myself but buy more. So i might try myself on half the diet. I will try and get 10 items made before buying more yarn, which isnt so hard for me since I bought a heap last week (I am thinking maybe small projects to start with like mens beanies and some kids mittens to see if I can do it). If I can cope with that I might jump right in with a full diet! Its not like I dont have enough yarn! I got more 8ply yarn them you can poke a stick at. And if I get some projects done I can pop them in the shop fixing two problems at once!

Okies folks I think I will be off now! Catch ya all later!


Monday, 10 January 2005

Lets Talk About....

Today I want to talk to everyone about Debbie Bliss and Rowan Patterns. Now when I first came across Debbie Bliss I fell in love with her patterns. They were modern. They were cool...They were better then the stuff my mother had from the 60s and 70s!! Then I found Rowan patterns..Now THESE are nicer then Debbie Bliss ones so I have found (or maybe I am just looking at old patterns done by Debbie Bliss). I am not bagging out Debbie Bliss and her patterns. I have found some of hers I go WOW I LOVE THAT over but Rowan has some WONDERFUL patterns! I go through their books with a LOT of ooooooooooohing and aaaaaaaaaaaahing...BUT I have the problem with them that most of the patterns are too short in the body! My 5yo daughter (who granted isnt SHORT but still) going by the LENGTHS of these patterns should be in a size 10 plus! WHAT THE!?!? I dont like these jumpers that dont cover the butt. I like them to at least go half way down over it. It just looks better and keeps them warmer.

Also another problem I have is WHY DONT WE HAVE PATTERN DESINGERS LIKE THIS IN AUSTRALIA!?!? I mainly go for kids patterns (being as about 90% of the knitting I do is for children). Jo Sharp is good..Granted I have never come across a pattern done by her for Children But there alone is a problem. Debbie Bliss and Rowan are so easy to find.

Ok thats my rant for the day. If anyone can help me out finding some good Aussie patterns for children that are modern let me know.

Recent knitting done by me...Well I have totally finished up the baby born beanies and scarves and socks. Today I plan on hitting the LUKA pattern for Rachelle again. Maybe the Hero pattern for Isaac. Though I really should get back to working on stuff for the shop for winter. They seem to sell mens beanies so well over this time I should be working on those (I have the yarn sitting here BEGGING me to do something). And I wanted to get some childrens jumpers/cardigans in by then. Might have to devote some time to working on some instead of spreading myself thinly!

Catch ya all later!


Sunday, 9 January 2005

I'm Spinning Around...

Ok so I am still alive. Though it may be hard to believe! LOL

Yesterday Harley went to a birthday party of a school friends. Hope turned 6. So since Harley told me she has a baby born. And since I have been doing it baby born clothes I thought I would make her a feather beanie and scarf for her doll. So I did..And we bought some other things. Sufice to say some people should think about having a party outside in the heat of day with small children. We all got sunburnt!

Harleys little boyfriend next door has broken out with Chicken Pox. Now I am at the delema do I let my girls get it from him since they havent had it? Or let them get it naturally? Jordans mother has never had it so I am feeling sorry for her at the moment if she gets it! YIKES

I am up to the raglan armholes on the front of Rachelles LUKA jumper. Getting there slowly with everything else I am doing. Cant wait to get the main body finished so I can start the sleeves. I am actually really looking forward to getting this jumper finished. Then I might look into finishing up some of the other projects I have on the go (the jumpers for friends kids...the Socks for Harley..the Mens beanie for the shop...The childs beanie to go with the ribbed scarf for the shop..Rachelles cardigan...The list goes on).

Okies. I think that will do for me now. Another short one. Will try and get on tomorrow with more. Catch ya all later!


Wednesday, 5 January 2005

This, that and was there something else?

I would like to start tonights post off with would anyone like a 2 1/2 year old and a 5year old...BOTH my girls are being BRATS tonight..its 10:00pm!! And BOTH are still awake and keep getting out of bed.

As for knitting...I finished up two feather beanies for Baby Borns....And now cant find the damn yarn I put aside for the third one! I also started a mans beanie last night too. That whole getting into stuff to put into the shop for winter so I can devote time to stuff for the girls...I have done a BIG ONE ROW!! lol..It was late what can I say..At least its started (which at times I hate doing).

I went back to Kmart today and picked up some more baby yarn. Now I have 8 balls of baby yarn added to my stash (so much for NOT buying yarn for a bit). Its Big Baby brand..Cost me under $18 for 6 balls..I paid about $1.91 each ball..Happy DAYS! lol..Now I can make some baby stuff for the shop.

Okies..Apart from those few mentioned things I have been doing some trashing of my house..I mean reorganising! lol...Getting there slowly...

I think that will be all for me tonight! Catch ya all later!


Tuesday, 4 January 2005

What A Day...What A NIGHT!

Well I have had an interesting past 24hrs! I finished up the things I needed to sew for the three Baby Borns (like a good little mummy). But it was late at night. So I thought since we were only seeing one of the friends tomorrow I would only get her stuff finished. So I was up until 2am last night finishing up a feather beanie and a pair of socks for this doll.

Side note: We are all sick here..We all have colds! FUN

Rachelle woke up at about 4:30am coughing. Adam went into get her (he is on the door side of the bedroom)...I told him to bring her in to us. He brings her in and she can hardly breath!!! PANIC!!!!!!! So I tell Adam to get dressed he is taking her into the hospital. So he does. I call him at about 6am he tells me she has croup! FUN...He is stuck in there until about 1pm until they let her out. By then I had rang the friend whos little girl I was making the Baby Born stuff for telling her we cant make it cos Adam has the car and Rachelle is in hospital. GREAT didnt need to be up until 2am after all did I? There goes my sleep! So we make plans for the arvo on the exception of if her mother comes over (her mother and I dont get along...for the simple fact she is a TOTAL religious freak and thinks I am the devil). I get an sms at about 3 saying lets make it next week cos her mother has turned up.... Now whats that saying? "No good deed goes unpunished!!!!"

In the end all is good..I had to make a new Beanie for the doll cos that one wasnt big enough...It is now living on the much smaller head of Rachelles Premie Cabbage Patch Doll. Rachelle is fine again..We have some medication to give her the next two mornings.

Now onto my BETTER part of the day! Kmart has this sale on at moment that ends tomorrow. They have yarn included in it. I think it's 35% off. So I picked up some yarn (a nice beige colour for a mans beanie to sell..and some nice baby yarn to make a few little things to sell). I ALSO got a rather great bargain! They were getting rid of cable needles. I picked up FOUR double packs for 35c each!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also got a small crochet hook (2.5mm or something like that) for about 60c (should have gotten more of those). So my rather disasterous day has turned out ok..

Add to the fact now though that its PELTING down with rain! I LOVE rain..Except when we are sick and have to go out. Strange summer we are having!

I forgot to mention the other day that we took the girls to see the Incredibles! It was great! Highly enjoyed it.

Okies folks have to head off. Catch ya all later! I have a mans beanie to make and some other things. Rainy days are GREAT for knitting!


Monday, 3 January 2005

Only a Littlie

Not doing a big one today. I havent done any knitting for a few days. Acutally yesterday and today I have been sewing up dolls clothes for Harleys Baby Born (and two other baby borns that belong to her friends). I am HOPING to get a little knitting done tonight though after I get three tops finished up (which I am hoping to do within 2 hrs). I want to make the Baby Borns a feather beanie each as well as a pair of socks (Harleys doll already has socks just have to make them for her friends). I did well yesterday. Made two pair of pants (1 pair of track pants and 1 pair of cord pants) each as well as a skirt each for the dolls yeasterday. Today I have made a windcheater for them. Now working on a long sleeved top in knit yarn (what tshirts are made from). Then hopefully beanies...and socks..Dont see them all getting done tonight though. We are seeing one of the friends tomorrow so as long as I get hers done I will be happy.
See told you it would be a short one! lol

Okies Catch ya all later!


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