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Sunday, 4 December 2005

I'm freeeeeeee

(Read title in a manical voice)

I have had a few days free of TOY making..I must say I LOVE it!!! I still have a bunny I was working on before to finish up. Plus an little areoplane to finish up that is barely started. But I have been working on a childs JUMPER and I LOVE having more then 15sts an not having to turn every few seconds! Also not having to increase/decrease every other row too.

I did NOTHING extra for the Evil one market. I didnt even give her the things I had done. So I wasnt involved in this one. And wont be in the next one either cos we are heading down to Adams grandmothers that weekend to have the pre-Christmas party down there that is on every year. Its a bit of a shame. As much as it would have gotten on my nerves having to do HER market things too it would have been nice to have made some extra money on sold toys. So I will have to get these done and put into the shop that
Cathy and I sell at. Fingers crossed I might get some sold there.

Harleys birthday invites are out!! We got a phone call today from one of the children saying she will be there. Then Harley talked to her. It was her first little friend phone call! How cute!! My baby is becoming a big girl and talking on the phone...WAIT...I have two girls!! THIS is going to be bad when they become teens!! I remember MY years as a teen.

Anyway folks I will be off! Catch ya all later!



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