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Wednesday, 28 December 2005

Christmas In Tasmania

Ok so I survived Christmas at the INLAWS!!! And have piccies of the kids to prove it (none of me...Nooooo way). All in all it ended up good. I let the EVIL one have her way and let her take the girls to church on Christmas morning (lets hope she doesnt expect to get away with it each visit on weekends).
We all faired well pressies wise. Nothing to complain about.

Harley opening pressies on Christmas day. Spoilt? I think so!! Look at it all around her!! Santa was good to both of them too.
Rachelle opening her Chrissie Pressies on Christmas day. She had a good time. This pressie was from Adam's older sister to Shell.

Adam's nan and pop. Arent they just the cutest?! Both over 80! Happily married for over 60yrs!! I don't remember my pops. Both died when I was little. So seeing cute married couples like this is lovely to me.

Look at the wind moving the tree tops!!

After seeing piccies on other Aussie Blogs about the weather THEY had on Christmas day (everyone else had HOT!!) I thought I would show you the piccies I took of the weather WE had in Tasmania on Christmas day! It was soooooooo windy..and wet..and was cold most the time.

I have been knitting. Will have piccies of that at a later date. I am working on something for DPF who shouldnt have toooooooo long left! I think about 4wks left for her now. Will post piccies of knitting and Tara (who has settled in well. The other cats have now accepted her). Drew (the one we thought we would have the MOST problems with) CLEANED her today! And they leave her kitty litter alone (mind you they eat her food if she leaves it...).

Okies. Take care all. Catch ya on the flip side.



  • At 9:23 am, Blogger Bugsy said…

    Merry Christmas poppet. The kids looked like they had a ball! - talk about spoilt. I wish we had your weather. It is supposed to be 37 here today and 40 tomorrow - groan. So did you get spoilt too? Come on - what did Santa bring you?

  • At 11:44 am, Anonymous 2paw said…

    So many presents...so little time! Yes, I want to know, did you get any knitting related presents?????
    Wasn't it windy, and it has been stormy too. We really do have 4 seasons in one day!! There was snow on the mountain in Hobart too.

  • At 12:13 pm, Blogger Sharon said…

    Looks like you all had a great time, especially the girls, kids love Christmas don't they.


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