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Monday, 12 December 2005

Burning Down the House

And I dont mean the Tom Jones song!! Yesterday Rachelle tried burning down our house. Our stove is just inside our back door. And when we come in we have a habit of just dumping the keys onto it (so we know where to find them). Well Saturday I cooked some biscuits (peppermint choc chip ones which everyone in the house loves). Rachelle decided she wanted some. Unfortunately I had them sitting on the stove on a pot out of the kids reach. Rachelle decided to try to reach them anyway and accidently turned the burner on that had my KEYS on it!! First thing I knew was when the smoke alarm in the kitchen went off the house filled up with smoke and my keys (or more all my keyrings) were on fire!! So after putting the fire out and making Rachelle sit outside (Harley was next door) we waited out the smoke alarm (I am too short to reach it and Adam was at work). My Keyrings are all gone. Melted and a mess. My CAR KEYS (and car central locking remote) is ruined (down side to having plastic on keys). I am hoping Rachelle has learnt a lession but I am doubting it. There is actually a scorch mark on the wall behind the stove proving how close it was. So please people if you DONT have a smoke alarm (or two) in your house GET THEM!!! they do work!

Well I am happy to say I have finished my Secret Santa project! YAY. It will get passed off to its new owner tomorrow. Then I can post the piccies I have of it. Actually I have a lot of piccies to post. I just havent yet.

I have a sore arm. I think too much knitting and too much kneading Shortbread has done damage to it. Minor damage. I can sure feel it though. Its my left arm, on little finger side of arm, between wrist and elbow. Though I did do shortbread for the girls to give to friends. In little cutter shapes. They love them (though Rachelle doesnt like the taste of them cooked).

What I first thought was hay fever seems might be a cold/flu. So cold and flu tablets are being taken to try and get rid of it. Not that I have a cough with it..but I dont remember my sinuses producing that sort of colour with just hay fever (I know TMI).

I have ben knitting a bit of late. Working on the Secrect Santa to get it finished. Plus a few other things (childrens jumpers) I am down to having to do 4 LARGE projects and 2 1/4 SMALL projects before I have finished my yarn diet!!! YAY!!

Okies I will be off now with this looooong post!! Catch ya all later!! Hope you all had a great weekend.



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