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Wednesday, 21 December 2005

Alive and Sweltering

Well I am alive. I thought I best pop in and do a little post to let you all know that I am fine and a few things that have been going on.

I will post later on (maybe after Chrissie) with LOTS and LOTS of pics!!

Saturday we headed down to Adams grandmothers for the night for her big family Chrssie lunch on Sunday. There were a lot of people! It was good though. Harley got totally spoilt with birthday and Chrissie pressies. Rachelle got spoilt with Chrissie ones.

Monday was Harley's 6th birthday. She had a party at Hungry Jacks and there were about 14 kids in total. It was loud....But Harley had a ball and got totally spoilt again. Also Monday my parents turned up and we did the Chrissie pressies exchange cos I highly doubt we will see them again before Chrissie (being as Adam has to work Christmas day and eve).

Tuesday Tara came home. She isnt getting along with the other cats..prefers to hiss at them in a nasty way. Thats ok with Drew..Cos both of them hiss at each other. Zander on the other hand wanted to be friends..He isnt sure if he wants to now.. I think he has put her down as another daft female cat in the house...

The weather is hot. I finally got the LAST Chrissie pressie today (a little thing of play doe to go with Harley's friends other gift).

I still have to plan meeting my best friend to exchange presies with her.

Secret Santa exchange was great with the Launceston S'n'B last Tuesday. Cathy gave me a lovely pair of socks (cant wait for the weather to get cold so I can wear them) and some lovely soap (that I shouldnt have put so close to my nose to smell! lol).

I got a lovely gift in the mail today from Shazzy too! THANK YOU!! I love it! Now what am I going to do with that wool!?!? And I have never seen the Hedgehog Jean Greenhowe before! Will get my giftie in the mail for your granddaughter soon.

Okies..thats it..so much for a SHORT update! lol..Take care all! Andf if I dont catch you on your blogs or on here before have a Safe Christmas!



  • At 12:22 am, Blogger Sally said…

    Happy Birthday to Harley and Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family Katt!!!!

  • At 9:08 am, Blogger Lynne said…

    Merry Christmas, Katt! Wishing you a fab 2006 :-)

  • At 12:42 pm, Anonymous 2paw said…

    Merry Christmas!! There was no sweltering yesterday!! It was not hot at all - a cool Yule!!!!


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