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Monday, 7 November 2005

Ooooh thats nice

Is the Oct 2005 of MAGKNITS new? Or am I just really slow? lol

I have to say I really like the Durrow pattern. It might just be the males pattern I have been after to make for Adam.

I also like the pattern Holly. Nice. I really have to make myself a jumper one day. Probably not for ages. I want to make my mother one first (as a thank you for all the years of jumpers she made for myself and the rest of my family).

Okies just thought I would drop in and post about it. LOL. Nothing exciting has been going on here. Same old same old really. Tomorrow will be day 4 with Harley home (Friday was a student free day and Monday a public holiday). Man I am not really looking forward to summer holidays.



  • At 9:00 am, Anonymous 2paw said…

    No, the October Magknits was out in November. There is still the November one to go and the December, which is supposed to have some Christmas things. At this rate it will be out in January!!!I thought I had missed it too but then their email appeared to let me know it was up!!!


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