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Tuesday, 22 November 2005

Nothing Really

Ok so I dont really have anything to blog about but thought I might anyway.

Went and saw DPF today. I think she cant wait for her last 2mths to end. Neither can I really..I want to meet bub!! Though I have to get knitting for it.

Tara is evil. Its official!! She jumped on DPF back the other night and inserted a lot of claws into DPF back. Though dont say that Tara is evil near Rachelle!! She gets a cranky look and goes "Tawa NOT evil!! Tawa my baby!"

Knitting? Yes I have been doing that..Not as much as I shoud be though! Bad me. I was always like that at school. Always left homework until the last minute too! I have 6 days until I HAVE to have my secret project finished. Better get my booty wiggling. Then there is the projects for market..Oooh then the Secret Santa (thats almost finished anyway).

Okies. I best be off! Take care all! Catch ya later..And have a great week



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