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Saturday, 5 November 2005

Is it warm in here?

Man the weather has been warm of late. Have I said recently that I hate summer/warm weather?!?! I am a cold weather girl..Though I TOTALLY loved the storm we had the other night. Laying in bed with the curtains and window open listening and watching the rain, thunder and lightening was wild! Until it rained on Adam and he closed the bedroom window.

Have been knitting. Just nothing that I can show you guys yet! lol None is finished for one. And its a secret for another.

Am seriously considering telling MIL to shove it for next weekend. I have NOTHING done for her market. And I have no time to get anything done in that time. And to add to the stupidness of it all..Next weekend is the SCOTSDALE SHOW weekend!!! No-one is going to want to buy anything at a new market when they can go on rides and get showbags!! So will wait until closer and tell her no..and then wait for the tantrum fall out.

Catch ya all later



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