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Thursday, 17 November 2005

I still live..Really I do

Hey all!

Rachelle ended up in Hospital Sunday night. She was all croupy (I know its not a word..I am still suffering lack of sleep) again. Adam took her in there. He got in quickly with her. Then just the nurses took her temp and oxygen levels. Then he waited about 2hrs and saw no-one. She was breathing fine by then so he came home without seeing a Dr.

Monday she slept fine..Me on the other hand..Being a worried mother kept waking every 2hrs to make sure she was still fine. She still sounds raspy when she gets worked up.

Tuesday was the local S'n'B meeting. I went and had fun (and amused some)...Then I was off to my best friends place. Left her house after 8pm feeling really cold, achy and with a headache. Got home had a temp and was sick. So I now have a cold...JOY..Its not so bad. Cound be a worse one.

Not many of you know I am a wrestling fan. Have been for 17 years. Monday I heard news that one of my FAVE wrestlers had died. Eddie Guerrero. Age 38. He had a hard life of drugs and drinking. He had been clean for 4 years. But the excess had done the damage. With working out too much it made his heart weak and it just gave out on him in his sleep. He will be missed by many. He was a funny man to watch..and loved by so many wrestlers. Goodbye Eddie. I hope you are pain free and at peace now.

As for the knitting front. I have been working like a demon on the secret work that I can not mention. I have also almost finished my Secret Santa project. The evil MIL came over yesterday and I told her due to Rachelle being sick then myself being sick I have done ONE thing for her stall (and thats just the knitting..not the sewing and the stuffing). And I was surprised that she seemed understanding and said it would be better if I waited until one in Dec! So I guess cos she has been so nice about it I will keep doing some things for it (the money from it would be good for Chrissie).

Okies folks. With that I will be off (this has taken me a bit to type. Fingers have mind of their own..pressing wrong buttons..Be glad I am correcting!)



  • At 10:57 pm, Blogger Bugsy said…

    I hope Rach is feeling better soon hun - and you too. I will miss Eddie too- as you will know. All day I have been hearing his themesong in my head, and remembering all the different cars he used to come in with. His life was too short but he sure had fun, didn't he!

    p.s. I worked out today it is like 38 sleeps until christmas - please check it and prove me wrong - please! Take care hun.

  • At 9:11 am, Anonymous Sue said…

    I hope that your daughter feels better soon. I remember when my 11 year old son had croup and I took him to the hospital. It was so bad he could not talk. They had to give him a steroid to make him better, but I have heard that if you take them outside in the middle of the night when they are coughing, that the cold air actually relieves their croup. A lady who has two children who suffer with this actually takes them into the night air in the backyard and stays out there for about an hour or two and then they are a lot better. Hope this helps you.


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