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Sunday, 20 November 2005

Hey all!

Well I am getting over my cold...Slowly. I have always hated colds..I am a nose breather...If I can't breath through my nose I DO NOT like it.

Rachelle is fine. Well she is a little raspy still at times. Thank goodness!

Friday was the BIG OPENING of the evil ones Art Gallery. It was PACKED!! You couldnt freaken move..The building was a lot smaller then I thought it woudl be (if it was bigger then it would have been better). We will have to go back down there one day and actually LOOK at the art work. There is some LOVELY stuff (that I saw). I was surprised to see that the evil one only had ONE thing in there of her own (does this express how much she thinks it will flop?). I can recommend it to anyone who likes paintings. There are some lovely ones (well I think so).

As for the beaded jewellery..Thy didnt make it to the opening. I have to say that Adam's sister has done some really nice stuff!! I was considering buying one or two! She had a gorgeous green bracelet that I liked (also had it in a purple and a pink version). They aren't ART GALLERY worthy though I dont think.

Knitting front. I only have 8 days to get the Secret Project finished. Then I have to get a heap of things done for the market (I will have about 2wks max for those..Working on them now though)..Then less then a week to get my Secret Santa project finished. I sooooooooooo want to start something else! Socks...Or a cardigan for DPF baby!! She is now almost exactly 7mths. Not long now for her.

Speaking of the said Market. I have knitted and put together a teddy bear..It just needs a face then its done. I have also knitted a little puppy (that needs sewing, stuffing and a face doing). I want to do more puppies, maybe more bears (they are only little ones. The Little Miss Mummy bears that I did that are posted on here somewhere...to lazy to look for em). Maybe thinking about doing some Baby Born/Cabbage Patch clothes to sell. And maybe some knitted dollies. I want to do a few more things. I want to be able to make some money for Christmas. I think what doesnt sell will end up in the shop that I sell through.

Okies folks!! Catch ya later!



  • At 9:36 am, Blogger Sharon said…

    I hate deadlines on my knitting, thank goodness I have finished all my pressies,yay!!

    I like the sound of your teddy bear and puppy, if you are ever near Windmill toy shop, top end of Charles Street, go in and have a look on the counter at their knitted toys and have a look at the price?????

  • At 9:39 am, Blogger Katie said…

    It sounds like you've had a hell of a week. Hope you're all feeling better soon & good luck with the market stall.


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