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Friday, 21 October 2005

Been knitting

I finished the back of a jumper today that I started yonks ago..Thought I best get back to it and finish it! Its a Patons Pattern. Childs Shawl Collar jumper. I am doing it in a denim colour. In size 4. But the size 4 is so long!! So I will be selling it as a size 4-5 I be thinking (depends on if it fits Harley..Good gauge since she is almost 6).

Today Harley had to go have a blood test done. Poor mite. Glad Adam took her not me. I hate seeing her screaming and that. Adam said she was bloody strong. Took a few of them to hold her (thats my girl). Lets hope the levels of her medication is good. Mind you she has had a seizure (well...we think it was one) back months ago). Her Dr wants to see her go a year without having a seizure! Really? Cos you know as her parents we were hoping otherwise! WHAT AN IDIOT!!! Its the same Dr Adam saw when he was a kid for his epilepsy. Goes to show that man has been around for years! Its been over 15yrs since Adam had seizures I think. He was a kid anyway when he had them.

I re-wrote my list of Big and Small projects I have to do before I can buy more yarn (I know I have bought a few balls here and there..but I mean a HUGE order..ya know...from my fave online shop! lol). I have done 4 big projects and 5 small ones! So I am half way on the small. And have 6 left on the big! YAY! This jumper I am doing will be half way when I finished!

Lovely and wet today! I love days like this. Mind you Adam headed off to work 30 mins ago so I dont have the whole family home...Close enough though.

Catch ya all later!



  • At 10:42 am, Anonymous 2paw said…

    I thought you meant she was strong as in brave, and then I realised you meant strong as in trying to get away from the needle!! It is very traumatic, for you and for her. I know you say to yourself it's for her health etc, but it is still very stressful.
    Well done on the knitting!!
    I have your pattern book safe and sound ready to give back to you too!!

  • At 5:54 pm, Blogger Leeanne said…

    Katt, my tommy had his school needles this week. He howled after the initial JUMP from being stabbed in the butt. His little face broke my heart. I had to bite my lip to not cry with him. Big softy huh.
    Hope she doesnt bruise.
    Happy knitting.


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