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Sunday, 21 August 2005

Piccies for ya

I have almost finished the ribbed cardi for DPF (Dear Pregnant Friend). I am working on the hood now. If you are in Launceston and going to the Launceston S'N'B party on Tuesday you will probably see the finished product. Then I have to get a good piccie of it and write up the pattern on the computer and it will be ready to send out to my test knitters! My DPF came over yesterday to my place and I showed it to her. She liked it, which is good. Said it was close to the actual piccie in the Pumpkin Patch catalogue so I am happy.

These two little cuties above are a few things I have been working on. Actually the brown bear (that Harley named Davey) was knitting up almost a year ago, was stuffed and all just in pieces waiting to be put together. So I finished him up. The little orange one is a pattern I so love so will do more! Harley named her Little Miss Mum. I had just over half of Little Miss Mum knitted so finished her up and did all the sewing and stuffing. I feel good. I dont have any toys sitting around looking at me making me guilty! lol. I did all those bears and the Lambies below last weekend when I was also cleaning the crap out of the house thanks to the prick of a landlord.

The next door Neighbours cousin was due to have a baby a few weeeks ago. Here is something I made her. When she was pregnant we moved Rachelle into a bed from her cot, and with no one to give the cot to we were gonna toss it. Anna (the neighbour) came over oneday with said pregnant cousin and asked if they could have it for their baby. I said sure take it away. I have since heard that they did it up and it looks great and Anna wished she had kept it for future babies cos its better then the one she has! lol
The cousin had admired a beanie I made Anna's boys so I made her one like it for the baby for next year. Its not the same but close enough.

One of the last things Kylie (my penpal that died of cancer) and I chatted about before she got sick was my feather lambies I knit. She ordered some for her daughters and then got sick. We both totally forgot about them. A few weeks after she died I was reading though emails she had sent me and stumbled across the conversation about them. I contacted her husband and mentioned how I still wanted to do them but free of charge. It was something she wanted them to have and a way I could feel I contributed something to her. If you know what I mean.
I had one of them (the white faced one) already done and in the shop to sell (that Cathy and I sell at) so I pulled that one out (good thing it hadn't sold it had been in there for a few months). And the second one I had all knitted but not sewn together or stuffed and that). I also had a white one that just needed a face that I have done now and popped into the shop. So these are the two I am sending Kylie's two girls. I just have to get a cream ribbon for the pink faced one and send them off.

And there you go a recent huge post from me with piccies. I am getting back into the knitting mood (and will try to get back into the blogging mood) so hopefully expecet to see me more often! Best be off! Catch ya all later.



  • At 10:04 pm, Blogger Sharon said…

    The feather lambies are adorable I hope they bring a little bit of joy in those little girls lives, can't begin to imagine how they must feel.


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