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Thursday, 7 July 2005

Ok so no piccie again of Caites bag..I can see it while I am sitting here..Its still drying. Its been coooooold so drying is not at a premium! lol

I am almost done with my first Child jumper/cardigan from my diet list. Just have the Harley personalized collarish bit to do..Sew in the sleeves and hey presto its finished!!

the new Knitty is up...I have to say I am head over heels in LOVE with THIS one...I can see it a future project! I even have some wool I can make it with here! So it can be part of the yarn diet! lol

Man its cold here at the moment!! I dont overly mind..but my fingers feel it when knitting.

I cant believe its only 6 days (5 by the time most of you read this) until my youngest turns 3!!! Her birthday party is on Sunday..A few of you readers will be there (you two know who you are)! She is looking forward to it! I dunno what she is looking forward to most though..she isnt really a social child!

Okies boys and girls (probably mainly girls..if any boys) I am off! I want to get the knitting part finished of Harls jumper tonight! I have a very busy tomorrow!! Catch ya all around! Piccies over weekend promise!



  • At 12:19 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    HAppy birthday to your little one! All the best for the party! Can't wait to see some photos


  • At 1:46 pm, Blogger Sharon said…

    Hey you have a July 'baby' too, happy birthday Rachelle, you have a great day.

  • At 8:04 pm, Blogger shell said…

    Makes you feel old doesn't it. Seems like they grow up waaaay too fast. I can't believe my baby is 5! Seems like only yesterday when she was a little dot of a thing. I see your busy planning all your projects like me for the diet. I'm trying to find stuff that will use up a LOT. My stash is HUGE

  • At 12:01 pm, Blogger Bugsy said…

    ohhh your baby is growing up! I hope she has a wonderful birthday. I will be thinking of her.

    I am thinking about my yarn diet too. I think mine will be a little less drastic than yours though. It might be as simple as "must finish hubby's jumper".

  • At 10:52 am, Blogger ttbookjunkie said…

    I love the satchel too! I have to make one.



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