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Friday, 29 July 2005

New Monitor!!!

We have been in the need for a new computer monitor for awhile. We have been bashing this one up for ages to keep it white. Mind you its old. Adam had it when he and I met and he recons it was old before that! LOL

So with Adams tax money we headed out yesterday to a local computer store (named Another Computer Store) and bought a BRAND SPANKING NEW flat one. its 17inches and is HUGE!! cost a mere $450 too! Adam did well with his taxes this year..I am gonna do better! I cant wait until mine comes in about Wednesday next week! I plan on saving a heap. Bummer that I cant buy yarn..Mmmmm. I would so love to.

Speaking on buying yarn..I...Fell...Off..The..Wagon.. There I said it! Or as I like to call it I DONTATED money to a charity (op shop) and they donated yarn back to me! lol

I plan on posting some piccies over the weekend! I have the lovely yarn that Shell sent me (I LOVE it sweetie! I now have to plan what to do with it)..and the book that Bugsy sent me. Plus maybe the computer monitor? Perhaps some knitting if you are all lucky! lol Oh Poop computer not letting me to links at the moment..But I am sure you can find the link to Bugsy and Shell down the side if you look.

The local Launceston S'n'B had a few minutes of fame the other day. ABC radio did a thing on us. It was great. I enjoyed it (It was radio not television!). It was fun. Then we all went to a little cafe and had a drink and chatted knitting and stuff. I enjoyed it. We have picked a new location for our next meeting. Its the same place that the party is going to be at (which just so happens to be my darling hubbies work! Gave it a free plug too). We had to change venues..cos the OLD venue didnt like the work BITCH being used in the name! SIGH..Maybe they should stop being old fashioned I dont know..But hell..The new venue is free so we can shout our own nibblies!

Okies folks. I think thats all for me! Catch ya all later!



  • At 6:30 am, Blogger shell said…

    Yippee! for the new monitor. I got one not too long ago when I got a "real" copy of xp and a new printer and I honestly don't know how I put up with my crappy old one for so long. I'm sooooo glad the parcel reached you safely.. I was starting to worry (just a teeny bit)


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