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Monday, 4 July 2005

I am....

Going on a yarn diet. A pretty serious one. I have stash guilt.

While talking to Bugsy about it the other day she came up with a plan for me (which at the time I thought was great..Might not feel the same in 6mths time! lol).

I have to make 10 small projects (beanies, mittens, toys, socks and so on) and 10 childrens jumpers/cardigan! And I cannot buy yarn!

There will be THREE exceptions to this
  1. I am allowed to buy yarn for an order if I get one in and dont have the yarn for it
  2. I am allowed to buy yarn if I run out of yarn before finishing the project (but only for the project)
  3. There is a MASSIVE yarn sale on somewhere that I would be an idiot not to buy yarn at! lol

Ok so since deciding to do this diet I have already finished a small project. A friend of mine ordered one of my Baggins. So that is now knitted up, will be felted today and thats an order and one small project done.

I have also decided to include Harleys jumper that I am knitting into the 10 childrens jumpers/cardis. for 2 simple reasons. 1> I got the yarn over a year ago so it has been sitting around in my stash (its not a new yarn that was just bought). And 2> I had only finished the back when deciding to go on this yarn diet. So It is gonna be worked in during it.

I have now finished the front and started a sleeve. I want it finished by Sunday so she can wear it to Shells 3rd birthday party.

Also I am promising to myself that just cos I have to do childrens jumpers/cardigans I will do BIGGER sizes not baby ones! Its not gonna use up my stash if I only make baby ones. Mind you. I dont think I will be using up much of my stash as it is! lol

Okies folks. I will catch you later with a piccie of Caites ordered Baggins Bag when its felted! Take care!



  • At 5:12 pm, Blogger shell said…

    I'll do that too... maybe it'll be easier if someone else is doing it as well? You need to flash your stash before you start though *grin*


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