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Thursday, 14 July 2005

Cake anyone?

Thought I would get on and post a piccie of Rachelle with her birthday cake last night. It was an apple custard sponge crumble thing. Wasnt too bad..Top was a little hard though.
And as a tradition in our house we had what she wanted for dinner (well..Her and Harley did!). When asked what she wanted for dinner Rachelle said "sausage rolls" and so be it ;)

Knitting front. I have almost finished an ordered condom beanie in pink. Will show you what it looks like when its done.



  • At 9:56 pm, Blogger Cathy said…

    A condom beanie. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

    Let me think a bit on that. Would it happen to look like a ????????? condom by any chance.

    Or does it just protect male members from the cold.

    Ha, ha, ha, ha. Do you get the point?


  • At 11:29 am, Blogger shell said…

    The cake looks scrummy! Looks like she had a fabulous birthday. Christie always asks for hot dogs when asked what she wants for tea. Can't wait to see the condom hat hehe

  • At 10:15 am, Blogger ttbookjunkie said…

    Yum Yum on the birthday cake!!!



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