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Monday, 25 July 2005

Bibs and Bobs

What has been happening here since I last posted?

Well Friday night Adam worked night and then he was going to work the following morning. So about 7pm I get a call "want to toss some things in the bag and you and the girls come up here to stay the night" Yep will do says I (mind you I had SUGGESTED this before he went off to work 4hrs before but noooooooo he said it would be fine! SIGH)...So I spent my first night in a hotel/motel since I was 18mths old! I got room service for breakfast! I got a few channels on cable that I dont have at home. Though down side..I had to share a room with the girls (Harley grinds her teeth in her sleep) and the bed was HORRID!!! It was too soft! Adam came up at 1am and had to be back down working at 6am!! He didnt get much sleep. Good thing he didnt have to drive home.

And while sitting in the room with sleeping girls watching tv I knitted a childs summerish hat out of cotton. Its a pattern I pulled from my head. And put together. Not 100% perfect yet but will keep working on it. Rachelle seems to love it. She wore it the next day down to lunch (yes I knitted it in from 7pm to 11am the following day)...I named that one "I stayed at Sandors and all I knitted was this rotten hat"! lol..Will come up with a better name ;) )

Adam and I joined a gym for 30 days (we will join for 12mths to A gym after this 30 days runs out but I doubt it will be that one..Not overly impressed with them)....Went Friday and Today. Enjoying it really.

Havent really been knitting much of late. I should really be hitting it more. Shocking I am.

Hey everyone before I go how about yo duck over to Shell's blog and wish her well. She had her first Chemo today. Was thinking of you often today hun. Hope you are doing ok. We love you....Ok done now..Go wish Shell well!



  • At 8:24 pm, Blogger Lynne said…

    You hadn't stayed in a motel/hotel since *you* were 18mo? Wow!
    Love your kool-aid dyed yarn, BTW :-) You can use normal food dyes too, just add a good "slosh" of cheap white vinegar or a dash of citric acid when you soak the yarn.

  • At 10:31 am, Blogger Cathy said…



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