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Saturday, 4 June 2005

Own Mortality

Well I plan on posting piccies tomorrow of the finished secret item.

I would like to take todays post to say Rest In Peace Kylie Whitely. She was a penpal of mine. We had lost a lot of contact over the past few years though. We chatted via email not often enough. She died yesterday at lunch time.

Kylie was a mother of 2 girls under 10yo. Youngest was barely 2. She was married and lived in Queensland Australia. She was 27 (hell only 5 days younger then me).

She also had cancer. Diagnosed last year. I thought she was over it. I dont know if it was the cancer that she died of. I never saw this death coming. Last time we chatted was via email in April. She had told me she wasnt well but I never expected this.

Okies..Now I have brought you all down with this post I have to say. Dont expect tomorrow will ever come. She was only 27. No one is Immortal.



  • At 8:29 pm, Blogger Cathy said…

    Chin up Katt. Sorry about the sad news. 27 is really too young to die.

    Can't wait to see pickies of the secret item.


  • At 9:53 pm, Blogger Bugsy said…

    I am so sorry hun. It certainly is too young to die.

    I hope you are okay,


  • At 11:17 pm, Blogger Dandy said…

    Kate, sorry to hear about your friend, I remember you talking about her..... (((HUGS)))

  • At 4:52 pm, Blogger Sharon said…

    27 is way too young, makes you appreciate every day that you have on this earth. She is at peace, it is the ones left behind that have to pick up the pieces and get through this (somehow).

  • At 7:28 am, Blogger shell said…

    Oh katt I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope you are hangin' in there. We're all here for you if you need us. Luv Shell

  • At 9:42 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    sorry, I'm a bit late Katt with my condolences. take care of yourself please


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