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Friday, 24 June 2005

Hark What Is That?

Good grief I still live! lol.

I havent really been in a knitting mood of late. Have been working on a few things. But havent been in the mood for it (been making myself do it really).

Watched the movie Hide and Seek today. Was I the only person who watched that movie and couldnt help but notice the really nice knitted jumper/cardigan/jackets the little girl Emily was wearing? Who ever knitted them did a good job...And I was surprise to find out who Charlie was in the end. Mmm...Good movie..I like how the DVD lets you pick from about 5 endings (and watched the whole movie through and add the ending on the end).

Looking through the Pumpkin Patch sales catalogue I got in the mail yesterday. I came across a gorgeous ribbed cardigan which also had a ribbed hood to it! I LOVED it on sight..Now thinking about designing a pattern myself to make one for a friends baby (it even had a zipper to do it up..heaps better then buttons on a baby). They had it in boys and girls so I know it works for unisex..Just have to sit down and work it all out.

The next door neighbours had been away for a few days. So we had to feed their rabit for them. Harley loved it. She would climb into the hutch and feed it and pat it.

Okies folks. Will be off. Will have to get piccies to show you all this weekend I be thinking! Catch ya all. Have a great weekend.



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