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Wednesday, 8 June 2005

Been Keeping Busy

Well as the title says been keeping myself busy. After finishing the jumper below I started it AGAIN in girl colours. I plan on putting both into the shop that Cathy and I sell things at. And..I have until tonight to get it finished! Talk about pressure!! I started it 4 days ago. Gave myself 1 day to get back done. One day to get front done. One day to get one sleeve done and tonight to get last sleeve one (I did the collar and neckband last night too). Soooo. I am cutting it close. But should get it in. Will have a piccie tomorrow.

I have more updated news on my friend who died. It seems her cancer had come back. It had invaded her left lung and took over. This all had to have happened in the last month that we chatted cos she never mentioned it last time we talked (which was late April just after both our birthdays). It is still a bit hard to take all of it in and is far from easy to understand. I thought they got it all the first time.

Catch ya later



  • At 8:16 pm, Blogger shell said…

    Death is never an easy thing to understand. Especially when someone you are close to is taken away so suddenly. You always stop and think why? It sounds horrible but at least she is no longer in pain. Now she's at peace. Don't mind me, I'm a bit down in the dumps today. About the email thing if you email me details I will fix you up now. (if that's better for you)?

  • At 9:46 am, Blogger Amelia said…

    I've just had a quick read through your blog, and was really sorry to read about your friend. It's so sad when someone so young dies.

    I hope the happy memories of her soon over ride the loss you are feeling.


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