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Monday, 2 May 2005

Still kicking

Still alive! But almost out of download limit for this month (finishes on 15th). Also barely had any sleep for the past 3 days!!! Rachelle was in hospital Friday night with Croup. Saturday both the girls kept me awake with coughing (coughing during the night from my children can be very bad. Rachelle does it with Croup..And Harley does it when she is having a seizure). Last night. Harley woke up with an earache! SO am hoping TONIGHT I can get some SLEEP!!! I need a full nights sleep!!!!! And I have worked out Harley had TWO seizure within a month (Easter Sunday 27th March and 26th April)

On the knitting font. I have started the back of Chloes Cardigan. Doing well. Finished the bunny for Rachelle...Also finished all beanies that were on the go! My on the needle list is down to THREE cardigans only. Half finished is 2 odd socks and a poncho. And ordered is 1 scarf and Luka for Chloe! WOW I am getting there.

Okies...Will catch ya all later!



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